Sylvia Tamsma Husband, Age, Biography, Height, Nationality, Wiki, Net Worth, Kids, and Facts About Nelson Piquet’s Ex-Wife

Sylvia Tamsma, the former wife of Nelson Piquet, is a notable figure who has garnered attention due to her association with the renowned Brazilian Formula One driver and three-time world champion. While Sylvia Tamsma is recognized for her connection to Nelson Piquet, she has also led an intriguing life of her own.

In this article, we will explore various aspects of Sylvia Tamsma’s life, including her age, education, family background, siblings, relationships, children, career, net worth, and some interesting facts and trivia.

Sylvia Tamsma Wiki and Early Life

She took birth in the Netherlands in either 1954 or 1956, which makes her current age between 66 and 68 years old. As a Dutch national, Tamsma grew up in her home country. In terms of astrology, Sylvia Tamsma‘s zodiac sign is unknown. However, many people believe that a person’s zodiac sign can provide insights into their personality, traits, and compatibility with others.

Sylvia Tamsma wiki

Wiki and BIO

Full NameSylvia Tamsma Piquet
Age66-68 years old
ParentsMr. Tamsma
Mrs. Tamsma
SiblingsNot known
EducationBachelor’s Degree
Alma MaterWillem de Zwijger College
Ex-HusbandNelson Piquet
Marital StatusDivorced
KidsKelly Piquet
Julia Piquet
Nelson Piquet Jr
GrandchildPenelope Kvyat
CareerFormer Model and Media Face
Net WorthUSD 450k (approx.)


Piquet Jr. had an interesting childhood, growing up in different parts of the world. He spent his early years in Monaco, where he attended a French school. When he moved to Brazil, he had to learn Portuguese, which he quickly picked up.

Sylvia Tamsma Education

She attended Willem de Zwijger College, a secondary school located in Bussum, North Holland. The school is known for its academic excellence and comprehensive curriculum that includes science, arts, and sports. After completing her education, Sylvia Tamsma pursued a career in modeling, which took her to various places around the world.

Sylvia Tamsma Family and Siblings

Unfortunately, there are no known details regarding Sylvia Tamsma’s parents, including their names, professions, or any other biographical information. It’s unclear whether her parents are still alive, as Sylvia has never publicly spoken about them or shared any information about her upbringing.

Sylvia Tamsma and friends

Similarly, there is no information available about Sylvia’s siblings, if she has any. Sylvia has maintained a relatively low profile, and her personal life has remained mostly out of the public eye. This makes it difficult to learn anything about her family beyond what she has disclosed herself.

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Sylvia Tamsma Relationship with Nelson Piquet

Tamsma’s connection with Nelson Piquet began in a romantic relationship that eventually led to marriage. The couple tied the knot, and their union resulted in the birth of three children: Nelson Angelo Piquet, Kelly Piquet, and Julia Piquet. Unfortunately, their relationship encountered difficulties, and they eventually divorced.

Sylvia Tamsma ex husband
Sylvia Tamsma’s ex-husband Nelson Piquet

Despite their separation, Sylvia Tamsma continues to be recognized as Nelson Piquet’s ex-wife, with their shared history remaining a significant part of both their personal lives and public narratives. Nelson Piquet, Tamsma’s former husband, is a legendary figure in the world of motorsports.

Born Nelson Piquet Souto Maior on August 17, 1952, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he achieved great success as a three-time Formula One world champion. Piquet won the championships in 1981, 1983, and 1987, cementing his name among the greatest Formula One drivers of all time. After retiring from racing in 1992, Nelson Piquet ventured into business and currently runs several business ventures, predominantly based in Brazil.

Sylvia Tamsma Children

The couple has three kids together and they are well-accomplished in their personal and professional fields. In addition to this, they have also made their parents proud with their achievements.

Nelson Piquet Jr

Nelson Piquet and Sylvia Tamsma’s relationship produced three children. Their firstborn is Nelson Angelo Piquet, who was born in 1985. Nelson Angelo Piquet followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued a career in motorsports. He competed in both Formula One and Formula E, showcasing his talent and passion for racing. Although not as successful as his father in terms of championships, Nelson Angelo Piquet has made significant contributions to the racing world.

Sylvia Tamsma with her kids
Sylvia Tamsma with her kids Nelson Piquet Jr, Kelly Piquet & Julia Piquet

Kelly Piquet

Kelly Piquet, born in 1988, is Sylvia Tamsma’s second child with Nelson Piquet. Like her brother Nelson Angelo, Kelly grew up surrounded by motorsports, which inevitably influenced her career path. However, Kelly took a slightly different route and chose to pursue a career in journalism and media. She has worked for renowned publications such as and has become a prominent figure in the motorsports industry.

Julia Piquet

Lastly, Sylvia Tamsma and Nelson Piquet’s youngest child is Julia Piquet. While there is relatively less information available about Julia, it is known that she is involved in the motorsports industry. According to sources, Julia works at and is also known for her relationship with Nascar driver Daniel Suarez.

Sylvia Tamsma Net worth

Although Tamsma’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, she is believed to have amassed a significant fortune from her successful modeling career and her co-ownership of Unique Model Management. Additionally, her ex-husband, Nelson Piquet, has an estimated net worth of around $100 million, which likely contributed to her financial stability following their divorce. On the other hand, her net worth is around USD 450k (approx.).

Sylvia Tamsma facts

Sylvia Tamsma’s Modeling Career

Tamsma began her modeling career in her teens. Her striking looks and towering height of 5 feet 10 inches quickly caught the attention of the industry, and she soon became a sought-after model for many high-profile brands and publications.

Sylvia Tamsma was a model

During her modeling career, Tamsma worked with several notable publications, including Elle, Vogue, and Marie Claire. She also walked the runway for several high-end fashion brands, such as Chanel, Versace, and Yves Saint Laurent. In addition to her successful modeling career, Tamsma was also known for her entrepreneurial skills.

How Tall is Sylvia Tamsma?

Weight59 kg
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown

Interesting Facts

  • After her divorce, Sylvia continued to work as a fashion model and later started her own business.
  • Sylvia Tamsma is known for her philanthropic work, particularly in support of organizations that promote environmental conservation and animal welfare.
  • She has been involved with several charities, including the World Wildlife Fund.
  • In addition to her charitable work, Sylvia is also passionate about photography, and her work has been featured in several exhibitions.
  • She is widely respected for her intelligence, grace, and dedication to her family and the causes she cares about.


  1. Who is Sylvia Tamsma?

    She is the ex-wife of Nelson Piquet, a Brazilian former Formula One racing driver and three-time World Champion.

  2. How long were Sylvia Tamsma and Nelson Piquet married?

    Sylvia and Nelson Piquet were married for several years before they divorced. The exact duration of their marriage is not publicly disclosed.

  3. Are Sylvia Tamsma and Nelson Piquet still married?

    No, Tamsma and Nelson Piquet are no longer married. They divorced at some point in the past.

  4. Did Sylvia Tamsma have any children with Nelson Piquet?

    Yes, Sylvia and Nelson Piquet have three kids together.

  5. What is Sylvia Tamsma’s profession?

    She is a professional model in her youth.

  6. What is the reason for Sylvia Tamsma and Nelson Piquet’s divorce?

    Not known.

  7. Is Sylvia Tamsma involved in motorsports like Nelson Piquet?

    No, she was involved in the modeling industry.

  8. What is Sylvia Tamsma doing now?

    Information about Tamsma’s current activities or endeavors is not widely available.

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