Tragedy Strikes as Ambareesh Murty, Pepperfry Co-Founder, Passes Away During Adventurous Expedition

The renowned founder of furniture and home goods company ‘Pepperfry’ named Ambareesh Murty died on 7 August 2023 in Leh, Ladakh, India. As per the official sources, he was on a bike trip from Mumbai to Leh and passed away because of a heart attack at the age of 51 years old.

Murty was a renowned business and has around 14 years of experience in the financial services & Internet industries. His work is always loved and appreciated by the people because his only ambition was the welfare of society.

Death of Ambareesh Murty

Ambareesh Murty’s death left the furniture industry in shock. Allow me to tell you that his death news is announced by the co-founder of Pepperfry named Ashish Shah on his official Twitter account. He announced that his beloved brother, friend, and mentor breathed his last due to cardiac arrest. He also prayed for his family and shared his condolences.

His death will be a huge loss to the Pepperfry company, where he was serving the position of CEO for the last 12 years. Being an avid bike rider, he used to travel to various places with his bike and shared amazing glimpses on his official social media handles. In addition to this, he used to interact with his followers via his IG handle.

Murty is survived by his elder sister named Shambhavi Vedantam Murthy. He was very close to his father and mother and used to share their photographs on social media handles. He mentioned that his father and mother are no longer alive.

Ambareesh Murty parents
Ambareesh Murty parents

What was Ambareesh Murty’s Educational Background?

Ambareesh Murty always had a passion to do his best in his life and make his family proud. He was a brilliant student and completed his education with amazing grades. From his official LinkedIn account, we got to know that after his schooling, he went to Delhi College of Engineering in 1990 and completed his BE in Civil Engineering in 1994.

Afterward, to get knowledge in business, he got admission to the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. In 1996, he received MBA in Management and also did thorough work in Market Research at the time of his education.

Let’s Have a Look into Ambareesh Murty’s Profession

The famous entrepreneur had a lot of experiences in his life. Before delving into his career in Business, he served in amazing positions in various companies in India.

Past Jobs

According to his official LinkedIn account, Ambareesh Murty started working as Brand Manager at Cadbury India in 1996. He was responsible for Cadbury’s flagship brands, Dairy Milk and Five Star. He worked in the company for five years and later left it in 2001. Later, he joined ICICI Prudential AMC Ltd and began his position as VP of Marketing & Customer Service. Not only this, but he was also the brand leader of Levi Strauss India Ltd in 2003.

Ambareesh Murty died at 51

In December 2003, he founded ‘Origin Resources Company but ended it in 2005. Furthermore, Ambareesh joined eBay India and worked as Director and Country Manager. With his diverse positions in various companies, he get a lot of experience which helped him in starting his own business and do the necessary steps to make it work.

Founder of Pepperfry

In July 2011, he founded the Pepperfry company along with his friend named Ashish Shah in Mumbai. It is a Furniture Store which provides amazing quality products at reasonable prices. It is an amazing option for better Interior Trends and Designs. Now. his company has several branches in various places and cities. He loves meeting the employees of his company and uploads images of them on his Instagram and other social media accounts.

Ambareesh Murty was Pepperfry CEO

Ambareesh Murty’s Net Worth

This talented entrepreneur has always been in the limelight because of his amazing service and ambitions. After his death, Ambareesh Murty’s net worth has become one of the most interesting aspects to listen to. As per the various official reports, Ambareesh Murty has a $500 million net worth. Interestingly, he had also invested crores of rupees in various companies to earn further profits.

Ambareesh Murty not only has entrepreneurial skills, but he also had several specialties as well. Some of his skills include Marketing, Sales Management, General Management, Corporate Strategy, Product Management, and much more.

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