Ravanasura Movie 2023 Starring, Wiki, Trailer, Theme, Release Date, Review, Songs, and More

Ravanasura:- Ravanasura is an upcoming Indian Telugu-language action-thriller film directed and co-written by Sudheer Varma.

Ravanasura Movie

Ravanasura movie is produced by Abhishek Nama and famous Tollywood actor Ravi Teja under their banner Abhishek Pictures and RT Teamworks respectively. The film features a talented ensemble cast including Ravi Teja, Sushanth, Anu Emmanuel, Megha Akash, Mohammad Zahed Hossain, Daksha Nagarkar, Pujita Ponnada, and Faria Abdullah in pivotal roles.

Ravanasura movie Songs

Ravanasura movie promises to be an action-packed thriller that will keep the audience on the edge. With a talented cast, a gripping plot, and strong technical aspects, the movie is expected to succeed at the box office.

Ravanasura Movie Starring

The cast of the movie is also a major attraction for the audience. Ravi Teja, who plays the lead role of Ravanasura, is a popular actor known for his energetic performances in movies like Krack, Disco Raja, and Amar Akbar Anthony. Sushanth, who plays the role of the cop, is known for his work in movies like Chi La Sow.

Anu Emmanuel and Megha Akash, who plays the female lead, are also talented actors who have made a mark in the industry with their performances.

Ravanasura movie Review

The film’s music is composed by Vivek Sagar, who has previously worked on movies like Pelli Choopulu and Brochevarevarura. The songs and background score are expected to enhance the overall impact of the movie. The film’s cinematography is handled by Divakar Mani, who has previously worked on movies like KGF: Chapter 1 and KGF: Chapter 2. His work is expected to add a unique visual appeal to the film.


WriterSudheer Varma
Srikanth Vissa
DirectorSudheer Varma
ProducerAbhishek Nama
Ravi Teja
CastRavi Teja
Anu Emmanuel
Megha Akash
Mohammad Zahed Hossain
Daksha Nagarkar
Pujita Ponnada
Faria Abdullah
Release Date7 April 2023
BudgetINR 50 Crore
GenresDrama, Thriller, Action
Running Time141 Minutes
Dubbed LanguageHindi, English
RatingUpdate Soon

Ravanasura Movie Officially Trailer

The film’s trailer offers a glimpse of the action-packed sequences and intense performances by the cast. The cinematography by Divakar Mani and the music composed by Vivek Sagar also add to the overall impact of the trailer.

The trailer has garnered a lot of attention from the audience and critics, who are eagerly waiting for the release of the movie.

The trailer hints at a lot of action and suspense, and the background score adds to the overall intensity of the movie. The trailer has also given a glimpse of the performances of the lead actors, which looks promising.

Ravanasura Movie Plot / Theme

The movie’s plot revolves around a criminal mastermind named Ravanasura, played by Ravi Teja, who is known for his shrewd and cunning tactics. The character of Ravanasura is inspired by the famous mythological character Ravana, who is known for his intelligence and strength.

The film is set in the backdrop of a small town where Ravanasura devises a heist plan to rob a bank. However, things take a turn for the worse when he comes face to face with a tough cop, played by Sushanth.

Ravanasura Movie Release Date

As the release date of Ravanasura is getting closer, fans are eagerly waiting to see how the movie turns out. The movie’s trailer has already created a buzz, and if the film lives up to the expectations, it has the potential to become one of the biggest hits of 2023. The film’s runtime is 141 minutes, and it is set to release on 7 April 2023.

The story revolves around a criminal lawyer who fights against crime along with the police force. The film is set to release in 2023. Harshvardhan Rameshwar’s background score is impressive, even though the songs are routine mass numbers.

Overall, Ravanasura appears to be an anticipated film with an impressive cast and a thrilling storyline. Fans of action and psychological thrillers are sure to enjoy this film when it releases in theaters.

Ravanasura Movie Review

Ravanasura is one of the most anticipated Telugu movies of 2023. Directed by Sudheer Varma, the movie promises to be a visual treat for the audience with its engaging storyline and spectacular action sequences.

Ravanasura Movie Download

With a star-studded cast and top-notch production values, the movie is expected to do well at the box office. Fans of Ravi Teja and Telugu cinema are eagerly waiting for the release of the movie and are hoping that it lives up to expectations.

Ravanasura has received mixed reviews so far. While some have praised the performances of the actors and the direction, others have criticized the writing and editing of the movie.The movie is yet to be released, so it remains to be seen how the audience will react to it.

Ravanasura Movie OTT Platform

As the film is released on an OTT platform, it will be easily accessible to audiences worldwide. The movie’s availability on streaming platforms will also make it easier for fans and watch it from the comfort of their homes.

IMDbClick Here
HomepageClick Here

Ravanasura Movie Songs

The music composers have promised to deliver some memorable tunes that will be loved by the audience. The movie is expected to have a mix of different genres of songs, including romantic, patriotic, and devotional.

Song NameSingerLength
“Pyaar Lona Paagal”Ravi Teja3:35
“Veyyinokka”Anurag Kulkarni3:56
“Ravanasura Anthem”Shanti People, Harika Narayan, Harshavardhan Rameshwar4:06

“Dikka Dishum”
Naresh Mamindla,
Swathi Reddy


  1. What is Ravanasura Movie?

    Ravanasura is an upcoming Indian Telugu-language action-drama-thriller film directed and written by Sudheer Varma. It is produced by Abhishek Nama and Ravi Teja and stars Ravi Teja, Sushanth, Anu Emmanuel, Megha Akash, Mohammad Zahed Hossain, Daksha Nagarkar, Pujita Ponnada, and Faria Abdullah.

  2. When is the release date of the Ravanasura Movie?

    April 7, 2023.

  3. Who are the main actors in the Ravanasura Movie?

    The main actors in the Ravanasura Movie are Ravi Teja, Sushanth, Anu Emmanuel, Megha Akash, Mohammad Zahed Hossain, Daksha Nagarkar, Pujita Ponnada, and Faria Abdullah.

  4. What is the running time of the Ravanasura Movie?

    2 H 21 minutes

  5. What are the genres of Ravanasura movies?

    The genres of Ravanasura Movie are action, drama, and thriller.

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