Bittu Bajrangi Arrested in Nuh Violence From Faridabad – Here are the Details

Bittu Bajrangi Arrested – Nowadays Nuh Violence is making rounds on the internet. As everyone knows that Nuh is situated in the Indian state of Haryana, where several events of violence took place. The events of violence shook the region and scared the people a lot. The police is investigating the matter since then and tries to find out the information about the people behind the dispute at a large level.

After searching a lot, the police found a man named Bittu Bajrangi who is a prominent cow vigilante. He is also a Bajrang Dal activist and is a key player in the shocking drama of violence. According to the sources, Bittu Bajrangi arrested by the police in Faridabad.

Unmasking the Protagonist: Bittu Bajrangi Arrested and Involvement

After the arrest of Bittu Bajrangi in Faridabad in relation to Nuh Violence, it has garnered a lot of media attention as well. Now people are looking forward to the legal case of Nih violence and taking strict action against the people. As a Bajrang Dal member and a cow vigilante, his role in the Nuh violence is connecting and making sense.

Bittu Bajrangi created violence

In addition to this, from his social media handles, it also came to light that he used to share aggressive and instigative content on social media regarding ‘Brij Mandal Yatra’. Additionally, the violence happened at the time of Yatra and Bittu was present in the Yatra. He was spotted snatching the armaments from the law enforcement officers in the clash.

The Chase and Capture

After the police began searching for Bittu Bajrangi, they had to track him at various locations. After several hours of chase in the streets of Faridabad, finally, Bittu Bajrangi arrested by the police. In addition to this, the residents and other people also noticed that he was being chased by the police. Not only this but his footage was also recorded during the chase and arrest. His arrest gave relief to the people, who seeks justice from the court.

Allegations and Charges

Bittu Bajrangi was arrested based on various allegations. Some of the allegations are stopping a government officer from duty, violence, threatening, obstructing government work, causing harm with a deadly weapon, rioting, and much more. The officials from Faridabad Police also said that his arrest was made based on an FIR and he was asked several questions before being arrested as well.

Not only him but other people were also arrested who were involved in the Nuh Violence. They were arrested based on the Indian Penal Codes to give justice to the people in Yatra.

Social Media’s Role

As everyone knows that nowadays social media has a great influence on any matter. It has both good and bad sides but this time social media helped the police in the investigation of Nuh Violence. When Bittu Bajrangi shared a live stream on his social media platforms, people were quick to respond and forwarded it before it was hidden from his social media handles. Also, it gave a lot of help to the police in finding the location of Bittu.

Nuh Violence

The Aftermath and Implications

After Bittu Bajrangi Arrested, it gave a message to the community that creating violence is not a good thing and can have worse results. The violence of Nuh resulted in the damage of public property, disturbing the peace, losing the lives of many, and more. The police are still working hard to find the more people who were responsible for creating chaos in the region. The residents still need time to head and continue their life normally.

The arrest of Bittu Bajrangi stands as a testament to the efforts of law enforcement to maintain peace and order, even in the face of communal tensions and violence. This incident underscores the complex interplay between social media, political ideologies, and on-ground actions, leading to outcomes that can have profound effects on society.

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