Peyton Gelfuso Age, College, Parents, Net worth, Job, Nationality, Wiki, and Ethnicity of Bronny James’ Girlfriend

Peyton Gelfuso has garnered attention and curiosity due to her association with the famous basketball prodigy, Bronny James. The two have been together for the past few months and also shared images on their social media handles.

Talking about Peyton, she is also an athlete and has played several games including Volleyball, Tennis, and much more during her high school. Additionally, she is also a social media influencer. From their relationship to her personal background, net worth, and more, let’s explore the intriguing aspects of Peyton Gelfuso’s life.

Peyton Gelfuso: The Girlfriend of a Rising Basketball Star

Bronny James, the son of NBA legend LeBron James, has captured the hearts of basketball enthusiasts worldwide with his remarkable skills and potential in the sport. Behind this young athlete stands his supportive girlfriend, Peyton Gelfuso. Although Peyton is not a public figure like Bronny, her connection with him has brought her into the limelight.

A Loving Relationship

Peyton Gelfuso‘s romantic connection with Bronny James has been at the forefront of media attention and public interest. While exact details about how they met remain private, it is believed that they were introduced through mutual friends or school connections.

Peyton Gelfuso with her boyfriend
Peyton Gelfuso with her boyfriend Bronny James

The two reportedly began dating during their high school years, and their relationship has continued to blossom since then. Despite being in the spotlight due to her association with the James family, Peyton Gelfuso has managed to maintain a relatively low profile.

Bronny James is Out of ICU

Bronny James, the 18-year-old son of NBA superstar LeBron James, experienced a terrifying health incident during basketball practice at the University of Southern California (USC). On Monday, he suffered a cardiac arrest on the court, prompting immediate medical attention and hospitalization.

During the practice session, Bronny James suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, causing concern among his family and sports enthusiasts worldwide. Medical staff at the Galen Center, where the USC basketball team practices, acted swiftly and provided immediate treatment before rushing him to the hospital. Thanks to their prompt actions, he is now in stable condition and has been transferred out of the intensive care unit.

Early Life and Education

Peyton Gelfuso’s educational journey has been closely followed by fans and admirers as she pursued her studies at the renowned Sierra Canyon School. The private school, located in Chatsworth, California, is known for its strong academic curriculum and emphasis on sports, making it a popular choice for many students from well-known families, including celebrities and athletes.

Peyton Gelfuso is high school graduate

After completing her high school education, Peyton Gelfuso decided to further her studies at Southern Methodist University (SMU). SMU, located in Dallas, Texas, is another institution with a reputation for academic excellence and vibrant campus life. Choosing to attend college away from home indicates Peyton’s desire for independence and a chance to explore different opportunities outside of Los Angeles.

Peyton Gelfuso Profile

Full NamePeyton Gelfuso
Age18 years old
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, United States
ParentsDavid Gelfuso
Heidi Gelfuso
SiblingsParker Gelfuso and 1 more
Net WorthUS $400k (approx.)
EducationGraduation Student
School/CollegeSierra Canyon School
Southern Methodist University
PartnerBronny James
InstagramTap On
HomepageTap On

Peyton Gelfuso Age and Birthday

As of the current date, Peyton Gelfuso is 18 years old. Being born in 2004, she belongs to the Generation Z cohort, which is known for its strong digital presence and the ease with which they adapt to modern technology. Growing up in the era of social media, Peyton has experienced the joys and challenges that come with navigating the online world while in the public eye.

Peyton Gelfuso wiki

Peyton Gelfuso’s Career and Achievements

Gelfuso’s journey in sports began at a young age, and her passion for athletics grew stronger with time. She displayed exceptional talent in multiple sports during her high school years at Sierra Canyon, a prestigious school known for its strong athletic programs. Volleyball was one of Peyton’s primary passions, and she excelled in the sport while playing for Sierra Canyon.

Peyton Gelfuso career

Apart from volleyball, Peyton also showed promise on the tennis court. Her dedication to honing her skills and the ability to handle pressure during intense matches helped her make a mark as a competitive tennis player. While Peyton Gelfuso’s prowess in sports helped her gain recognition, her presence on social media accelerated her popularity to new heights.

As the digital age continues to thrive, social media platforms have become powerful tools for self-expression, branding, and influencing a vast audience. Peyton harnessed this opportunity and strategically utilized social media to connect with her fans and followers.

Peyton Gelfuso’s Family Members

Peyton Gelfuso’s father, David Gelfuso, holds an impressive professional position as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Advanced Motion Controls. The company, known for its cutting-edge technology and innovations in the motion control industry, has cemented itself as a leading force in the market.

Peyton Gelfuso friend

As the COO, David Gelfuso is responsible for overseeing the company’s day-to-day operations and ensuring its continued success.

In Peyton Gelfuso’s case, her mother, Heidi Gelfuso, has played a significant role in shaping her life. While there is limited information available about Heidi’s profession, it is evident that she has been a pillar of support for Peyton and her siblings.


Peyton Gelfuso has shared her life with two siblings, an older brother named Parker and one more sibling. As the older brother, Parker Gelfuso likely had a profound influence on Peyton’s life. Older siblings often serve as role models and mentors, guiding their younger siblings through various life experiences. Whether it was advice on academics, friendships, or personal growth, Parker’s presence likely provided Peyton with valuable insights and support.

Peyton Gelfuso’s Net Worth

As a rising athlete and prominent social media influencer, Peyton Gelfuso’s net worth has been a topic of curiosity among her fans and followers. While exact figures may vary, it is estimated that her net worth is around USD 400,000. Her athletic career and numerous brand partnerships on social media have contributed significantly to her financial success.

Peyton Gelfuso bio

Fun Facts and Trivia About Peyton Gelfuso

  • Peyton Gelfuso shares a strong bond with animals and is an advocate for animal welfare.
  • She loves exploring new places to travel and hangout with friends.
  • Peyton enjoys photography and often captures beautiful moments during her journeys.

FAQs About Peyton Gelfuso

  1. Is Peyton Gelfuso active on social media?

    Yes, she is very much active on Instagram.

  2. How did Peyton and Bronny meet?

    The details of Peyton and Bronny James’ first meeting have not been disclosed to the public.

  3. Does Peyton Gelfuso attend Bronny’s basketball games regularly?

    Peyton has been spotted at some of Bronny’s games, showing her unwavering support for him.

  4. Does Peyton Gelfuso have any siblings?

    Yes, she has two siblings.

  5. Is Peyton Gelfuso involved in any philanthropic activities?

    While specific details are not available, Peyton Gelfuso is known to be passionate about animal welfare and may support charitable causes related to it.


Peyton Gelfuso’s life remains intriguing and mysterious, as she prefers to keep a low profile despite her connection with the renowned Bronny James. While the world is curious about her life, she continues to support her boyfriend and thrive in her endeavors. Peyton’s journey as a supportive partner, combined with her personal passions, makes her an inspiring figure for many.

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