Indian Girl Kontham Tejasvini Stabbed To Death in London Sent Shockwaves | Check Out Details

Kontham Tejasvini Death – London was shaken by a tragic incident on June 13, 2023, when a 27-year-old Indian girl was brutally stabbed to death in her residence. The victim, identified as Kontham Tejaswini, originally from Hyderabad, had been pursuing higher education in London. The shocking crime has raised concerns about safety and sparked outrage within the community. This article aims to provide an overview of the incident, shedding light on the details surrounding the murder and the subsequent arrest of the flatmate.

Tragic Incident Shocks London

The peaceful neighborhood of Wembley in London was gripped by shock and horror as news of the stabbing incident spread. At approximately 10 am on June 13, the London Metropolitan Police responded to a distress call at a residential property on Neeld Crescent. Upon arrival, they discovered two women who had sustained stab wounds. Tragically, Tejaswini lost her life at the scene, while the other victim, a 28-year-old woman, was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

Kontham Tejasvini was killed in London

Victim’s Background and Education in London

Kontham Tejaswini, a bright 27-year-old student, had journeyed from Hyderabad, India, to pursue her studies in London. She was known for her ambition and dedication to her education. Her untimely demise has left her family and friends devastated, mourning the loss of a promising young woman. Tejaswini’s loved ones describe her as a vibrant soul, filled with aspirations for the future.

Details of the Stabbing Incident

The investigation revealed that the assailant, a Brazilian man, was a flatmate who had recently joined the shared accommodation where Tejaswini and her friends resided. The motive behind the attack remains under investigation. The incident occurred within a week of the accused’s arrival at the residence, highlighting the suddenness and shock of the tragedy

The Arrest of the Flatmate

Following the stabbing, the London Metropolitan Police swiftly took action, apprehending the suspect. The authorities have not released the name of the arrested individual, but he is reported to be the Brazilian national who shared the accommodation with the victim. The arrest provides a glimmer of hope for justice as the investigation progresses.

Police Investigation and Updates

According to Vijay, Tejaswini’s cousin residing in Hyderabad, the accused Brazilian man had recently joined the shared accommodation and had been living there for less than a week. The exact motive behind the attack is still under investigation, and the police are examining all available evidence to establish a clearer picture of what transpired on that fateful day.

The London Metropolitan Police responded swiftly to the incident, and the London Ambulance Service received a distress call at 9:59 am reporting two women lying in a pool of blood after being stabbed. Upon arriving at the scene, the authorities confirmed Tejaswini’s death and immediately initiated measures to ensure the safety of the surviving victim. The injured woman was promptly admitted to a hospital in north London, where she is currently receiving medical treatment.

Tejaswini, hailing from Hyderabad’s Hayathnagar area, had been studying in the United Kingdom for her Master’s degree and was reportedly due to return to India for her wedding the following month. Her family had been informed of the incident, and her father mentioned that she had previously gone to London three years ago to pursue her studies. Tejaswini had temporarily returned home in August last year and had planned to return after finalizing her marriage alliance. She had resigned from her temporary job in preparation for her return

In the aftermath of the incident, the police initially took two individuals into custody. However, they later released a photograph of another suspect, a 23-year-old woman, and continued their investigations. It is crucial for the police to thoroughly explore all leads and gather evidence to ensure a fair and just investigation.

Kontham Tejasvini residence proof

Condolences and Reactions

The tragic loss of Tejaswini’s life has led to an outpouring of condolences and reactions from the community. Her friends, family, and loved ones are devastated by the senseless act of violence that took her away from them. The Indian community in London and Hyderabad mourns her untimely demise and stands in solidarity with her grieving family during this difficult time.

Highlighting Safety Concerns for Women

This incident has once again highlighted safety concerns for women, not only in London but around the world. It serves as a reminder that more needs to be done to ensure the security and well-being of women in all communities. Women’s safety should be a top priority for governments, law enforcement agencies, and society as a whole.

Authorities and community organizations must work hand in hand to implement measures that promote safety and prevent such tragic incidents from happening in the future. This includes increasing police patrols, improving lighting in public areas, and fostering awareness campaigns that educate the public about the importance of respecting women’s rights and personal boundaries.


  1. Who was Kontham Tejaswini?

    Kontham Tejaswini was a 27-year-old student from Hyderabad, India, who had gone to London in March 2022 to pursue her master’s degree.

  2. What happened to Kontham Tejaswini?

    Kontham Tejaswini was stabbed to death at her residence in Neeld Crescent, Wembley, London, on Tuesday.

  3. Who was the attacker?

    The attacker was identified as Keven Antonio Lourenco De Morais, a Brazilian man who had recently moved into the shared accommodation where Tejaswini lived

  4. Was anyone else injured in the incident?

    Another woman, aged 28, who was present at the residence, sustained stab injuries and was taken to the hospital. Her injuries were later assessed as non-life-threatening.

  5. Has the attacker been arrested?

    Yes, the attacker, Keven Antonio Lourenco De Morais, has been arrested by the Metropolitan Police from Harrow, near the crime scene in Wembley.

In conclusion, the shocking and heartbreaking incident of a 27-year-old Indian girl being stabbed to death in London has left a deep scar on the community. The arrest of her flatmate, a Brazilian man, offers hope for justice, but the investigation is still ongoing. The tragedy underscores the urgent need to address safety concerns for women and take concrete steps to create a safer environment for all. The memory of Kontham Tejaswini will live on, and her untimely death should serve as a catalyst for change in society’s approach to women’s safety.

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