Jon Armstrong Age, Wiki, Kids, Career, Net Worth, Biography, Parents, and Facts About Heather Armstrong’s Husband

Jon Armstrong Biography – In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the life of Jon Armstrong, who is best known as the ex-husband of Heather B. Armstrong, a popular American blogger, and writer. Armstrong, also known as “Dooce’s Jon,” has had an intriguing journey intertwined with Heather’s professional and personal life.

We will explore various aspects of Armstrong’s life, including his age, education, family background, relationship with Heather, their children, career, net worth, physical attributes, and more.

Who was Jon Armstrong married to?

Jon Armstrong‘s most notable association is his former marriage to Heather B. Armstrong, also known as Dooce. They tied the knot in 2002. Their relationship lasted for approximately a decade and divorced in 2013. However, it is evident that their marriage encountered difficulties, leading to their eventual separation.

Jon Armstrong with his ex wife
Jon Armstrong with his ex-wife Heather Armstrong

In Addition to this, Heather Armstrong openly discussed the challenges they faced as a couple on her blog, offering insights into their dynamics and struggles. Unfortunately, further details about their relationship or reasons for their separation are not readily available. Heather Armstrong started dating Pete Ashdown following her divorce.

Jon Armstrong and Heather Armstrong’s Divorce

In 2013, after approximately ten years of marriage, Jon and Heather Armstrong announced their separation. The announcement came as a shock to many who had followed their journey through Heather’s blog. While the specific reasons for their separation were not explicitly disclosed, it was clear that the couple had reached a point where they felt it necessary to part ways.

Jon Armstrong’s Life Beyond Divorce

Following their divorce, both Jon and Heather Armstrong continued on their individual paths. While Heather remained in the public eye, sharing her experiences and thoughts through her blog, Jon opted for a more private life. The couple’s separation marked a significant transition in their lives, and they both worked to rebuild and redefine themselves in the aftermath.

Death of Heather Armstrong

As per the internet reports, Heather Armstrong was found dead at her home on 9 May 2023. She was 47. Her boyfriend named Pete Ashdown shared the news of her death. A lot of people were shocked after getting aware of her death and sent their condolences to the family.

Armstrong’s death has been met with an outpouring of grief and tributes from her fans and fellow bloggers. Her legacy as a pioneering voice in the world of mommy blogging and an advocate for mental health awareness will continue to inspire others for years to come.

Jon Armstrong’s Children

During their marriage, Jon and Heather Armstrong became parents to two daughters. Their first daughter, Leta Elise Armstrong, was born in 2004. Later their second daughter, Marlo Iris Armstrong, was born in 2009.

Jon Armstrong daughters
Jon Armstrong daughters

While the names and ages of their daughters are available, further information about their current well-being or any custody arrangements is not provided in the search results. Their love and commitment to their children were evident in their writings and public statements. The children were an integral part of their lives and played a significant role in their narratives.

Where is Jon Armstrong from?

Jon Armstrong is a well-known personality who rose to fame as the ex-husband of Heather Armstrong, the founder of, a popular blog. Armstrong was born in the United States in either 1971 or 1974, which means that he is currently between 48 and 51 years old.

Jon Armstrong Age and Wiki

Age48-51 years old
BirthplaceUnited States
ParentsNot known
EducationBachelor’s Degree
Alma MaterPrivate School
Ex-wifeHeather Armstrong (2002-2013)
Marital StatusDivorced
KidsLeta Elise Armstrong
Marlo Iris Armstrong
CareerWeb Designer
Net WorthUSD 500k (estimated)
IG AccountSee Here
HomepageSee Here


He received his education from a local school, although the name and location of the school have not been made public.

Jon Armstrong wiki

Despite the lack of information about his educational background, Jon Armstrong is known for his expertise in the field of technology. He has been a programmer and web developer for many years, and his skills have helped him to establish a successful career in the industry.

Jon Armstrong Family and Siblings

However, despite his public profile, very little is known about Jon Armstrong’s family life, including details about his parents and siblings.

Jon Armstrong father
Jon Armstrong’s father

It is unclear why Armstrong has chosen to keep information about his family private. Some speculate that he may have had a difficult upbringing or a strained relationship with his family, while others believe that he simply values his privacy.

Despite the lack of information about Armstrong’s family, there are a few details that have been shared publicly.

Jon Armstrong mother
Jon Armstrong’s mother

Jon Armstrong Career

Armstrong’s career as a web designer has been relatively low-key, with few details available about the specific projects he has worked on. However, it is clear that he has a keen eye for design and has worked with a variety of clients to create visually stunning websites that are both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Jon Armstrong family

One of Jon Armstrong’s most notable contributions to the world of web design is his focus on accessibility. Armstrong’s commitment to accessibility is reflected in his work, which often features clean, simple designs that are easy to navigate. He has also advocated for the use of web design techniques such as responsive design and mobile optimization, which help ensure that websites are accessible to users on a variety of devices.

How rich is Jon Armstrong?

Unfortunately, the search results do not offer specific information regarding Jon Armstrong’s net worth. It is essential to note that the focus of the available information primarily revolves around Heather Armstrong’s career and financial circumstances. As a result, we cannot provide an accurate assessment of Armstrong’s net worth based on the available data but it is expected to be USD 500k.


  1. Who is Jon Armstrong?

    He is the ex-husband of Heather Armstrong, commonly known as Dooce. He gained some public attention due to his relationship with Heather and their subsequent divorce.

  2. What is Jon Armstrong known for?

    Jon is known for being the ex-husband of Heather Armstrong, a popular blogger and author.

  3. Are Jon Armstrong and Heather Armstrong still together?

    No, Armstrong and Heather Armstrong are no longer together. They got divorced after their marriage ended.

  4. Did Jon Armstrong have any involvement in Heather Armstrong’s blogging career?

    Yes, Jon played a role in Heather Armstrong’s early blogging career. He helped her set up her blog and supported her in various ways.

  5. What led to the divorce of Jon Armstrong and Heather Armstrong? A

    The specific details of Jon and Heather Armstrong’s divorce are private.

  6. Is Jon Armstrong active in the public eye following his divorce?

    He has maintained a relatively low profile since his divorce from Heather Armstrong.

  7. Is Jon Armstrong active on social media?

    Yes, he often shares images on his official Instagram account.

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