Rujira Banerjee Biography: Age of Abhishek Banerjee’s Wife, Latest News, Father, Mother, Sister, Wiki, Kids & More

Rujira Banerjee, widely known as the wife of Indian politician Abhishek Banerjee, has gained attention and curiosity due to her association with a prominent political figure. In this article, we will delve into Banerjee’s background, her marriage to Abhishek Banerjee, her career and achievements, personal life, and share interesting facts and trivia about her.

Rujira Banerjee Wikipedia and Hometown

Rujira Banerjee was born and raised in a family with a diverse cultural heritage. She hails from a mixed heritage background, with her father being a Thai businessman and her mother being of Indian origin. This unique blend of cultures has influenced Rujira’s upbringing and shaped her identity.

Rujira Banerjee wiki

News – Rujira Banerjee Stopped at the Airport by ED

In a recent development, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has summoned Rujira Banerjee, the wife of Abhishek Banerjee, a prominent political leader, for questioning. The summons has come in the midst of an ongoing investigation into a coal case. Additionally, the ED has also taken action to stop Rujira from embarking on a planned trip to Dubai.

The Enforcement Directorate, after summoning Rujira Banerjee for questioning, took swift action to prevent her from going on the planned trip to Dubai. This action was likely taken to ensure her availability for further investigation and to avoid any potential tampering with evidence or obstruction of the ongoing probe. The specific legal provisions invoked by the ED to prevent Rujira from traveling have not been disclosed.

Rujira Banerjee Profile / BIO

Full NameRujira Banerjee
Age34 years old
BirthplaceKolkata, India
ParentsNot known
SiblingsManeka Gambhir
SpouseAbhishek Banerjee
Marital StatusMarried
BoyfriendAbhishek Banerjee
CareerPolitician and Media Personality
School/CollegeJadavpur University
HomepageTap On

Rujira Banerjee Marriage to Abhishek Banerjee

Rujira Banerjee’s life took a significant turn when she met Abhishek Banerjee, a prominent Indian politician and Member of Parliament. The couple’s love story blossomed over time, and they eventually tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony on 24 February 2012 attended by close family and friends.

Rujira Banerjee with her husband
Rujira Banerjee with her husband Abhishek Banerjee

Abhishek Banerjee’s entry into politics was a natural progression given his family background. He joined the TMC party and began working diligently to strengthen its presence at the grassroots level. His charismatic persona and ability to connect with people soon earned him recognition within the party and among the masses.

Abhishek Banerjee’s rise within the TMC party was meteoric. He quickly climbed the ranks and became an influential leader known for his effective organizational skills and unwavering dedication. With each passing year, his popularity soared, and he played a crucial role in shaping the party’s strategies during elections.

Rujira Banerjee Children Information

Rujira and Abhishek Banerjee have been blessed with the joys of parenthood. They are proud parents to their adorable children, whose ages have been kept away from the media spotlight to maintain their privacy. The names of their kids are Azania and Aayansh. The couple prioritizes their family life and ensures a harmonious balance between their personal and professional responsibilities.

Rujira Banerjee daughter

Rujira Banerjee Profession / Career

While Rujira Banerjee is often recognized as the wife of Abhishek Banerjee, she has also made her own mark in the political landscape. She has actively supported her husband’s political endeavors and has been involved in various campaigns and initiatives. Rujira has become a familiar face among the supporters and well-wishers of her husband’s political party.

Apart from her political involvement, Rujira Banerjee is also known for her philanthropic work and contributions to society. She has been associated with numerous charitable organizations and initiatives that focus on uplifting underprivileged communities, promoting education, and empowering women.

Rujira Banerjee bio

Date of Birth and Age

Rujira was born in the vibrant city of Kolkata, India in 1988. Growing up in a culturally rich environment, she developed a strong sense of identity and determination. As of the current year, 2022, Rujira Banerjee is 34 years old. To determine her specific birthdate, further information is needed, as the exact day and month of her birth have not been publicly disclosed.

Interests and Hobbies

When Rujira Banerjee is not engaged in her professional or philanthropic pursuits, she enjoys spending quality time with her family. She has a keen interest in art, culture, and travel, often exploring new destinations to broaden her horizons. Rujira also appreciates literature and indulges in reading whenever she finds a moment of leisure.

Rujira Banerjee family members


Rujira Banerjee’s educational journey has contributed to shaping her intellect and capabilities. She pursued her higher education at Jadavpur University, a renowned educational institution located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Jadavpur University is recognized for its emphasis on technical and engineering studies, as well as the humanities and social sciences.

Interesting Facts and Trivia

  • Rujira Banerjee’s multicultural background has contributed to her versatility and adaptability.
  • Despite being in the public eye, Rujira maintains a down-to-earth personality and values her privacy.
  • She actively participates in social media platforms to connect with people who support her and her husband’s work.
  • Rujira’s commitment to social causes has inspired many individuals to engage in community service.

Conclusion – Rujira Banerjee, the wife of Abhishek Banerjee, is an influential personality who has made her own contributions to society and actively supports her husband’s political career. Her background, marriage, career achievements, personal life, and interests make her a multifaceted individual. Rujira’s dedication to social causes and her ability to balance her professional and personal life serves as an inspiration to many.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Rujira Banerjee’s profession?

    She is actively involved in supporting her husband’s political career and has also engaged in philanthropic work. Her focus lies in contributing to society and making a positive impact through various initiatives.

  2. How did Rujira and Abhishek Banerjee meet?

    Rujira and Abhishek Banerjee’s love story began in a serendipitous manner. The details of their first meeting and the subsequent development of their relationship have not been shared widely in the public domain.

  3. Does Rujira Banerjee hold any official political position?

    While Rujira Banerjee does not hold any official political position, she actively supports her husband’s political career and is an influential figure within the party. She plays a significant role in campaigning and connecting with supporters.

  4. Are there any controversies surrounding Rujira Banerjee?

    As with any public figure, Rujira Banerjee has faced scrutiny and has been subject to various rumors and controversies. However, it is important to verify the authenticity of such information and rely on credible sources for accurate details.

  5. How does Rujira Banerjee maintain her privacy despite being in the public eye?

    Rujira Banerjee values her privacy and prefers to keep certain aspects of her personal life away from the public gaze. She maintains a low profile on social media and refrains from sharing personal details that could potentially compromise her privacy.

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