Arjun Tendulkar’s IPL Debut – Check Out Details

Arjun Tendulkar – On April 7th, 2023, the Mumbai Indians played their opening match in the Indian Premier League against the Royal Challengers Bangalore. The match was notable for many reasons, but perhaps the most talked-about moment was the IPL debut of Arjun Tendulkar, son of Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar. Arjun was bought by the Mumbai Indians for his base price of Rs 20 lakhs in the IPL 2021 auction, but it wasn’t until the 2023 season that he got his chance to play.

Arjun Tendulkar’s performance in his debut match

Arjun Tendulkar performance in his debut match

Arjun, a left-handed batsman, and a left-handed fast bowler were given the ball to bowl the third over of the innings. He bowled a tight over, conceding just two runs, and even had a caught-behind appeal turned down. Later in the match, he came in to bat at number 8 and scored 11 runs off 8 balls, including a boundary. His contribution to the ball and the bat helped the Mumbai Indians win the match by 7 wickets.

Sachin’s message to Arjun

After the match, Sachin Tendulkar took to social media to express his pride and joy at his son’s IPL debut. He tweeted, “Arjun, today you have made your father proud. Your hard work and dedication have paid off. Keep working hard and never give up on your dreams. Love you always. #OneFamily #MumbaiIndians”.

Sachin Tendulkar’s message shows the strong bond he shares with his son and the pride he feels in Arjun’s achievements. It is also a reminder that success in cricket, or any other field, requires hard work and dedication.

Sara’s emotional message

Sachin Tendulkar daughter, Sara Tendulkar, also took to social media to express her emotions after Arjun’s IPL debut. She posted a picture of Arjun in his Mumbai Indians jersey and wrote, “Words cannot describe how proud I am of you, Arjun. Watching you play in the IPL was a dream come true. Keep shining and making us proud. Love you forever. #OneFamily #MumbaiIndians”.

Sara’s message shows the support and love she has for her brother and the joy she feels in seeing him achieve his dreams. It is also a reminder of the importance of family support in pursuing one’s goals.

The Contents of the Letter

The letter begins with Sachin Tendulkar congratulating Arjun on his debut, and expressing his pride in him. He then goes on to share a few insights that he had gained during his own cricketing journey. The first lesson he shares is that success is not just about talent or hard work. It’s about having the right attitude. Sachin emphasizes the importance of staying grounded, and not getting carried away by success or failure. He advises his son to remain humble and to always be willing to learn.

The next lesson Sachin Tendulkar shares is about dealing with pressure. He acknowledges that pressure is a part of the game and that it can be overwhelming at times. However, he believes that the key to handling pressure is to stay calm and focused. He tells his son to trust his instincts and to think clearly, even in the most high-pressure situations.

Sachin Tendulkar The Contents of the Letter

Sachin Tendulkar also talks about the importance of having a positive mindset. He believes that a positive attitude can go a long way in helping one achieve their goals. He advises his son to stay optimistic and to believe in himself even when things are not going well.

Another important lesson Sachin Tendulkar shares are about perseverance. He reminds his son that success is not always immediate and that it’s important to keep working hard even when things are not going as planned. He tells him to embrace failure as a learning opportunity and to never give up on his dreams.

Lastly, Sachin Tendulkar emphasizes the importance of enjoying the game. He reminds his son that cricket is not just about winning or losing, it’s about having fun and enjoying the journey. He tells him to cherish every moment he spends on the field and to always remember that the game will love him back if he loves it.

Lessons for Life

While Sachin Tendulkar’s letter was addressed to his son, the lessons he shared apply to all of us. Whether we are pursuing a career in cricket or any other field, these lessons can help us navigate the ups and downs of life.

Arjun Tendulkar – The Next Generation of Cricket

In 2016, Arjun was selected to represent the Mumbai under-16 team in the Vijay Merchant Trophy, where he made his mark as a left-arm pace bowler. He went on to represent the Mumbai under-19 team in the Cooch Behar Trophy and played a crucial role in their victory over Delhi.

Arjun Tendulkar made his debut for the Mumbai senior team in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy in 2018. He also played for Mumbai in the Vijay Hazare Trophy and the Ranji Trophy, where he was a key player in their victory over Uttar Pradesh in 2022.

In the same year, Arjun was signed by the Goa cricket team for the 2022-23 domestic season. He made an immediate impact, scoring a century on his debut against Sikkim in the Vijay Hazare Trophy. He followed this up with a five-wicket haul against Meghalaya in the same tournament.

International Career

Arjun Tendulkar made his debut for the India under-19 team in 2018, where he played two Test matches against Sri Lanka. Although he only managed to take three wickets and scored just 14 runs, his potential was evident.

Despite his early success in domestic cricket, Arjun is yet to make his debut for the Indian national team. However, he has been included in the Mumbai Indians squad for the 2023 Indian Premier League season, where he will have the opportunity to showcase his skills on a bigger stage.


Arjun Tendulkar’s IPL debut was a significant moment for the Tendulkar family and Indian cricket fans. It was a proud moment for Sachin Tendulkar and Sara Tendulkar, who took to social media to express their emotions and support for Arjun. The match also showed that Arjun has the talent and dedication to succeed in cricket, and it will be exciting to see how his career progresses from here on.

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