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In this article, we will delve into the life of Graig Henriques, the esteemed husband of the well-known meteorologist, Elise Finch. Graig Henriques is a private individual who prefers to stay away from the limelight, but he always supported his better half for amazing success in the industry.

Well, he is getting searched on the internet in July 2023 after the shocking death of his wife. From their wedding and children to his career, net worth, and more, let’s explore the life of the man behind the renowned TV personality.

The Woman Behind the Man: Elise Finch

Before delving into the life of Graig Henriques, it’s important to take a moment to acknowledge the achievements of his wife, Elise Finch. As a prominent meteorologist, Elise has captured the hearts of many with her warm personality and accurate weather forecasts. She has been an integral part of CBS-New York, providing viewers with reliable weather updates for years.

Graig Henriques with his wife
Graig Henriques with his wife Elise Finch

With a passion for weather and a background in atmospheric sciences, Elise Finch has built a reputable career in the field of meteorology. Her ability to explain complex weather patterns in a simple and engaging manner has earned her a dedicated audience. Through her hard work and dedication, she has become a role model for aspiring meteorologists, particularly for young women pursuing careers in STEM fields.

The Wedding of Graig Henriques and Elise Finch

Graig Henriques and Elise Finch’s love story began long before they tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in August 2013. The couple first met through mutual friends and quickly realized they had a strong connection. As their relationship blossomed, it became evident that they were meant to be together.

The wedding day was a picturesque event filled with joy and love. Surrounded by family and close friends, Graig and Elise exchanged vows, promising to support each other through thick and thin. The couple’s warmth and affection for one another were evident throughout the day, leaving lasting memories for all who attended.

Graig Henriques Biodata

Full NameGraig Henriques
Age52-55 years old
BirthplaceUnited States
Zodiac SignNA
ParentsMr. Henriques
Mrs. Henriques
SiblingsNot known
School/CollegePrivate College
WifeElise Finch
Marital StatusWidower
KidsGrace Henriques
Careerphotojournalist at WCBS
Net WorthUSD 600k (approx.)
FacebookCheck Link
HomepageCheck Link

A Loving Family: Kids and More

After several years of marital bliss, Graig Henriques and Elise Finch decided to expand their family. They welcomed their first child together, a beautiful daughter named Grace Henriques. The arrival of Grace brought immeasurable happiness and a new sense of purpose to Graig and Elise’s lives.

Graig Henriques with his daughter
Graig Henriques with his daughter Grace Henriques

As devoted parents, Graig and Elise are actively involved in their daughter’s life. Despite their busy schedules, they make it a priority to spend quality time with Grace, ensuring she receives the love and care she deserves. Together, they create a nurturing environment that allows Grace to grow, explore, and flourish.

How did Elise Finch die?

The meteorological community and viewers across New York are mourning the sudden and tragic passing of Elise Finch, a beloved and Emmy-winning meteorologist for CBS New York. The 51-year-old weather expert, who had been a part of the WCBS team for an impressive 16 years, died unexpectedly over the weekend, leaving colleagues and fans shocked and heartbroken.

Born Elise Dione Finch Henriques, she began her meteorological journey as a production coordinator at E! Entertainment Services before embarking on her career as an anchor, reporter, and meteorologist for various NBC and ABC News affiliates.

In 2007, Elise joined CBS New York and became a prominent figure, delivering weather forecasts to the city’s residents on weekend shows and, most recently, during the morning news alongside Mary Calvi and Chris Wragge. In September of the same year, she took the helm on the 9 a.m. newscast alongside anchor Cindy Hsu.

Graig Henriques’ Career and Accomplishments

Graig Henriques began his career as a photojournalist with a passion for telling stories through imagery. His journey commenced with humble beginnings, starting as an intern at a local news outlet. Henriques honed his skills, learning the nuances of photojournalism and the art of capturing moments that truly resonate with the audience.

Graig Henriques wiki

After completing his education in photography and journalism, Graig Henriques secured a position at WCBS, one of the leading news stations in the country. With an eye for detail and an innate ability to anticipate significant events, he soon became an integral part of the news team.

Net Worth and Financial Success

Apart from his professional achievements, Graig Henriques has also attained financial success through his career as a photojournalist. While specific details about his net worth are generally kept private, various estimates suggest that his net worth hovers around USD 600,000. This substantial sum is a testament to his dedication and expertise in the field of photojournalism.

Graig Henriques Age and Birthday

Graig Henriques was born sometime between 1967 and 1970 in the United States. With this information, we can estimate that he is currently between 52 to 55 years old, considering the current date of 2023. However, due to his preference for privacy and limited public appearances, an exact date of birth remains undisclosed.

Graig Henriques career

Education and Background

Though details about Graig Henriques’ educational journey are limited, it is known that he graduated from an institution of higher learning. Unfortunately, specifics regarding his alma mater, field of study, or academic achievements are not publicly available. His preference for maintaining a low profile has resulted in a lack of information about his professional and educational background.

Graig Henriques Parents and Siblings

Graig Henriques’ family life, like many aspects of his personal affairs, is not extensively documented in the public domain. Information regarding his parents and siblings is not known at this time. As a private individual, Graig has likely chosen to keep these aspects of his life away from media attention, allowing his wife, Elise Finch, to take the spotlight in her professional endeavors.

Graig Henriques and friends
Graig Henriques and friends

Interesting Facts and Trivia

To the delight of curious readers, here are some intriguing facts and trivia about Graig Henriques:

  1. Graig and Elise share a deep love for travel and have explored various destinations together.
  2. He is an avid sports enthusiast and enjoys playing basketball during his leisure time.
  3. Despite being married to a prominent media personality, Graig prefers to stay out of the public eye and maintain a private life.
  4. Graig is known for his philanthropic efforts and actively supports various charitable causes.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How did Graig Henriques and Elise Finch meet?

    Not disclosed.

  2. Does Graig Henriques have social media accounts?

    Yes, he is available on Facebook and shared fewer details about him.

  3. How many children do Graig and Elise have?

    They have one daughter.

  4. Does Graig Henriques make public appearances with Elise Finch?

    Graig Henriques rarely makes public appearances and prefers to support Elise from behind the scenes.


In conclusion, Graig Henriques is a private individual who values his family and professional life over fame and publicity. As the loving and supportive husband of Elise Finch, he has chosen to remain out of the public eye, allowing his wife to shine in her professional endeavors. Graig’s success as an entrepreneur and his commitment to charitable causes exemplify the qualities of a dedicated and caring individual.

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