Everything you need to know about Rohit Sharma And Ritika Sajdeh Love Story

Rohit Sharma And Ritika Sajdeh Love Story:- Love stories are often filled with unexpected twists and turns, and cricketer Rohit Sharma’s love story with his wife Ritika Sajdeh is no exception. In a recent revelation on the popular web series ‘Breakfast with Champions’ hosted by Gaurav Kapoor, Rohit Sharma shared how his first meeting with Ritika was accompanied by a warning from his senior teammate, Yuvraj Singh. It is indeed an intriguing tale of love that blossomed despite the initial obstacles.

Rohit Sharma’s first meeting with Ritika Sajdeh

Rohit Sharma, who is known for his exceptional cricketing skills and leadership, recalled his first meeting with Ritika Sajdeh in the web series ‘Breakfast with Champions’. Ritika is a sports manager who handles a list of cricketers, and Rohit Sharma met her during a professional shoot with some senior members of the Indian cricket team. Stay till the end of the article if you like to know more about Rohit Sharma And Ritika Sajdeh Love Story.

The Rohit Sharma And Ritika Sajdeh Love Story

Rohit Sharma, the renowned Indian cricketer, and Ritika Sajdeh, a sports event manager, first crossed paths in 2008 when Rohit was a rising star in Indian cricket. Ritika, who is also the cousin of Yuvraj Singh, was managing Rohit’s cricket engagements at that time.

They soon struck a friendship, and their bond grew stronger with time. Rohit was smitten by Ritika’s cheerful and outgoing personality, while Ritika was drawn to Rohit’s charm and cricketing talent.

Yuvraj Singh’s Threat to Stay Away from Ritika

However, Rohit’s growing fondness for Ritika didn’t sit well with his close friend Yuvraj Singh. Yuvraj, who was like an elder brother to Rohit, was protective of Ritika as she was his cousin. Yuvraj didn’t want his friend Rohit to hurt Ritika or ruin their professional relationship, so he threatened Rohit to stay away from Ritika. This created a perplexing situation for Rohit, torn between his feelings for Ritika and his loyalty to Yuvraj.

Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdeh’s Relationship Blossoms

Despite the initial hiccup, Rohit couldn’t resist his feelings for Ritika, and their relationship gradually blossomed. They continued to spend time together, supported each other through thick and thin, and their bond grew stronger by the day. They were often spotted together at social events, and their chemistry was evident in the pictures that surfaced in the media.

Rohit and Ritika’s Wedding

After dating for six years, Rohit Sharma And Ritika Sajdeh Love Story finally tied the knot on December 13, 2015, in a grand wedding ceremony. The wedding was a star-studded affair attended by their close friends and family members, as well as several cricketers and celebrities from the entertainment industry. The couple looked stunning in their wedding attire, and the pictures from their wedding were widely shared on social media.

Life After Marriage

Post their wedding, Rohit and Ritika’s love story continued to captivate the public’s attention. They often shared adorable pictures and moments from their married life on social media, giving fans a glimpse into their happy married life. The couple also welcomed a baby girl named Samaira in December 2018, adding another chapter to their love story. They continue to support each other in their personal and professional endeavors and are often seen cheering each other on during cricket matches and other events.

A look into Rohit Sharma’s Life

Rohit Sharma’s talent was evident from an early age, and he was soon picked to represent Mumbai at the Under-17 level. He continued to perform well and was selected for the Under-19 team. In 2006, Rohit made his debut for Mumbai in the Ranji Trophy and scored a century in his very first match. This was just the beginning of his impressive cricketing journey.

International Debut and Early Struggles

Rohit Sharma made his international debut for India in an ODI against Ireland in 2007. However, he struggled to make an impact and was soon dropped from the team. It was not until 2010 that Rohit made a comeback and established himself as a regular member of the Indian team.

Rohit’s early struggles in international cricket were a result of his inconsistent performances. He would score big in one match and fail in the next, making it difficult for the selectors to keep faith in him. However, Rohit’s talent was too good to ignore, and he was given numerous chances to prove himself.

Rohit Sharma’s Life Achievements

Over the years, Rohit Sharma has proven himself as one of the most talented and consistent batsmen in world cricket. He has numerous achievements to his name, some of which are highlighted below.

Double-Centuries in ODI Cricket

Rohit Sharma holds the record for the highest individual score in ODI cricket, scoring an unbeaten 264 against Sri Lanka in 2014. This was the second time Rohit had scored a double century in ODI cricket, making him the only player in history to achieve this feat. He also has three other ODI centuries to his name.

IPL Success

Rohit Sharma has been an integral part of the Mumbai Indians franchise in the Indian Premier League (IPL). He has captained the team to five IPL titles, making him the most successful captain in the history of the tournament. Rohit’s batting prowess has also been a major factor in Mumbai’s success, with him scoring over 5000 runs in the IPL.

Test Cricket Success

Rohit Sharma’s early struggles in Test cricket are well-documented, but he has since established himself as one of the most important players in the Indian Test team. In 2019, he was promoted to open the batting in Test cricket, a move that has paid dividends for India. He scored two centuries in his first Test series as an opener and has continued to perform well in the position since then.

Leadership Skills

Rohit Sharma’s leadership skills have been praised by many in the cricketing world. He has captained India in numerous matches, including the 2021 T20 World Cup, where India finished as runners-up.


  1. How did Rohit Sharma And Ritika Sajdeh Love Story & First meet?

    Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdeh first met when Rohit was introduced to Ritika by her cousin Bunty Sachdeva, who is also a sports manager. Bunty had been managing Rohit for a while and introduced the two to each other in 2008.

  2. When did Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdeh start dating?

    Rohit Sharma And Ritika Sajdeh Love Story started & dating in 2015.

  3. Do Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdeh have children?

    Yes, Rohit and Ritika have a daughter named Samaira, who was born on December 30, 2018.

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