Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Netflix Series FUBAR 2023 Release Date and Reviews

Netflix’s Fubar, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, has recently made its debut, aiming to showcase the legendary action star in a new light. The series holds the promise of a compelling concept, with Schwarzenegger riffing on his iconic action persona in a streaming format.

However, upon closer examination, Fubar fails to live up to its potential, falling into the trap of a depressingly routine comeback vehicle. This article will explore the various aspects of Netflix’s Fubar, examining Schwarzenegger’s role, the plot, critical reception, and the reasons behind its routine nature.

Netflix’s Fubar, an action, adventure, and thriller series, marks Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first venture into the television format. With eight episodes in its inaugural season, it presents the story of Luke Brunner, a CIA Operative who reluctantly returns to duty for one final mission. The series attempts to capitalize on Schwarzenegger’s reputation as an ’80s superstar, offering viewers a chance to see him in a familiar, yet refreshing, setting.

Overview of Netflix’s Fubar

FUBAR is an action-packed series that intertwines suspense, adrenaline, and occasional comedy elements. Directed by a team of skilled professionals, the show strives to bring the high-octane world of espionage to the small screen. With a star-studded cast including Monica Barbaro, Fortune Feimster, Travis Van Winkle, and more, it holds the potential for an engaging and entertaining experience.

Fubar 2023 reviews

Fubar‘s Review

The reviews for this movie have been generally positive. Critics have praised the show for its blend of action, comedy, and espionage elements. The series is described as a father-daughter version of Schwarzenegger’s 1994 film “True Lies”. The balance between action and comedy is a highlight, although some reviews suggest that other series such as “The Night Agent” and “The Recruit” manage to strike a better balance in this regard. Nevertheless, “FUBAR” is considered a good choice for a day of relaxation or entertainment, particularly if you enjoy a mix of spy thrillers and comedy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s transition from movie star to the California governor and now to a leading role in a Netflix series has been noted as an interesting progression. The fact that he has chosen “FUBAR” as his first leading role in a scripted TV series has generated curiosity and anticipation among viewers and critics alike. The series is seen as a significant entry for Schwarzenegger into the world of web content and demonstrates the increasing influence of streaming platforms.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s role in Fubar

In Fubar, Arnold Schwarzenegger takes on the lead role of Luke Brunner, a CIA Operative nearing retirement. Schwarzenegger’s character is depicted as a skilled and seasoned professional, torn between his commitment to duty and his desire for a peaceful life with his family. This role allows Schwarzenegger to delve into his action-hero roots while showcasing his acting prowess in a longer narrative format.

Fubar 2023 release date

Plot and premise of Fubar

This series centers around Luke Brunner’s final mission, which becomes a personal journey as he tries to protect his family while uncovering a web of conspiracy and deception. The show combines intense action sequences with character-driven moments, exploring the emotional and psychological toll of a secret agent’s life. While the premise offers potential for an exciting narrative, the execution falls short of expectations.

Reception and critical reviews

Despite the initial excitement surrounding Schwarzenegger’s TV debut, critical reviews of Fubar have been mixed. The series has received criticism for its outdated jokes, low-rent visuals, and lack of originality. Many reviewers have expressed disappointment, pointing out that it feels more like a straight-to-DVD action movie turned into an eight-episode Netflix series. These factors contribute to the perception that Fubar is a routine and uninspiring project.

Depressing elements in Fubar

Netflix’s Fubar has been described as a depressingly routine comeback vehicle for Arnold Schwarzenegger. The series fails to bring anything substantially fresh or innovative to the table, relying heavily on familiar action tropes and predictable plotlines. This lack of creativity and the absence of a unique selling point contribute to the overall feeling of disappointment among viewers and critics alike.

Lack of originality and routine comeback

One of the main criticisms of Fubar is its lack of originality. The series often feels formulaic, failing to take risks or explore new storytelling territories. Instead, it relies on Schwarzenegger’s established action-hero image, offering little in terms of fresh character development or narrative surprises. This approach hampers the series’ potential to stand out among the crowded landscape of action-oriented content.

Comparison to other Arnold Schwarzenegger projects

When comparing Fubar to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s previous work, it becomes evident that the series lacks the impact and memorability of his iconic films. Movies like “Terminator” and “Predator” showcased Schwarzenegger’s charisma, physicality, and ability to elevate action films to new heights. Unfortunately, FUBAR fails to capture the same level of excitement and innovation, ultimately leaving viewers craving the magic of Schwarzenegger’s past endeavors.

Analysis of Fubar‘s potential

Despite its shortcomings, Fubar does have redeeming qualities. The series provides moments of genuine entertainment, especially for fans of Schwarzenegger and the action genre. There are instances where the chemistry between the cast members shines, and the action sequences deliver the expected adrenaline rush. However, these positive aspects are overshadowed by the show’s overall lack of originality and failure to deliver a fresh take on the action/spy genre.

In conclusion, Netflix’s Fubar falls short of its potential as a groundbreaking series starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The show’s routine nature, lack of originality, and failure to capitalize on Schwarzenegger’s talents ultimately lead to disappointment among viewers and critics. While Fubar may still offer some enjoyment for fans of the action genre, it fails to deliver the innovation and excitement needed to make a lasting impact. As Schwarzenegger explores new avenues in his career, it is hoped that future projects will reignite the magic and thrill associated with his iconic filmography.


  1. Is Fubar Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first TV show?

    Yes, it marks Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first venture into television

  2. What is the premise of Fubar?

    This series follows the story of Luke Brunner, a CIA Operative who embarks on a final mission while trying to protect his family

  3. How has Fubar been received by critics?

    Critical reception of this series has been mixed, with some reviewers expressing disappointment in its lack of originality and routine nature.

  4. Does Fubar showcase Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action persona?

    Yes, Netflix series allows Schwarzenegger to riff on his action persona, bringing elements of his iconic roles to the series

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