Who is Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer? Age, Net worth, Wiki, Husband, Career, Kids, and Facts

Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer is the oldest daughter of legendary singer, actor, and humanitarian, Harry Belafonte, who rose to fame during the 1950s and 60s with his hit songs like “Banana Boat Song (Day-O)” and “Jamaica Farewell”.

In this article, we will explore the life and career of Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer, who has made her mark as a licensed professional counselor and as a speaker at various events, sharing her experiences growing up with a famous father and advocating for social justice causes.

Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer Age and Birthday

Born in 1950 in the United States, she is the daughter of the legendary singer and activist Harry Belafonte. At 72 years of age, Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer has spent decades of her life dedicating her time and energy to helping others through her art and counseling.

Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer wiki

Her career has spanned multiple industries, and she has become a role model for those who seek to make a positive impact on the world.

Age72 years
BirthplaceUnited States
ZodiacNot known
GrandparentsHarold George Bellanfanti, Sr.
Melvine Bellanfanti
ParentsHarry Belafonte
Marguerite Belafonte
SiblingsGina Belafonte
David Belafonte
Shari Belafonte
SpouseDavid Biesemeyer (m. 1974)
Marital StatusMarried
BoyfriendDavid Biesemeyer
KidsRachel Blue
Brian Biesemeyer
CareerEntrepreneur and Counselor
Net WorthUSD 2.5 Million


Born into a family with a rich cultural heritage, Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer was encouraged to pursue her artistic talents from a young age. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art from West Virginia State College and a Master of Arts Degree in Community Counseling from the West Virginia Graduate College/Marshall University.

With her educational background in both art and counseling, Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer has been able to combine her passions and create meaningful work that promotes healing and social justice.

Adrienne Belafonte Father and Mother

Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer is the daughter of the legendary American singer, actor, and activist, Harry Belafonte, and his first wife, Marguerite Belafonte. Adrienne’s father, Harry Belafonte, was born in New York City in 1927, to Caribbean immigrant parents. He grew up in poverty but eventually became one of the most successful and influential entertainers of the 20th century.

Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer with her father and step-mother
Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer with her father Harry Belafonte and step-mother Pamela Frank

Belafonte was known for his distinctive voice, his mastery of various musical styles, and his social and political activism. He was an amazing friend of Martin Luther King Jr. and was involved in several civil rights movements. Adrienne’s mother, Marguerite Belafonte, was a dancer and actress. She met Harry Belafonte when they were both studying at the New York Dramatic Workshop in the early 1950s.

Marguerite Belafonte
Marguerite Belafonte

Harry Belafonte died on 25 April 2023 at the age of 96 years old because of heart failure. He was wedded to Julie Robinson (1957-2004) and Pamela Frank (m. 2008).


Adrienne grew up with three siblings: Gina Belafonte, David Belafonte, and Shari Belafonte. Her brother, David, is also a well-known actor and producer, while her sister, Shari, is an actress and singer. Gina, her younger sister, is an activist, producer, and performer.

Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer with her sister
Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer with her sister Shari Belafonte

Adrienne’s siblings have also made their mark in the world of entertainment and activism. In addition to her siblings, Adrienne is also the aunt of Sarafina Belafonte, David’s daughter. Sarafina is also an actress and activist and has worked with numerous charitable organizations throughout her career.

Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer Husband and Children

In 1974, Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer married David Biesemeyer. David is a successful businessman who has worked in the finance industry for many years. David and Adrienne have been married for over 40 years and have two children together: Rachel Blue and Brian Biesemeyer.

Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer daughter
Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer’s daughter Rachel Blue

Rachel Blue Biesemeyer is the eldest child of Adrienne and David. Rachel is a talented singer and songwriter who has released several albums and singles over the years. She is also an actress who has appeared in movies and television shows. Brian Biesemeyer is the younger child of his parents.

Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer and her family have been involved in various charitable organizations and philanthropic activities over the years. They have supported causes such as education, healthcare, and animal welfare.

How Tall is Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer?

Weight57 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eyes ColorBrown
EducationBachelor of Arts Degree
Master of Arts Degree in Community Counseling
Alma MaterWest Virginia State College
Marshall University
HomepageClick Here

Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer Profession

Adrienne began her career in counseling after earning her Master’s degree in counseling psychology from West Virginia University in 1988. Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer went on to become a Licensed Professional Counselor and Approved Licensed Professional Supervisor and has worked with clients from a wide range of backgrounds and with various mental health issues.

Adrienne has also worked extensively in the area of substance abuse counseling and has helped numerous clients overcome addiction and regain control of their lives. In addition to her private practice, Adrienne has held several leadership positions in the counseling profession.

Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer career

She served as the chair of the West Virginia Board of Examiners of Counseling, which deals with counseling licensure and ethical issues concerning counselors in the state of West Virginia. In this role, Adrienne helped to establish standards of practice and promote ethical conduct in the field of counseling.

Her dedication and expertise earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues in the counseling profession. Currently, Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer serves as a Learning Specialist at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine in Lewisburg, WV. In this role, she works with students to help them develop the academic and study skills they need to succeed in medical school.

Net Worth

As for Adrienne’s net worth, it is difficult to ascertain as she has not disclosed her financial details in public. However, it is safe to assume that Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer has earned a significant amount of wealth over the course of her career, given her impressive accomplishments and leadership positions in the counseling and education fields. Reportedly, her net worth is around USD 2.5 Million (approx.).

Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer old image with her dad
Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer’s old image with her dad Harry Belafonte

Facts and Trivia

  • Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer has spoken about her experiences growing up with a famous father and the challenges that came with it.
  • In addition to her work in education, Biesemeyer is also involved in various philanthropic activities. She serves on the board of directors of the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health and has also worked with the United Nations Development Program.
  • Biesemeyer is an advocate for women’s rights and has spoken out on issues related to gender equality and reproductive health.
  • She is also a supporter of environmental causes and has worked with organizations such as the Rainforest Foundation and the Natural Resources Defense Council.
  • Biesemeyer has been married to David Biesemeyer.


  1. Who is Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer?

    Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer is the daughter of the famous American singer, actor, and activist Harry Belafonte.

  2. What is Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer known for?

    Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer is known for being the daughter of Harry Belafonte.

  3. What has Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer said about her father’s legacy?

    Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer has spoken extensively about her father’s legacy, highlighting his role as a civil rights activist and his commitment to social justice.

  4. Does Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer have any siblings?

    Yes, Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer has three siblings named Gina Belafonte, David Belafonte, and Shari Belafonte.

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