Jeon Jung-hyun Wiki, Jung Kook’s Brother Age, Parents, Net worth, Bio, Height, Profession, and More

Jeon Jung-hyun, also known as Jung Kook’s brother, is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. As the sibling of Jung Kook, a member of the globally acclaimed K-pop group BTS, Jung-hyun has gained significant attention and interest from fans worldwide. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of Jeon Jung-hyun’s life, including his family background, net worth, age, career, education, girlfriend, and interesting facts.

Who are Jeon Jung-hyun’s Parents?

Unfortunately, detailed information regarding the names and personal lives of Jeon Jung-hyun’s parents is not widely available to the public. As private individuals, they have understandably chosen to maintain their privacy and distance themselves from the media attention that accompanies their sons’ fame.

Jeon Jung-hyun family

Nevertheless, it is reasonable to assume that Jeon Jung-hyun’s parents have played a significant role in shaping the lives of both Jung Kook and Jung-hyun. They have likely provided the love, support, and encouragement necessary for their sons to pursue their dreams and achieve remarkable success in their respective fields.

Brother of Jeon Jung-hyun

Jeon Jung-hyun is the older brother of Jung Kook, who is a member of the globally renowned South Korean boy band BTS. Jung Kook, whose real name is Jeon Jung-kook, was born on September 1, 1997, in Busan, South Korea. He debuted as the youngest member of BTS in 2013, and since then, the group has achieved immense success, amassing a massive fan base worldwide.

Jeon Jung-hyun younger brother
Jeon Jung-hyun’s younger brother Jung Kook

While Jung Kook’s fame continues to soar, Jeon Jung-hyun remains relatively unknown to the public. However, as the older brother of such a prominent figure, Jung-hyun undoubtedly plays an important role in Jung Kook’s life, providing support and guidance in his journey as an idol. Despite being less exposed to the limelight, Jeon Jung-hyun holds a special place within Jung Kook’s heart and has likely been a source of inspiration and motivation for his younger brother’s success.

Jeon Jung-hyun Biodata and Height

BirthdayJune 1995
Age28 years
NationalitySouth Korean
EducationBachelor’s degree
School/CollegePrivate College
BirthplaceMandeok-dong, Busan, South Korea
Marital StatusUnmarried
ParentsNames not known
SiblingsJung Kook
Net WorthUS $4 Million (approx.)
Weight73 kg
HomepageTap Link

Jeon Jung-hyun Relationship with Jung Kook

As Jung-kook embarked on his journey as an idol, Jeon Jung-hyun has been a pillar of support in his younger brother’s life. While the public’s attention may primarily focus on Jung-kook, it is Jeon Jung-hyun who has stood by his side throughout the challenges and triumphs. He has been a reliable source of advice, guidance, and encouragement for Jung-kook, offering him a sense of stability and strength.

Jeon Jung-hyun childhood image with younger brother
Jeon Jung-hyun’s childhood image with younger brother Jung Kook

One of the factors that contribute to the bond between Jeon Jung-hyun and Jung-kook is their shared interests. Both brothers are passionate about music, and their common love for this art form has brought them even closer. Jeon Jung-hyun has been a source of inspiration for Jung-kook, with his musical knowledge and experience guiding the young star in his artistic pursuits.

BTS Jung Kook’s New Solo Single ‘Seven’

BTS’s Jung Kook is all set to captivate fans with his upcoming solo single, titled “Seven.” The news of the release date has thrilled fans worldwide. The announcement was made on June 30 by BIGHIT MUSIC, revealing that Jung Kook’s official solo activities will commence with the release of “Seven.” The highly anticipated single is scheduled to drop on Friday, July 14, 2023, at 1 p.m. KST (Korean Standard Time).

“Seven” is described as an invigorating summer song that showcases the full breadth of Jung Kook’s charm. The track is expected to elevate the summer experience for listeners.

