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Madison Paxton, the daughter of Ken Paxton, the prominent Texas Attorney General, has garnered attention not just for her family ties but also for her own life journey. Initially, she got recognition as a celebrity kid because her father and mother are renowned politicians and have been working for the betterment of Texas for several years.

Madison Paxton Wiki

Madison has also supported her family members in doing the best possible things for the family members. In September 2023, Ken Paxton is in the attention of the media after the impeachment trial started in the state Senate. His kids have been supporting him during these difficult times.

Being a part of a high-profile political family has its perks and challenges. Madison’s formative years were likely marked by an increased level of scrutiny and attention due to her father’s position as the Attorney General of Texas.

Madison Paxton wiki

Age and Birthday

Paxton’s exact birthdate remains shrouded in privacy, as per her birth year is between 1994 and 1998. As of 2023, Paxton falls within the age range of 25 to 29. Growing up in Texas as the daughter of Ken Paxton, Madison experienced a childhood that was inevitably influenced by her father’s career in politics.

Angela Paxton: The Matriarch

Madison Paxton’s mother is Angela Paxton, a Republican member of the Texas Senate since 2019. She represents District 8, which covers parts of Collin and Dallas counties. She is also a former teacher and school counselor who has advocated for education reform and school choice. Angela Paxton is married to Ken Paxton since 1986, and they have four children together: Tucker, Katie, Abby, and Madison.

Ken Paxton: The Patriarch of the Paxton Clan

Her father is Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas since 2015. He is a Republican politician and lawyer who previously served as a member of the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate. Madison’s father is also a Tea Party conservative and a supporter of former President Donald Trump.

Madison Paxton with father mother husband and kid
Madison Paxton with father Ken Paxton, mother Angela Paxton, husband Daniel Hayworth, and kid Paxton James Hayworth

Ken Paxton has been involved in several legal controversies and investigations, including a securities fraud case that has been pending since 2012 and a lawsuit challenging the 2020 presidential election results in four battleground states.

As Attorney General, he has been a staunch defender of conservative principles, often challenging federal policies and advocating for states’ rights. His tenure has been marked by high-profile legal battles, including his efforts to overturn the Affordable Care Act and his support for Texas’ restrictive abortion laws.

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Ken Paxton’s Impeachment Trial

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton pleaded not guilty to 16 articles of impeachment on Tuesday, as his trial began in the state Senate. Ken Paxton, a Republican and a staunch ally of former President Donald Trump, is accused of abusing his office to help a wealthy donor and friend, Nate Paul, who was under investigation by the FBI.

The impeachment trial is a rare and historic event in Texas politics, as Ken Paxton is only the third person to face such a process in the state’s history. The trial is also a test of the loyalty and direction of the Texas Republican Party, which has been divided over Ken Paxton’s scandals and controversies.

Ken Paxton’s impeachment was initiated by the state House of Representatives in May, with bipartisan support. The House voted 121-23 to impeach Ken Paxton, with two members voting “present”. The House impeachment committee found that Ken Paxton had committed multiple acts of corruption.

Siblings – Brothers and Sisters

The oldest of the Paxton siblings, Abby Paxton, is still in the early stages of her life and has yet to make her mark on the world. However, growing up in a family deeply involved in politics and public service is likely to shape her values and ambitions as she matures. Tucker Paxton has a unique perspective on their family’s political involvement.

Madison Paxton with her siblings
Madison Paxton with her siblings Tucker Paxton, Katie Paxton, and Abby Paxton

While he has not pursued a political career like his father and mother, he has been involved in various ways, supporting conservative causes and engaging in community activism. Katie Paxton, the youngest, has also been an integral part of the Paxton family’s journey. Her interests and aspirations may differ from her parents and siblings, but she plays a crucial role in the Paxton family’s support network.

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Educational Background

While Paxton’s early life may have been shaped by the political world around her, she also pursued her own path through education. Although specific details about her educational journey remain limited, found that this talented girl graduated from a renowned university. Madison’s choice to pursue higher education reflects her commitment to carving out her own identity apart from her father’s political career.

