The Soul Of Satya Movie Release Date, Storyline, Trailer, Cast, Budget, and Production

The Soul Of Satya Movie Release Date – The Soul Of Satya is an amazing and attractive short film. It has garnered the attention of the people because of the amazing cast and plot. This short film is directed by Nawin Vijaya Krishna. Let me inform you that this amazing film was launched by RRR star Ram Charan on social media handles, who is the cousin of Sai Dharam Tej. The main character is played by Sai Dharam Tej, who has given several hits to the industry.

Overview and Plot

The movie ‘The Soul Of Satya’ shows an amazing love story that needs a lot of sacrifice, love, and affection. The makers have not mentioned much about the storyline. From the teaser, we got to know that it shows the love story of a soldier and his wife. After Satya went back to the border for his duty, his wife had to live alone.

The Soul Of Satya movie cast

She got pregnant and took care of herself on her own and gave birth to a child at the end of the film. The director wants to make people curious about the plot so that they can enjoy the film completely. Further information about the plot will share soon on this page.

The Soul Of Satya Movie Release Date

After searching a lot on social media, we got to know that the teaser of the film was released on the official YouTube channel of T-Series on 8 August 2023. It has received thousands of views within a few days. The full song of The Soul Of Satya Movie release date is 15 August 2023 and it also received a lot of love.

This musical and amazing love story The Soul Of Satya Movie release date is the Day of Independence because it showed the life of a soldier and his wife. A soldier sacrifices a lot including his family, wife, kids, house, and much more to serve the nation and make the people of his country safe.

Teaser of The Soul Of Satya


The lead role in the film is played by Sai Dharam Tej, who is a renowned South Indian actor and has worked on numerous projects. In addition to this, he has also won several awards for his amazing acting. He has just been featured in the famous movie ‘Bro’. Talking about the female lead character, it is played by Swathi Reddy. She is also a popular Indian actress, who has worked in the Tamil and Malayalam industries. Also, she has worked in various television series on Maa TV.

The Soul Of Satya Movie Reviews

The film has a lot of sentiments and emotions which directly connected with the fans. The movie is about the life of a soldier’s wife, who has to deal with several problems on her own after the departure of her husband. She also loved him a lot and created an amazing bond with him. The audience easily connects with the story and it receives a lot of love from the audience. People appreciated the acting of the characters.

The Soul Of Satya movie reviews

Production and Budget

Let me inform you that the movie is produced by Hanshitha and Harshith Reddy. The production house of the musical film is not known yet. Besides this, to make such as amazing and attractive movie, it takes a fair amount of investment as well. The details about the budget of the film The Soul Of Satya will share soon on this page. The overall success of the film is widely based on the production and budget.


The music department is handled by Sruthi Ranjani. The song in the film is sung by Tulsi Kumar and written by Ritesh G Rao. The other instruments of the songs are played by Nagaraju Talluri, Vidya Sagar Nagavelli, Phani Narayana, Baidurjya Banerjee, etc.

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