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Ali Rahmani, born in 2006 in Iran, has already made quite a name for himself at just 16 years old. As the son of prominent Iranian human rights activist Narges Mohammadi and her husband Taghi Rahmani, Ali’s life has been profoundly influenced by the activism and dedication of his parents. Currently residing in Paris, Ali is not just the son of two remarkable individuals; he is carving out his own path in life.

Ali Rahmani’s Age and Birthday

Born in the year 2006, Ali celebrated his 16th birthday recently. He has his entire future ahead of him, with plenty of opportunities to shape the world around him, just as his parents have done through their activism and advocacy work.

Parents: Narges Mohammadi and Taghi Rahmani

Ali is the son of Narges Mohammadi and Taghi Rahmani. His parents are not only well-known within Iran but have also gained international recognition for their tireless efforts in advocating for human rights, particularly in the realm of prisoners’ rights and freedom of expression.

Ali Rahmani and his father
Ali Rahmani and his father Taghi Rahmani

Taghi Rahmani

Taghi Rahmani, Ali’s father, is also a significant figure in the world of human rights activism. He has been actively involved in advocating for prisoners’ rights and has faced his own set of challenges as a result of his activism. Taghi Rahmani’s commitment to justice and human rights is a driving force in the Rahmani family.

Narges Mohammadi

Narges Mohammadi, Ali’s mother, is a renowned Iranian human rights activist who has been instrumental in raising awareness about the plight of political prisoners in Iran. She has faced her own share of hardships, including imprisonment, for her activism. Narges Mohammadi’s dedication to the cause of human rights has undoubtedly had a profound influence on Ali’s perspective on life and his aspirations.

Ali Rahmani old image with his mother and sister
Ali Rahmani’s old image with his mother Narges Mohammadi and sister Kiana Rahmani


Name Ali Rahmani
Astrological Sign Not known
Ethnicity Mixed
Personal Details 
Birthday 2006
Age 16 years old
Birthplace Iran
Nationality Iranian
Family Details 
Father Taghi Rahmani
Mother Narges Mohammadi
Siblings Kiana Rahmani
Girlfriend None
Relationship Status Single
Kids NA
Religion Christian

Narges Mohammadi wins the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize

Narges Mohammadi, a prominent Iranian women’s rights advocate and human rights defender, has won the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize for her long fight against the oppression of women in Iran. Mohammadi is currently serving a 16-year prison sentence for her peaceful activism.

Mohammadi, 51, is a physicist and journalist who has been involved in various civil society movements in Iran, such as the Campaign for Step by Step Abolition of the Death Penalty, the Defenders of Human Rights Center, and the National Council of Peace. She has also campaigned for women’s rights, environmental protection, and democratic reforms.

She was first arrested in 1998 for participating in a protest against the ban on women attending sports stadiums. She was arrested again in 2009 after the disputed presidential election that sparked mass protests.

The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the most prestigious awards in the world, honoring individuals or organizations who have made significant contributions to peace and cooperation. The prize includes a gold medal, a diploma, and a cash award of 10 million Swedish kronor (about $1.1 million).

Siblings: Kiana Rahmani

Ali Rahmani is not an only child. He has a twin sister named Kiana Rahmani. While Kiana’s pursuits and interests may differ from Ali’s, they undoubtedly share a unique bond as twins and as members of a family deeply committed to human rights causes.

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Girlfriend and Relationship Status

As of writing this article, there was no publicly available information about Ali Rahmani’s girlfriend or relationship status. It’s important to respect the privacy of young individuals, especially when they are not public figures. Ali appears to be focused on his personal growth and education at this stage of his life.

Ali Rahmani wiki

Educational Background

Currently, Mr. Rahmani is pursuing his high school education in Paris. This move from Iran to France represents not just a geographical transition but also a shift in the opportunities available to him. Attending a private school in Paris provides him with a unique educational experience, exposing him to diverse perspectives and ideas.

It’s worth noting that Ali’s pursuit of education in a foreign country can be seen as an act of resilience and determination, which is undoubtedly influenced by the activism and determination he has witnessed in his mother.

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Career Aspirations

As Narges Mohammadi’s son continues to grow and develop, it is clear that he is a young man with a bright future ahead of him. His age, 16, is but a number that belies the depth of his commitment to making the world a better place. While his exact birthday remains a private matter, the impact he is already having on the world is a matter of public record.

Ali Rahmani career

Ali Rahmani’s pursuit of education in Paris is a testament to his determination and resilience. It is an opportunity for him to broaden his horizons, learn from diverse perspectives, and prepare himself for a future in which he can continue to advocate for the causes he holds dear.

Ali Rahmani’s Net Worth

Reportedly, there was no publicly available information about Rahmani’s net worth. It’s important to note that Ali is a young individual who is still pursuing his education and personal growth. His financial status is not typically disclosed, nor should it be a primary focus at this stage of his life.

Facts and Trivia

  • Ali has likely been exposed to multiple languages, given his family’s international background and his residence in Paris. This exposure could potentially make him multilingual and open up opportunities for global engagement.
  • Ali Rahmani’s parents, Narges Mohammadi and Taghi Rahmani, have undoubtedly been a significant source of inspiration in his life. Their dedication to human rights and justice serves as a powerful example for him.
  • Being a twin, Ali shares a unique and close bond with his sister, Kiana Rahmani. Twins often have a strong connection and understanding of each other, which can influence their personal development.
  • Growing up in a family actively engaged in human rights work and living in different countries, Rahmani likely has a broad and global perspective on issues that is not common for someone his age.
  • Given his family background and upbringing, Narges Mohammadi’s son may well become a future advocate for social justice and human rights, carrying forward the legacy of his parents.


At just 16 years old, Ali Rahmani is a young man with a bright future ahead. His parents’ dedication to human rights activism and their international work have undoubtedly shaped his worldview and aspirations. While much of his life is still ahead of him, Ali’s journey is one to watch, as he may well follow in his parents’ footsteps as a champion for justice and human rights on a global scale. Regardless of the path he chooses, one thing is certain: Rahmani has the potential to make a meaningful impact on the world.

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