Bhujang Shetty Passed Away Due to Cardiac Arrest, Aged 69 | Check Out Details

The news of the demise of Dr. Bhujang Shetty, the Chairman of Narayana Nethralaya, has left the medical community and the people of Bengaluru in deep sorrow. Dr. Bhujang Shetty, an accomplished cataract and phacoemulsification surgeon, has made significant contributions to the field of ophthalmology. His visionary leadership and dedication to providing quality eye care have left an indelible mark. Let’s take a closer look at Dr. Bhujang Shetty’s achievements and the impact of his work at Narayana Nethralaya.

The Achievements of Dr. Bhujang Shetty

Dr. Bhujang Shetty, renowned for his expertise in cataract and phacoemulsification surgeries, has played a pivotal role in transforming Narayana Nethralaya into a premier eye care center. His surgical skills and innovative techniques have benefited numerous patients, restoring their vision and improving their quality of life. Under his leadership, Narayana Nethralaya has gained recognition both nationally and internationally for its advanced eye care services.

Bhujang Shetty died at 69

Narayana Nethralaya: A Leading Eye Care Center

Narayana Nethralaya, located in Bengaluru, is a renowned eye care center that has been providing exceptional ophthalmic care for several years. It offers a wide range of services, including comprehensive eye examinations, diagnosis and treatment of various eye conditions, and advanced surgical procedures. With a team of highly skilled ophthalmologists and cutting-edge technology, Narayana Nethralaya has become a trusted destination for patients seeking world-class eye care.

The Reverse Diabetes Initiative

One of Dr. Bhujang Shetty’s notable contributions was the establishment of the “Reversing Diabetes Clinic” at Narayana Nethralaya. This initiative aimed to prevent diabetes-related vision complications and blindness in India. With diabetes being a common cause of blindness, the clinic focused on early detection, management, and treatment of diabetic retinopathy.

By providing comprehensive care and raising awareness about the importance of controlling diabetes, Dr. Bhujang Shetty and his team made significant strides in combating this vision-threatening condition.

Dr. Bhujang Shetty’s Contributions to Eye Donation

Apart from his surgical expertise, Dr. Bhujang Shetty was a passionate advocate for eye donation. He recognized the significance of corneal transplantation in restoring vision and addressing corneal disease, a major cause of blindness in India.

Driven by his commitment to combating blindness, he actively promoted eye donation campaigns and emphasized the importance of increasing the availability of corneas for transplantation. His efforts contributed to raising awareness and inspiring people to pledge their eyes, resulting in a significant increase in eye donation pledges at Narayana Nethralaya.

Remembering Dr. Bhujang Shetty

Dr. Bhujang Shetty’s demise is an immense loss to the medical fraternity and the community he served. His contributions to the field of ophthalmology, particularly in the areas of cataract surgery, diabetic retinopathy management, and eye donation, have left an enduring impact. Dr. Bhujang Shetty’s compassionate approach to patient care, combined with his surgical skills, earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues and patients alike.

Bhujang Shetty was a doctor

Achievements and Recognition

Dr. K Bhujang Shetty’s contributions to the field of ophthalmology have been nothing short of remarkable. His pioneering work in advanced eye care techniques, such as refractive surgeries and cataract treatments, has transformed the lives of countless individuals suffering from vision impairments. His commitment to excellence and patient-centric care has earned him widespread acclaim and numerous awards. Dr. Shetty was honored with the prestigious Rajyotsava award in 2010 and was recognized as a “Legend in Ophthalmology” by the Times Health Care Achievers Award in 2018.

Dr. Bhujang Shetty’s passion for providing accessible and high-quality eye care services led him to establish Narayana Nethralaya Eye Hospital. Founded with the vision of making world-class eye care accessible to all, the hospital has become a beacon of hope for patients across India. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a team of highly skilled professionals, Narayana Nethralaya Eye Hospital offers a comprehensive range of eye care services, including specialized treatments for cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal disorders.

Commitment to Organ Donation

Beyond his remarkable contributions to ophthalmology, Dr. Bhujang Shetty is a fervent advocate for organ donation. Recognizing the critical need for organ transplantation, he has worked tirelessly to raise awareness and promote the cause. Dr. Shetty’s initiatives have helped combat the decline in organ donation rates, which has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. By partnering with organizations and implementing awareness campaigns, he has successfully encouraged more individuals to pledge their organs and save lives.

State Healthcare Policy and Committees

Dr. Bhujang Shetty’s expertise and leadership extend beyond his clinical practice. He has been entrusted with key roles in various healthcare committees, thanks to his extensive knowledge and experience in ophthalmology. As the Chairman of Narayana Nethralaya, he was appointed to lead a committee on delivering ophthalmological care at a policy level, influencing the state’s healthcare policy regarding eye care. Dr. Shetty’s recommendations have played a significant role in shaping the blueprint for ophthalmological care in the state, ensuring that it aligns with the healthcare needs of the population.


Dr. Bhujang Shetty’s passing is a poignant moment for Narayana Nethralaya and the entire medical community. His legacy as a skilled surgeon, visionary leader, and advocate for eye care will continue to inspire future generations. Narayana Nethralaya will strive to uphold his ideals and carry forward his mission of providing excellent eye care to those in need.

Frequently Asked Q/A

  1. How old was Dr. Bhujang Shetty when he passed away?

    Dr. Bhujang Shetty passed away at the age of 69.

  2. What is Narayana Nethralaya known for?

    Narayana Nethralaya is known for its comprehensive eye care services, advanced surgical procedures, and expertise in cataract and phacoemulsification surgeries.

  3. What is the Reverse Diabetes Clinic?

    The Reverse Diabetes Clinic is an initiative established by Dr. Bhujang Shetty at Narayana Nethralaya. It focuses on preventing diabetes-related vision complications and blindness through early detection and management of diabetic retinopathy.

  4. What were Dr. Bhujang Shetty’s contributions to eye donation?

    Dr. Bhujang Shetty actively advocated for eye donation and worked towards increasing the availability of corneas for transplantation. His efforts led to a significant rise in eye donation pledges at Narayana Nethralaya.

  5. How will Dr. Bhujang Shetty be remembered?

    Dr. Bhujang Shetty will be remembered as a skilled surgeon, visionary leader, and compassionate advocate for eye care. His legacy will continue to inspire and guide future endeavors in the field of ophthalmology.

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