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Ankita Lokhande has often remained in the limelight because of her amazing acting profession. She has been in the entertainment industry for the past many years and still tries to appear on the silver screen as well. However, the entire film industry is in grief after the death of Ankita Lokhande’s father, Shashikant Lokhande. He left behind his legacy at the age of 68 years old on 12 August 2023.

The accurate information about his death cause is not available right now but his entire family members and friends are in grief. He will be remembered as an amazing father of his loving daughter, who has achieved a lot of things in his life.

Shashikant Lokhande’s Life Remembered

He was an amazing father to his daughter named Ankita Lokhande. Ankita is able to achieve immense success in the field of entertainment because of the immense support from her father and other family members.

Sadly, Shashikant Lokhande’s life come to an end on 12 August 2023 (Saturday). Besides his family, he also had good bonds with extended family and relatives. He will be remembered by his friends and other people because of his amazing nature and kind words.

Ankita Lokhande Father died

An Unforgettable Bond

Shashikant Lokhande and Ankita Lokhande’s bond is an exemplary relationship of father-daughter. The duo has always stood up for each other in their ups and downs. Also, Ankita shares the photographs with her family members on her official social media handles and embraced her dad. Shashikant always became a pillar of strength, support, and encouragement for his daughter Ankita Lokhande.

A Life Cut Short

The demise of Shashikant Lokhande was a moment of profound grief. However, we are still hoping for Ankita to announce the death cause of her dad because she never mentioned her father being ill. His death reminded people to live their life to the fullest and enjoy every moment. In addition to this, Ankita is yet to share anything in detail about the death cause of her father.

A Farewell Honored

According to various sources, Shashikant Lokhande’s last rites were held on 13 August 2023 at the Oshiwara crematorium. Several family members, fans, and people from the entertainment industry were gathered at the crematorium to pay the final tribute to the eternal soul and bid them last farewell. The funeral ceremony was a solemn yet poignant occasion, symbolizing the end of a remarkable journey.

Ankita Lokhande paid tribute to her dad Father

Ankita Lokhande’s Tribute

Ankita Lokhande is a renowned actress and loves to share everything about her life. On Father’s Day, she shared her thoughts on Instagram and also added a video of her dad. She added:-

Happy Father’s Day to my first hero my daddy. I can’t express my true feelings what I feel for u but I love u bahut sara .. i hv seen u struggling for many things when I was a child but u made sure that your children doesn’t .. u always gave me my wings to fly and made me do whatever I wanted to become .. I’m what I’m it’s all your support and strength.. I remember when I started my journey in mumbai and sometimes when I had no rent to pay.. you made it happened no matter what was going on in your life because u believed in my dreams.. I am and I will be always grateful and blessed to have u paa.”

After the death of her dad, she has been devasted completely and is unable to process the death. She has not shared any posts on her social media yet. Hopefully, she will soon share about the same on her official social media accounts.

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