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Brianna Wakefield is the daughter of Tim Wakefield, a former professional baseball pitcher who played 19 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB), mostly for the Boston Red Sox. Tim Wakefield was known for his signature pitch, the knuckleball, which he used to win 200 games and two World Series championships.

Brianna is currently focusing on her career and wants to be a successful girl like her father. However, she grabbed the limelight in October 2023 after the death of her dad. As per the reports, he died on October 1, 2023, after a battle with brain cancer at the age of 57.

Age and Birthday

Born on 29th December 2005, Brianna Grace Wakefield is currently 17 years old. She’s at an age where life’s possibilities are endless, and every experience contributes to shaping her future. Being the daughter of a former MLB star, Brianna’s life has been anything but ordinary. Her journey has been marked by unique experiences and opportunities, which have undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping her interests and ambitions.

Brianna Wakefield’s Father

Tim Wakefield, Brianna Wakefield’s father, was a former professional baseball pitcher who played 19 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB), mostly for the Boston Red Sox. He was known for his signature pitch, the knuckleball, which he used to win 200 games and two World Series championships. He was a recipient of the Roberto Clemente Award in 2010 for his humanitarian work and community involvement.

Brianna Wakefield with her father
Brianna Wakefield with her father Tim Wakefield

He joined the Boston Red Sox in 1995 and played for them until his retirement in 2012. He was the longest-serving player on the team and the oldest active player in the major leagues when he retired. He was the third-winning pitcher in Red Sox history, behind Cy Young and Roger Clemens, and the all-time leader in innings pitched by a Red Sox pitcher.

What is Tim Wakefield’s Death Cause?

Tim Wakefield, the knuckleball pitcher who helped the Boston Red Sox win their first World Series title in 86 years in 2004, died on Sunday at the age of 57. He had been battling brain cancer for several months, according to his former teammate Curt Schilling. Wakefield was a versatile and durable pitcher who spent 19 seasons in the major leagues, mostly with the Red Sox.

Wakefield’s death was announced by the Red Sox in a statement on Sunday that praised him as an outstanding athlete and an extraordinary human being. The statement said that Wakefield had requested privacy during his illness and that his family appreciated the support and respect from fans and friends.

Wakefield was also a fan favorite and a humanitarian who won the Roberto Clemente Award in 2010 for his sportsmanship and community involvement. He was the first Jimmy Fund captain, visiting with patients and raising funds for the childhood cancer charity, and the honorary chairman of the Red Sox Foundation.

Mother’s Name

On the other hand, Brianna Wakefield’s mother, Stacey Stover is a former flight attendant and a homemaker. She often participated in charity events with her husband, such as the Red Sox charity events for Jimmy Fund and the Wakefield Warriors Program. She was very supportive and caring of her husband and children. She was described as her daughter’s best friend and role model.

Brianna Wakefield father and mother
Brianna Wakefield’s father Tim Wakefield and mother Stacey Stover

Important Facts

Name Brianna Grace Wakefield
Astrological Sign Capricorn
Ethnicity Mixed
Personal Details 
Birthday 29 December 2005
Age 17 years
Birthplace United States
Nationality American
Family Details 
Father Tim Wakefield
Mother Stacy Stover
Siblings Trevor Wakefield
Boyfriend None
Relationship Status Single
Kids N/A
Religion Christian
Physical Appearance 
Height 5’6”
Weight 50 kg
Shoe Size 7 US
Hair Color Blonde
Eyes Color Hazel
Net worth US $150k (estimated)

Educational Background

Currently, Brianna Grace Wakefield is a high school student. Like any teenager her age, she’s navigating the challenges and opportunities that come with high school life. Education is the foundation upon which her future will be built, and it’s a testament to her commitment to personal growth and development.

Brianna Wakefield wiki

While we may not have extensive information about her specific school, her pursuit of education at this crucial stage of her life is indicative of her determination to prepare herself for whatever path she chooses to follow in the future. High school is a time of self-discovery, academic exploration, and building lasting friendships, and Brianna is no doubt making the most of it.


Trevor Wakefield is the older brother of Brianna Wakefield. He is also a college student and pays complete attention to his studies. He has kept himself away from the sports like his dad but has decided to be a successful man. However, the photographs and other details about his profession are not known right now but we will soon share the information about it.

Brianna Wakefield’s Career

Brianna Wakefield is still in the process of shaping her career, and like many young adults, she is exploring different paths to determine her true calling. Given her family’s background in sports, it might be tempting to assume that she would follow in her father’s footsteps and pursue a career in baseball. However, Brianna’s approach to her future is driven by her desire to find a path that aligns with her own interests and passions.

Brianna Wakefield career

While specific details about her career aspirations are not publicly available, it is clear that Brianna is dedicated to finding a fulfilling profession that she is passionate about. Her upbringing in a sports-oriented family may have provided her with a unique perspective and set of skills that could be valuable in various career domains, such as sports management, marketing, or even journalism.

Personal Life and Boyfriend

For many public figures, the romantic aspect of their life often generates substantial interest among fans and the media. However, Brianna Wakefield has managed to keep her romantic life relatively private and low-key. There was no publicly available information about her having a boyfriend.

It’s worth noting that she may choose to keep her personal life away from the spotlight, focusing on her own pursuits and interests. Brianna’s choice to maintain discretion about her relationships is a testament to her commitment to leading a private life amidst the legacy of her famous father. Well, she likes spending time with her school friends and has shared a lot of images on her account but never mentioned anyone more than her friends.

Social Media Handles

Facebook – Not known

Instagram @brianna.wake

Wikipedia @Tim_Wakefield

Twitter @TimWakefield49


Net Worth

Estimating the net worth of individuals who are not public figures or celebrities can be challenging, especially when they are in the early stages of their careers. As per, Brianna Wakefield’s net worth was estimated to be approximately USD 150,000. However, it’s important to note that this figure is speculative and based on various factors, including potential family assets and financial investments.

Brianna Wakefield bio

Brianna’s net worth, while modest in comparison to her father’s, is reflective of her position as a young adult who is still exploring her career options. It’s not uncommon for individuals in their early twenties to have limited financial resources as they focus on education and career development.


  1. How old is Brianna Wakefield?

    17 years old.

  2. Who are Brianna Wakefield’s parents?

    Brianna Wakefield’s parents are Tim Wakefield and Stacey Stover.

  3. Who is Brianna Wakefield’s boyfriend?

    The information about her boyfriend is not known, it could be possible that she is single.

  4. Where does Brianna Wakefield go to college?

    Well, Brianna is currently a high school student but details about her school are not known.

  5. What are Brianna Wakefield’s hobbies?

    Brianna Wakefield’s hobbies include traveling, hiking, camping, reading, watching movies, and listening to music.

  6. What are Brianna Wakefield’s future plans?

    She has not clearly mentioned anything about her future but she wants to be a successful person and to continue her father’s humanitarian work.

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