Maureen McGuire Wiki, Age of Michael Bolton’s Ex-Wife, Marriage, Net worth, Bio, Career, and Kids

Maureen McGuire is best known as the ex-wife of the renowned American singer and songwriter Michael Bolton. While she gained recognition due to her relationship with the music icon, McGuire has her own story and accomplishments worth exploring.

Let me tell you that she is a renowned Yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga to students for the past several years. In this article, we will delve into the details of her marriage to Michael Bolton, her personal life, and some interesting facts about her. So, let’s uncover the life of Maureen McGuire beyond her connection to the famous musician.

Maureen McGuire’s Ex-Husband: Michael Bolton

Maureen McGuire was married to Michael Bolton, an acclaimed singer-songwriter, known for his soulful ballads and powerful voice. Michael Bolton achieved immense success in the music industry with hits like “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” and “When a Man Loves a Woman.” The marriage between Maureen McGuire and Michael Bolton played a significant role in both their lives.

Marriage and Family Life

Maureen McGuire and Michael Bolton tied the knot in 1975. Their marriage lasted for 15 years before they eventually divorced in 1990. The couple’s relationship garnered attention and speculation from the media, as Bolton’s fame grew during the late 1980s. Their marriage, however, faced its fair share of challenges, leading to their eventual separation.

Maureen McGuire ex husband
Maureen McGuire’s ex-husband Michael Bolton

During their marriage, Maureen McGuire provided support and companionship to Bolton as he navigated the music industry. While Bolton’s career flourished, McGuire remained a supportive figure, standing by his side through both the successes and the trials.

Despite their divorce, the details surrounding the separation have remained relatively private. Both Bolton and McGuire have maintained a level of discretion about the reasons for their split, ensuring that their personal lives remained separate from their public personas.

Maureen McGuire Biodata

Birthday27 May
Age67-70 years old
Birth Year1953-1956
Ex-HusbandMichael Bolton (1975-1990)
Marital StatusDivorced
Relationship StatusSingle
KidsIsa Bolton
Taryn Bolton
Holly Bolton
ParentsMr. McGuire
Mrs. McGuire
SiblingsNot known
BirthplaceRochester, New York, United States
CareerYoga Instructor
Net WorthUSD 1 Million (approx.)
School/CollegePrivate College
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Michael Bolton’s New Album ‘Spark of Light’

Renowned singer/songwriter Michael Bolton has returned to the music scene with his highly anticipated album, ‘Spark of Light,’ after a 14-year hiatus from releasing original material. In a recent interview, Bolton expressed his deep sense of responsibility to help people through his music during these challenging times. The Grammy-winning artist’s album, released on July 14, showcases his commitment to creating uplifting and inspiring songs that touch the hearts of listeners worldwide.

‘Spark of Light’ features a collection of uplifting tracks, including the title track and the inspirational single “Beautiful World” featuring Justin Jesso. Bolton’s instantly recognizable vocals, characterized by their muscularity and emotional depth, are juxtaposed against contemporary production, breathing new life into his sound. With this album, Bolton has successfully reinvented himself once again, shedding outdated notions and embarking on a new era of artistic expression.

Children of Maureen McGuire

During their marriage, Maureen McGuire and Michael Bolton welcomed three children into their family: Isa Bolton, Taryn Bolton, and Holly Bolton. The children have largely remained out of the public eye, as their parents aimed to shield them from the intense scrutiny that often accompanies celebrity status.

Maureen McGuire and his daughter
Maureen McGuire’s ex-husband Michael Bolton and their daughter

Isa Bolton, the eldest of the three children, has occasionally made public appearances alongside her father. She has pursued a career as an actress and has been involved in theater productions. Taryn Bolton and Holly Bolton, the younger siblings, have maintained a more private life, away from the public spotlight.

While the marriage of Maureen McGuire and Michael Bolton did not withstand the test of time, their dedication to their children remains apparent. Both parents have prioritized their children’s well-being and worked to provide them with a sense of normalcy outside of the spotlight.

Maureen McGuire Age and Birthday

Maureen McGuire was born on May 27, in the mid-1950s, in Rochester, New York, United States. As of 2023, she is estimated to be between 67 and 70 years old. Her precise birth year has not been widely disclosed, but she belongs to the same age group as her former spouse, Michael Bolton.

Maureen McGuire wiki

Is Maureen McGuire rich?

Maureen McGuire’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 1 million. While it is important to note that financial worth does not solely define an individual’s accomplishments, it serves as a gauge of the success one has achieved throughout their career.

Maureen’s net worth is a reflection of her hard work, dedication, and expertise in multiple fields. Her ability to excel as a yoga teacher, social worker, and entrepreneur has not only contributed to her financial stability but has also garnered respect within her respective industries.

Michael Bolton singing career


Maureen McGuire’s educational background showcases her dedication and pursuit of knowledge. She graduated from college, although specific details regarding the institution and field of study have not been publicly disclosed. Nevertheless, her completion of a college education highlights her commitment to personal growth and academic excellence.

Maureen McGuire Career – As a Yoga Instructor

Maureen McGuire’s passion for yoga led her to become a certified yoga instructor. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she has helped numerous individuals improve their physical and mental well-being through the practice of yoga. Maureen’s expertise in different yoga styles and her ability to connect with her students have made her a highly sought-after teacher.

For the past 15 years, she has been a part-time adjunct faculty member for Quinnipiac University’s physical education department. At the university, Maureen teaches six classes a week in yoga and cardio conditioning, catering to both students and staff. Her dedication and commitment to promoting the benefits of yoga have greatly contributed to her success as a yoga teacher.

Maureen McGuire is a Yoga instructor

Apart from her work in the field of yoga, Maureen McGuire has also made significant contributions as a social worker. She has worked with various organizations and agencies to support and empower vulnerable populations. Maureen’s compassionate nature, coupled with her strong interpersonal skills, has allowed her to effectively advocate for those in need.

Some Points About Maureen McGuire

  • Maureen McGuire prefers to maintain a low profile, which is why limited information is available about her personal life and career.
  • Despite her divorce from Michael Bolton, McGuire continued to play a significant role in her children’s lives, ensuring a stable and nurturing environment for them.
  • McGuire’s former husband, Michael Bolton, released several songs inspired by their relationship, including “Once in a Lifetime” and “Can I Touch You… There?”
  • After her divorce, McGuire stepped away from the public eye and focused on leading a private life away from the spotlight.


  1. Is Maureen McGuire still married to Michael Bolton?

    No, they divorced in 1990 after being married for seventeen years.

  2. How many children do Maureen McGuire and Michael Bolton have?

    They have three children together, three daughters.

  3. What is Michael Bolton’s net worth?

    US $1 Million (approx.)

  4. Did Maureen McGuire have a career of her own?

    Yes, she is a professional yoga instructor and media face.

  5. What happened to Maureen McGuire after her divorce from Michael Bolton?

    After the divorce, McGuire chose to lead a private life away from the public eye.


In conclusion, Maureen McGuire’s connection to Michael Bolton brought her into the public eye, but her story goes beyond her marriage to the renowned singer. Although information about her personal life and career is limited, McGuire played a crucial role in supporting Michael Bolton’s rise to fame and raising their children. While she may prefer a more private lifestyle, her contributions to her family and the experiences she shared with Michael Bolton are undoubtedly significant.

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