Burj Khalifa Missed Pakistani Flag: Dubai Incident Sparks Outrage among Pakistanis on Independence Day

Burj Khalifa – A lot of Pakistani are showing frustration and disappointment as the world’s tallest skyscraper, the iconic Burj Khalifa, refrained to display their national flag. The Burj Khalifa preferred not to display Pakistani’s national flag on their 77th Independence Day at midnight.

This unexpected thing is the reason for the Pakistani citizens’ disappointment. It has also rise the feud of both nations’ relationships including their trade partnerships and the symbolism of iconic landmarks.

Also, the videos of disappointment of the people were shown in several viral videos but they started chanting the slogan of their nation to feel themselves proud. However, it has also raised anticipations about the economic relationship of both nations. Not only this but later Burj Khalifa shared an Instagram post and wished Pakistan their Independence Day and also wished the citizens of Pakistan.

The Anticipation and Disappointment

On 14 August 2023, a lot of people in Dubai gathered in front of the iconic Burj Khalifa at midnight. In a viral video, it showed that the people were waiting eagerly in the midnight that Burj Khalifa will radiate the colors symbolic of their national pride. The Pakistani lives in Dubai were excited as they wanted to connect with their homeland from a far-flung area.

Burj Khalifa wished Pakistan on Independence Day

However, the hopes of the thousands were dashed when the Burj Khalifa remained devoid and did not display anything. Even after several minutes of midnight, the Pakistani were unable to witness their flag on Burj Khalifa which left them frustrated and left the crown in disbelief.

Voices of Resentment and Loyalty

Even after the immense disappointment, the crown collectively started chanting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and began showing their love for the country. In a viral video, a woman can be heard showing her heartbreak and supporting the crowd.

She added that the people were collected in Dubai with the hope to witness the amazing and iconic structure adorned with their flag’s colors but it didn’t end well. In the video, frustration can be seen on the faces and the voice of the people.

Speculations and Controversies

Following the incident, several media sources and social media were buzzed with speculations, trolling, and discussions about Burj Khalifa didn’t project their flag. Especially from the Indian side, a lot of videos and images began getting viral of the disappointment of the Pakistani community.

Pakistani at Burj Khalifa

Also, the incident fuels the broader conversation about the relations between both nations, especially their trade interest and economic partnerships. Some people also believed that the amazing relationship of UAE with India in their trade can possibly be the reason for leaving Pakistan behind.

Burj Khalifa Display and Reconciliation

According to the sources, the official Instagram account of Burj Khalifa finally wished Pakistan on their Independence Day and also wrote an amazing message for them. Also, the message conveyed amazing wishes to the Pakistani citizens and highlighted their achievements and heritage. Initially, the people were rising questions when the Burj Khalifa did not project their flag, but the Instagram post rebuilds the trust between the nations.

In nutshell, The Burj Khalifa’s failure to display the Pakistani flag at the stroke of midnight on Independence Day stirred emotions of resentment, frustration, and disbelief among the Pakistani community in Dubai. The incident revealed not only the attachment that the expatriate community holds to their homeland’s identity but also the broader dynamics of international relations, trade partnerships, and the significance of iconic landmarks as symbols of national pride.

While the initial disappointment was palpable, the subsequent display of the Pakistani flag on the Burj Khalifa’s face marked a moment of reconciliation and a gesture towards reaffirming the ties between Dubai and the Pakistani expatriates

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