Sergio Alcaraz Garfia Age, Parents, Profession, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Wiki, And Facts About Carlos Alcaraz’s Brother

Sergio Alcaraz Garfia is a Spanish sportsperson and Tennis player. However, he is best known as the brother of a renowned Tennis player named Carlos Alcaraz, who has won a lot of awards. In the world of tennis, the name Carlos Alcaraz has been making waves.

As a rising star in the sport, Carlos Alcaraz has captured the attention of fans and experts alike. In this article, we will explore the background and details of Sergio Alcaraz Garfia, shedding light on his parents, siblings, age, birthday, girlfriend, education, net worth, career, and interesting facts.

Sergio Alcaraz Garfia’s Parents

Sergio Alcaraz Garfia is the loving son of Carlos Alcaraz González and Virginia Garfia Escandón. His father, Carlos Alcaraz González, played a crucial role in his sons’ tennis careers. He served as the director of a tennis academy, where he nurtured Carlos’ talent from a young age. Carlos’ father’s extensive knowledge and experience in the sport undoubtedly played a significant part in shaping both Carlos and Sergio’s passion for tennis.

Sergio Alcaraz Garfia father and mother
Sergio Alcaraz Garfia’s father Carlos Alcaraz González and mother Virginia Garfia Escandón

Siblings of Sergio Alcaraz Garfia

Alvaro Alcaraz Garfia:

Alvaro Alcaraz Garfia is another member of the Alcaraz Garfia family with a passion for tennis. He is the younger brother of Sergio and Carlos. While Alvaro may not have gained the same level of international attention as Carlos, he has also dedicated himself to the sport and played at a competitive level.

Alvaro’s involvement in tennis showcases the family’s deep-rooted love for the game. Growing up in an environment where tennis is valued and cherished, it comes as no surprise that the Alcaraz Garfia siblings have all chosen to pursue their passion in this field.

Carlos Alcaraz:

Carlos Alcaraz, Sergio’s elder brother, has rapidly emerged as one of the most promising talents in professional tennis. Born on May 5, 2003, in El Palmar, Spain, Carlos started playing tennis at the age of four. His exceptional skills and determination quickly caught the attention of his family, coaches, and tennis enthusiasts around the world.

Carlos’ rise to prominence began in 2020 when he won the ATP Challenger in Trieste, becoming the youngest Spanish player to claim this title in over 30 years. Since then, he has continued to make waves, recording victories over top-ranked players and earning recognition for his powerful baseline game.

Sergio Alcaraz Garfia brother
Sergio Alcaraz Garfia’s brother Carlos Alcaraz

Jaime Alcaraz Garfia:

Jaime Alcaraz Garfia completes the trio of siblings in the Alcaraz Garfia family. Similar to Alvaro, Jaime has embraced tennis as a part of his life. Although there might be limited information available about Jaime’s tennis journey, it is evident that he, too, shares the family’s enthusiasm for the sport.

Sergio Alcaraz Garfia Profile

Age16-19 years old
Relationship StatusSingle
ParentsCarlos Alcaraz González
Virginia Garfia Escandón
SiblingsCarlos Alcaraz
Alvaro Alcaraz Garfia
Jaime Alcaraz Garfia
BirthplaceEl Palmar, Murcia, Spain
CareerTennis Player
Net WorthUS $100k (approx.)
School/CollegePrivate School
HomepageTap Link

Wimbledon 2023: Carlos Alcaraz Vs Novak Djokovic

The stage is set for a captivating showdown at the 2023 Wimbledon men’s final as Carlos Alcaraz prepares to take on the formidable Novak Djokovic. The match has garnered immense anticipation and curiosity as fans wonder if the rising star can bring an end to Djokovic’s dominant reign on the grass courts.

Carlos Alcaraz, the 20-year-old Spanish sensation, has been making waves in the tennis world with his impressive performances throughout the tournament. This marks his first appearance in a Wimbledon final, and he is determined to showcase his skills against the reigning champion. Alcaraz has displayed a powerful and aggressive playing style, earning him the top seed and World No. 1 ranking. Despite being the underdog against Djokovic, Alcaraz’s remarkable run has instilled belief in his ability to challenge the Serbian maestro.

Sergio Alcaraz Garfia Age and Birthday

Sergio Alcaraz Garfia was born in El Palmar, Murcia, Spain, sometime between 2003 and 2006. Unfortunately, specific information regarding his exact birthdate is not widely available. As of now, Sergio Alcaraz Garfia is estimated to be between 16 and 19 years old, given the assumed time frame of his birth. Being a young adult, he is at a stage in life where personal growth and development take center stage.

Sergio Alcaraz Garfia wiki

Who is Sergio Alcaraz Garfia’s Girlfriend?

While details about Sergio’s personal life are relatively scarce, it is known that he is currently single and not dating anyone. Sergio maintains a low-profile lifestyle, focusing primarily on his tennis career. Despite not being in the spotlight as much as Carlos, Sergio remains a supportive presence in his brother’s journey, often attending his matches and offering encouragement.

Educational Background

Sergio Alcaraz Garfia is currently a high school graduate student. Pursuing his education alongside supporting Carlos’s tennis aspirations demonstrates his commitment to personal growth and a well-rounded approach to life. Education forms a strong foundation for individuals to shape their future, and Sergio recognizes its significance.

Net Worth

While Sergio Alcaraz Garfia is still in the early stages of his professional career, it’s worth exploring his net worth. As of the latest available information, Sergio’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 100,000. This figure takes into account his earnings from tournament prize money, sponsorships, and other endorsements.

Sergio Alcaraz Garfia career

Sergio Alcaraz Garfia’s Career

Like his brother Carlos, Sergio Alcaraz Garfia displayed a passion for tennis from a young age. Growing up, he trained extensively alongside Carlos under the guidance of their father, Sergio Alcaraz Sr., who himself is a tennis coach. With a dedicated training routine and a strong work ethic, Sergio developed his skills on the court, showing promise for a successful tennis career.

Sergio has participated in various junior tournaments, honing his skills and gaining valuable experience. Although he has not yet reached the same level of recognition as his brother, his performances in junior events have been commendable.

Facts and Trivia

  • Sergio Alcaraz Garfia has often been seen supporting his brother Carlos during his matches, showing unwavering support and enthusiasm.
  • Despite not being in the public eye, Sergio’s role as Carlos’s brother is cherished and valued by the Alcaraz family.
  • Sergio and Carlos share a deep bond as siblings, and their connection goes beyond their shared love for tennis.
  • Sergio’s presence in Carlos’s life has been a source of motivation and inspiration for the young tennis prodigy.
  • While Sergio’s career may not be as prominent as Carlos’s, his contributions to the family’s success are immeasurable.


  1. Is Sergio Alcaraz Garfia a professional tennis player?

    No, Sergio Alcaraz Garfia is not a professional tennis player. He has been primarily involved in supporting his brother Carlos in his tennis career.

  2. What is Sergio Alcaraz Garfia’s net worth?

    USD 100k (approx.).

  3. Does Sergio Alcaraz Garfia have a girlfriend?

    Not known.

  4. How old is Sergio Alcaraz Garfia?

    16-19 years old.


Sergio Alcaraz Garfia, the brother of Carlos Alcaraz, may not be as well-known as his tennis-playing sibling, but his support and presence in Carlos’s life have played an essential role in his success. Sergio’s love and encouragement have helped shape Carlos’s journey, and the two brothers share a strong bond. While Sergio maintains a low profile, his significance in Carlos’s life cannot be underestimated.

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