CEO Mark Zuckerberg Announced Verification of Meta In India And Other Countries | Here are the details

Mark Zuckerberg – In a move aimed at enhancing authenticity and security on its platforms, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has rolled out its paid verification subscription in India. This new feature, known as Meta Verified, offers users the opportunity to obtain a verified account status by subscribing to the service. With the increasing prevalence of online impersonation and misinformation, this initiative seeks to provide users with a more secure and trustworthy experience on social media platforms.

What is Meta Verified?

Meta Verified includes account verification, account support, and impersonation that can be accessed through a subscription. By subscribing to Meta Verified, users can obtain the coveted blue tick badge, signifying the authenticity and credibility of their account. This verification process involves submitting a government ID for verification purposes. In addition, the subscription provides users with enhanced security measures to protect against impersonation and access to dedicated customer support for prompt issue resolution.

Mark Zuckerberg announced Meta Verification

Expansion to India

After successful testing in several countries globally, Meta has chosen India as the next market for the expansion of its paid verification subscription. With a large user base and a vibrant social media culture, India presents a significant opportunity for Meta to provide a more secure and reliable environment for its users. The expansion to India comes after Meta’s recent launches in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., and Brazil, further solidifying its commitment to global accessibility.

Subscription Details

To avail of the Meta Verified subscription in India, users can purchase it for ₹699 per month on iOS and Android platforms. The subscription fee grants users access to account verification, impersonation protections, and account support. Furthermore, Meta plans to introduce a web purchase option priced at ₹599 per month in the near future, providing users with more flexibility in choosing their preferred platform for a subscription.

Legacy Bluetick and its Future

One concern that arises with the introduction of the paid verification subscription is the fate of the legacy bluetick, which is the existing verification badge given to accounts based on prior requirements. However, Meta has clarified that previously verified accounts will not lose their blue tick status on Instagram and Facebook.

This ensures that accounts that have already been verified will maintain their verified status, regardless of whether they choose to subscribe to the Meta Verified service or not. The legacy bluetick continues to hold significance, and existing verified accounts can retain their verified status without any impact from the new paid subscription offering.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Statement

In a statement, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg emphasized the importance of Meta Verified in enhancing authenticity and security across their platforms. He stated, “We’re expanding our test of Meta Verified to India after seeing good results from our early testing in several countries globally”. Mark Zuckerberg’s acknowledgment of the positive outcomes from previous tests underscores the company’s commitment to providing users with a more secure and reliable social media experience.

Impact on Users and Influencers

The introduction of the Meta Verified subscription has significant implications for users and influencers alike. Obtaining a verified account status has long been considered a mark of credibility and authenticity in the digital world. By offering a paid subscription for verification, Meta aims to democratize access to this status, enabling more users to establish their online presence.

Meta paid verification

Pricing and Subscription Details

To subscribe to Meta Verified in India, users can avail themselves of a monthly subscription priced at Rs 699 for both iOS and Android users. Additionally, Meta plans to introduce a web purchase option at a lower price of Rs 599 per month in the near future. The subscription fee provides users with access to the various features and benefits offered by Meta Verified.

Features and Benefits

With Meta Verified, users gain several advantages that contribute to a more secure and trustworthy online presence. The key features and benefits of Meta Verified include:

  1. Verified Badge: Users receive a verified badge on their Instagram and Facebook accounts, confirming their authenticity and credibility.
  2. Government ID Authentication: Meta Verified ensures the verification of user accounts by linking them to their government-issued identification.
  3. Proactive Account Protection: Subscribers enjoy enhanced protection against impersonation and unauthorized access attempts, bolstering the security of their accounts.
  4. Account Support: Meta Verified subscribers gain access to dedicated account support, offering assistance and guidance for any account-related queries or issues.

Account Verification Process

To obtain the verified badge through Meta Verified, users need to undergo a thorough account verification process. This process involves submitting their government ID for verification purposes. Once the ID is successfully authenticated, users are granted the verified badge on their accounts, establishing their account’s legitimacy.

Access to Account Support

As part of the Meta Verified subscription, users gain access to dedicated account support. This feature ensures that subscribers receive prompt assistance and guidance whenever they encounter issues or have queries regarding their accounts. The availability of reliable support enhances the overall user experience and addresses any concerns effectively.

Meta Verified provides subscribers with proactive protection against impersonation and account-related threats. This helps safeguard their online identity and prevents unauthorized individuals from misusing their accounts for malicious purposes. The advanced security measures implemented by Meta aim to create a safer and more reliable environment for users.

Eligibility Criteria

Currently, Meta Verified is available for individual users on Instagram and Facebook. However, businesses are not eligible for Meta Verified at the moment. Meta is exploring the possibilities of introducing a valuable subscription offering specifically tailored for businesses in the future.

To subscribe to Meta Verified, users must meet certain eligibility criteria. While the exact requirements may vary, the process generally involves verifying the user’s identity through a government-issued ID.

By providing the necessary identification, users can authenticate their accounts and gain access to the benefits offered by Meta Verified. It’s important to note that at the moment, Meta Verified is primarily available for individual users, and businesses are not eligible for this subscription offer.

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