Madison Paxton Husband and Wedding

Madison’s personal life came under the spotlight when she married Daniel Hayworth, a businessman whose details have been kept remarkably private. Unfortunately, there is limited information available about their courtship, wedding date, and the circumstances of their meeting.

Madison Paxton with her husband and son
Madison with her husband Daniel Hayworth and son Paxton James Hayworth

This deliberate choice to maintain privacy is perhaps a testament to the family’s desire to shield their personal lives from the intense scrutiny that often accompanies political prominence.

Children – Son and Daughter

In December 2020, Madison and Daniel welcomed a new addition to their family, Paxton James Hayworth. The birth of their son was a joyous occasion, celebrated by their close friends and family. On 6 July 2022, the couple welcomed their another child named Theodore Wayne Hayworth. However, the family’s decision to keep details about their sons private is in line with their commitment to shielding their personal lives from the public eye.

Madison Paxton youngest son
Madison Paxton’s youngest son Theodore Wayne Hayworth

Growing Up in a Political Family

Being the child of a high-profile politician can be both a blessing and a challenge. Madison Paxton’s experiences growing up in a political family likely provided her with unique insights into the workings of government and the responsibilities that come with public office.

On the one hand, she had the opportunity to witness firsthand the impact of her father’s work on the state of Texas. She may have been exposed to discussions about policy, law, and governance from a young age, which could have nurtured her own interest in these areas.

On the other hand, growing up in the public eye can be demanding. Madison may have had to navigate the pressures of maintaining a certain image and dealing with media attention and public scrutiny. The desire for privacy, as evidenced by the secrecy surrounding her birthday, suggests a need to strike a balance between her personal life and her family’s public role.

Career – What does she do?

She does not have a formal career as she prefers to be a homemaker and take care of her son. However, she does have some hobbies and interests that keep her busy and fulfilled. She likes to read books, especially novels and biographies.

Madison Paxton career

She also likes to write blogs about her life experiences and opinions on various topics. Madison Paxton has a lesser following on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She also likes to cook healthy meals for her family and try new recipes from different cuisines.

Net Worth

Madison Paxton’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 500k (approx.). She inherited some wealth from her parents and also earned some income from her investments and businesses. She lives in a luxurious house with her husband and son. She drives a high-end car and wears designer clothes and accessories.

Interesting Facts

  • Paxton prefers to keep her personal life out of the public eye, and she maintains a relatively low profile compared to her political parents.
  • Despite their busy schedules and public roles, the Paxton family values their time together and maintains a close-knit family dynamic.
  • Madison’s dedication to her family is evident in her role as a loving wife and mother, caring for her son, Paxton James Hayworth.
  • She shares a strong bond with her siblings, Tucker, Katie, and Abby, as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of growing up in a politically active family.
  • Madison Paxton supports her father’s political career and campaigns for him during elections.
  • Ken Paxton’s daughter is religious and attends church regularly with her family.
  • This celebrity kid enjoys traveling with her husband and son to different places around the world.
  • She has a close relationship with her mother and often seeks her advice and guidance.


  1. Who are Madison Paxton’s parents?

    Madison’s father is Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General, and her mother is Angela Paxton, a Texas State Senator.

  2. Where did Madison Paxton graduate from?

    Madison graduated from a renowned university, although the specific institution and field of study have not been widely publicized.

  3. Does Madison Paxton have children?

    Yes, Paxton and Daniel Hayworth have a son named Paxton James Hayworth, born in December 2020.

  4. Does Madison Paxton have siblings?

    Yes, she has three siblings – Tucker Paxton, Katie Paxton, and Abby Paxton.

In conclusion

Madison Paxton, the daughter of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, has chosen to lead a private life while supporting her family, including her husband and son. Despite her family’s prominence in politics and law, Madison’s commitment to her loved ones remains at the forefront of her life. Her dedication to education and the well-being of her family exemplify her personal values and priorities.

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