Remembering Raju Punjabi: The King of Tunes Died and Left a Mark on Haryanvi Music

Raju Punjabi was a famous personality in the Haryana music industry. He was the most popular and influential singer. His energetic and catchy songs always grabbed the attention of the people and they got addicted to him. According to the sources, he has worked alongside a lot of singers and other artists such as Sapna Choudhary and more.

On 22 August 2023, the news got viral that Raju Punjabi died at the age of just 44 years old and left behind his thousands of fans and a rich musical legacy.

Raju Punjabi Early Life and Career

Raju Punjabi has been known for his songs. Let’s have a look at his childhood and life on this page. Born in Hisar, Haryana, he always has a great passion for singing. He started practicing it at his home and began performing in competitions and local events to boost his confidence as well. Not only a singer, but he was also a musician and learned to play several instruments such as the keyboard, dholak, harmonium, etc. Annu Kadyan, Master Saleem, Harbhajan Mann, and D Naveen are some of his inspirations in his life.

Elaborating his career with his debut song ‘Chhori Tere Roop Ki Dhoop To’, which was released in 2010 in the Haryanvi music industry. His amazing voice and style of singing have always became one of the factors to attract the public. His songs include Desi Desi, Aacha Lage Se, Solid Body, Bhang Mere Yaara Ne, Last Peg, and much more.

Raju Punjabi was 44

Besides his singing profession, Raju Punjabi was also a music producer. He created a music label of his own named ‘Raju Punjabi Music’ and launched several new singers under his banner. Because of his amazing talent for creating melodies and hooks, he was fondly called the ‘King of Tunes’ by his fans.

Collaboration with Sapna Choudhary

Raju Punjabi’s collaboration with Sapna Choudhary is one of the most successful collaborations. As everyone knows that Sapna Choudhary is a renowned Haryanavi Singer, Dancer, and former Bigg Boss contestant. The duo has performed various hits together on social media including YouTuber and Twitter. Their chemistry is very much loved by the audience and they want to see even more of them. Also, they were considered the best jodis in the Haryanvi music industry.

Raju Punjabi died of Jaundice

Raju Punjabi Death and Tributes

According to official sources, Raju Punjabi died on August 22, 2023, at a private hospital in Hisar. He was suffering from a liver infection for a long time. However, he was admitted to the hospital after his condition worsened due to Jaundice. In the early morning of Tuesday, he breathed his last and said goodbye to his fans.

His fans, family members, and the Haryanavi music industry were shocked after getting to know about the death of the renowned singer. Several renowned celebrities began to share their heartfelt condolence through their official social media platform. Raju’s fans have filled his social media including Instagram and Facebook with heartfelt messages. The demise of Raju is a great loss for the Haryanavi industry.

He was wedded to his wife and had three daughters. He loved his family and lot and never forget to mention them in the interviews. He wanted to do something big for his daughters so that they can also get success in their lives.

Legacy and Impact

Raju Punjabi contributed a lot to the Haryanvi music industry. He helped in the growth and the industry across India and abroad. His modern beats and lyrics added a new flavor to the regional music. He was the ideal for several young singers who wants to become like him in the future.

His songs were best known for promoting the culture and language of the regional area. The using of Haryanvi words and phrases helps people to know more about the lifestyle and feelings of the people living in Haryana. Moreover, Raju’s songs are the best way to raise voices against social issues and problems.

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