Jeon Jung-hyun’s Net Worth

Jung-hyun’s financial status is a topic of interest for many. While precise figures are not readily available, estimates suggest that his net worth is around USD 4 million. This estimation is based on his successful career and the recognition he has gained as an artist.

BTS member Jungkook has once again made headlines, this time for transferring ownership of his luxurious apartment to his elder brother Jeon Jung-hyun. The Yongsan City Park apartment, estimated to be worth $3.4 million, has now been registered under his brother’s name.

Jung Kook is a singer

Jungkook’s decision to pass on the property to his brother comes as no surprise to fans, considering his estimated net worth of $20 million. Although the idol rarely speaks about his family, it is known that he shares a close bond with his brother and the rest of the BTS members

Jeon Jung-hyun Age and Birthday

Jeon Jung-hyun was born in June 1995, making him 28 years old as of the current year, 2023. Born and raised in the Mandeok-dong neighborhood of Busan, South Korea, Jung-hyun shares the same hometown as his younger brother, Jung Kook. The precise date of Jeon’s birthday has not been publicly disclosed, as he prefers to maintain a more private life compared to his famous sibling.

Jeon Jung-hyun’s Career

Jung-hyun is primarily employed in a private job, the details of which are not publicly available. As a private individual, he has maintained a low profile, allowing him to lead a relatively private life away from the spotlight. While his exact job role remains undisclosed, it is evident that he has achieved success in his professional pursuits.

Jeon Jung-hyun wiki

Apart from his private job, Jung-hyun is a gifted artist who has displayed his skills through various drawings. One notable aspect of his art is his depiction of his brother, Jung Kook, which has garnered significant attention from fans and art enthusiasts alike. By skillfully capturing his brother’s likeness and personality, Jung-hyun’s drawings have become a source of admiration and appreciation within the BTS fandom and beyond.

Education Background

In terms of his education, Jeon Jung-hyun completed his schooling and went on to pursue higher education at a private college. Although specific details about his college and field of study are not widely known, his graduation from a private college suggests a commitment to his academic pursuits.

Girlfriend and Personal Life

Jeon Jung-hyun’s personal life, including his romantic relationships, remains largely private. It is natural for fans and the media to be curious about his love life, but he has chosen to keep these aspects of his personal life away from the public eye. Jeon values his privacy and prefers to focus on his career.

Interesting Things About Jeon Jung-hyun

  • Jeon Jung-hyun is known for his exceptional talent in various artistic fields.
  • Despite the fame and attention, Jung-hyun maintains a humble and down-to-earth personality.
  • He shares a strong resemblance to his younger brother, Jung Kook.
  • Jeon Jung-hyun is admired for his charming and captivating stage presence.


  1. Does Jeon Jung-hyun have the same level of fame as his brother, Jung Kook?

    He has gained recognition in the entertainment industry but is not as globally famous as his brother.

  2. Is Jeon Jung-hyun involved in the music industry like Jung Kook?

    While Jung-hyun shares a passion for the arts, his involvement in the music industry is not as prominent as his brother’s.

  3. How does Jeon Jung-hyun maintain his privacy despite being related to a famous K-pop idol?

    Jung-hyun values his privacy and prefers to keep his personal life away from the public eye. He focuses on his career and aims to create a separate identity for himself.

  4. Can fans find Jeon Jung-hyun on social media platforms?

    He has not disclosed his official social media accounts. Fans should exercise caution and verify the authenticity of any accounts claiming to belong to them.

  5. Are there any collaborations between Jeon Jung-hyun and Jung Kook?

    While there have been no official collaborations between the two brothers, they have expressed their mutual support and admiration for each other’s work.

Conclusion – Jeon Jung-hyun, the elder brother of Jung Kook from BTS, has carved his own path in the entertainment industry. While not as widely recognized as his brother, he has gained a following of his own through his talent and dedication. His close bond with Jung Kook and his own achievements continue to intrigue fans around the world.

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