Construction of AIIMS Darbhanga in Bihar is Delayed – Check Out the Details

AIIMS Darbhanga – One of the most important projects that is under construction is the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Darbhanga, Bihar. The aim of building healthcare is to give better treatment to the people in the region and other places. Additionally, the needy can go to Bihar if the place is near to them as compared to Delhi.

However, because of some political controversies, the process of completing the construction is still underway. The AIIMS Darbhanga has become the main point of contention between the central government and the state government. Changing political dynamics lead to the delay in the construction of AIIMS.

The Political Discord on AIIMS Darbhanga

According to the sources, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi announced in one of the speeches the opening of new AIIMS in Darbhanga, which also spotlight the trifle between the Mahagathbandhan alliance and the central government. However, PM Modi still praised the construction and also talked about the healthcare development in the eastern part of India.

On the other hand, the state government contradict the speech and appreciation of Prime Minister Modi and revealed that AIIMS Darbhanga has not been established yet. Well, the government of Bihar, led by Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav said that PM Modi is spreading misinformation to gain appreciation from the public regarding AIIMS Darbhanga.

Tejashwi Yadav statement

He added that due to PM Modi, the construction of the hospital is unable to proceed further because he had not passed the Bill yet which is creating delays for the infrastructure. Tejashwi Yadav further revealed that they have provided the land of 151 acres to the central government for the construction of the hospital and charged no money. Also, the Bihar government spend INR 250 Crores for further development.

Clash of Claims and Counterclaims

After the statements of Tejashwi Yadav, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya also gave clarity to clear the fog. While defending the position of the central government, he said that the main agenda of the government is to focus on infrastructure development. The Central Government has no time for political maneuvering. By clearing his point of view, Mansukh Mandaviya added that the Bill is already passed by PM Modi for AIIMS Darbhanga in September 2020.

Additionally, Bihar Government took more than one year to allot the first parcel of land, which was on 3 November 2021. Mansukh Mandaviya again said firmly that the main motive of the central government is always thinking about the nation and its development first.

Land Disputes and Site Suitability

Several points are revolving around the contention for AIIMS Darbhanga construction. However, the Union health secretary claimed that the main problem behind the delay is the non-suitability of land.

He further cleared that the land which was provided by the Bihar Government had several issues such as drainage problems, low-lying nature, and much more. The Central Government asks for other suitable land as well which is accessible for the people and has better technical and infrastructural.

AIIMS Darbhanga is under consruction

Bihar Chief Minister’s Perspective on AIIMS Darbhanga

The feud did not end here but Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar also entered into the frame. Following the allegations of the Union Health Minister and Union health secretary about land, he cleared that the land provided by Bihar Government to the Central Government is ‘the best’ land.

Nitish Kumar also added that the central government is reluctant to proceed with the construction, which is the main reason for the delay. He also questioned the motives of the Central government and said that if the project continues, it will build on the same land provided by the government of Bihar.

Besides criticizing the center, he also gives his opinion on the importance of the healthcare industry in the state so that the patients can have better treatment in their own region and didn’t have to travel to Delhi for the same. He also added that for the betterment of the construction of AIIMS Darbhanga, he is fully ready to cooperate with the central government.

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