Blue Eye Samurai Release Date 2023 | Characters, Where to Watch, Trailer, Plot, and More

Blue Eye Samurai – Netflix is set to release a new animated series called “Blue Eye Samurai,” which is expected to be a hit with fans of anime and Japanese culture. The show follows a mixed-race master of the sword who lives a life in disguise while seeking revenge in Edo-period Japan. Here is everything we know so far about the release date and other details of the show.

What is “Blue Eye Samurai?”

Blue Eye Samurai” is an upcoming Netflix original animated action-adventure series created by Michael Green and Amber Noizumi. The series is set in the Edo period of Japan and follows a mixed-race master of the sword named Erskine. She lives a life in disguise while seeking revenge, using her sword skills to fight against those who wronged her.

Blue Eye Samurai cast

Blue Eye Samurai Release Date

As of May 2023, Netflix has not officially announced the release date for “Blue Eye Samurai.” However, the streaming service has released several teasers and promotional materials for the show, indicating that it is currently in production. Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the series and are hopeful that it will be released soon.

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The production for the film is being handled by Powerhouse Animation, the same studio behind other popular anime-style shows like “Castlevania” and “Blood of Zeus.” The series will be directed by Yoriaki Mochizuki, who has previously worked on shows like “Detective Conan” and “Aria the Scarlet Ammo.”

Voice Cast

The voice cast for “Blue Eye Samurai” includes several talented actors. Maya Erskine, known for her work in “PEN15” and “Insecure,” will be playing the lead role of Erskine. Other notable cast members include Brenda Song as Aimi, Randall Park as Hideki, and Christine Ko as Yuki.

Characters of Blue Eye Samurai

Darren Barnet
Brenda Song
Randall Park
Christine Ko
Maya Erskine
George Takei
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Masi Oka

Updates and News

The series was officially greenlit by Netflix and is being created by Michael Green and Amber Noizumi. Michael Green, a talented writer and producer, has signed an overall deal with Netflix, and it is one of the first projects under this agreement. This collaboration ensures that the series will have a strong creative team behind it, capable of delivering a captivating and engaging story.

Blue Eye Samurai plot

The protagonist of Blue Eye Samurai is named Erskine, a mixed-race master of the sword. Erskine leads a double life, living in disguise while embarking on a quest for revenge in the Edo period of Japan. The series explores the challenges Erskine faces and the conflicts that arise as a result of their mixed heritage.

Maya Erskine, known for her roles in popular shows like “PEN15,” has been cast as the voice of the protagonist in this film. Her talent and versatility as an actress will undoubtedly bring depth and authenticity to the character, adding another layer of intrigue to the series.

What is Blue Eye Samurai Concept?

Although specific plot details are scarce, the concept of Blue Eye Samurai promises an exciting blend of action, adventure, and drama set against the backdrop of historical Japan. The series aims to explore themes of identity, justice, and the struggle for personal redemption. Fans of animated shows and historical fiction are eagerly awaiting its release.

As of now, there is no confirmed release date for Blue Eye Samurai. However, the release of the first image from the series has sparked further excitement among fans, showcasing the stoic and determined nature of the protagonist as she brandishes her sword

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Blue Eye Samurai’s Episodes

It has been announced that “Blue Eye Samurai” will consist of ten episodes, each with a runtime of approximately 30 minutes. Fans of the show can expect an exciting and action-packed adventure that will keep them on the edge of their seats from start to finish.


As for the plot, the film follows the journey of a protagonist named Erskine, a master swordsman of mixed race. Living a life in disguise, Erskine is driven by a desire for revenge in Edo-period Japan. The search results indicate that the show focuses on Erskine’s quest for vengeance, presenting a narrative filled with mystery, action, and intrigue.

Blue Eye Samurai release

While the search results provide information about the series itself, they do not mention any reviews or critical reception of Blue Eye Samurai. As of now, it seems that reviews for the series may not be widely available. However, after the release, it is recommended to check reputable review platforms or entertainment news websites for comprehensive reviews and audience feedback.

Where to Watch Blue Eye Samurai?

As it is an exclusive Netflix production, it will be available for streaming on the Netflix platform. Netflix has been known for its diverse range of original content, and the addition of Blue Eye Samurai further expands their animated series offerings.


“Blue Eye Samurai” is an upcoming Netflix original animated series that is set to be a hit with fans of anime and Japanese culture. With a talented voice cast and experienced production team, fans can expect a high-quality show that will deliver on its promises. Although the release date has not been officially announced yet, the teasers and promotional materials suggest that it will be coming soon. Keep an eye out for “Blue Eye Samurai,” and get ready for an exciting adventure set in Edo-period Japan.


  1. Who created “Blue Eye Samurai?”

    It was created by Michael Green and Amber Noizumi.

  2. What is the plot of “Blue Eye Samurai?”

    The show follows a mixed-race master of the sword who lives a life in disguise while seeking revenge in Edo-period Japan.

  3. Who is the lead voice actor in “Blue Eye Samurai?”

    Maya Erskine is the lead voice actor in “Blue Eye Samurai.”

  4. How many episodes will “Blue Eye Samurai” have?

    It will consist of ten episodes.

  5. When will “Blue Eye Samurai” be released?

    As of May 2023, the official release date for the movie has not been announced by Netflix.

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