Who are Captain Zoya Agarwal Parents? Know Her Inspirational Journey and Achievements

Zoya Agarwal Parents – Aviation has become one of the most evolving worlds for people. Although the sky is not limited, the opportunities are. Only a few people are able to take place in the rising industry of aviation including Captain Zoya Agarwal.

Delhi-born Agarwal was curious about airplanes since she was a young kid. She shared in an interview that she got interested in the field when she used to visit the airport with her father and watched planes take off and land. She was too young to choose her profession at that time but was determined enough to turn her dream into a passion. Zoya Agarwal parents struggled hard for their daughter as well.

Captain Zoya Agarwal Parents

Zoya was a little kid when she set her eyes on the sky and decided to become a pilot. As she grew old and got to know that she will face a lot of gender discrimination but she still choose to chase her childhood dream. Let me inform you that Zoya Agarwal is the only child of her parents and received complete support from them in her professional field. Her dad and mom tried their level best so that they can support their daughter.

Zoya Agarwal with her mother and father
Zoya Agarwal with her mother and father

With the dreams in her eyes, she crossed each and every difficulty in her life to grab her dream. However, her social media handles are filled with images and videos of her family members. She chooses not to reveal their names and profession on any social media platform or in interviews.

She always gives the credit of her success to her parents who supported her continuously and worked hard to give her best life. After becoming the pilot, she shared the good news with Zoya Agarwal parents and shared an emotional video on her account as well.

Embarking on an Extraordinary Career

According to the sources, the journey of Zoya started when she was employed for Air India. In 2013, she was named as the youngest Indian women pilot to fly Boeing-777 and garnered a lot of attention. Not only this, but she was also in the limelight when she saved the life of a passenger in 2015.

On the flight, she got to know that the passenger is suffering from breathlessness so she land the flight at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi from where the passenger was taken to the hospital. With her hard work and intelligence, she does amazing work in her field that stunned a lot of people. She has also claimed a lot of achievements because of her excelling mindset and hard work.


  • In May 2020, she was chosen to co-pilot the first repatriation flight when the Indian Government initiated Vande Bharat Mission and evacuate 14,800 Indians.
  • She was the captain of an all-woman crew and inaugurated a flight from San Francisco to Bengaluru in 2021. It was one of the longest air routes and non-stop in the world.
  • She flew Air India’s first Boeing 777 aircraft along with copilots Abhay Agarwal, Sandeep Mukhedkar, and R Someshwar over the Hindu Kush mountain.
  • Also, on the occasion of Republic Day, her all-women crew appeared on Indian Idol.
  • The United States selected her as their spokesperson for Generation Equality in 2021.
Zoya Agarwal is a pilot

Breaking Barriers and Making Dreams Come True

Zoya Agarwal is able to complete her dream with her hard work and wisdom. She also grabbed a lot of titles and achievements because of her amazing work. Not only in India, she has also created a name for herself in the United States and other countries.

After she become the spokesperson for the United States, she became the ideal for many other women who want to pursue a career in Aviation. Also, she is able to amplify gender equality. Zoya Agarwal parents have played a vital role in her achievement.

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