Stephanie Muller Wiki (Marcus Stoinis’ Wife), Kids, Family, Age, Biography, Net Worth, Nationality, and Career

Stephanie Muller is an Australian model and beauty columnist who is best known for her long-term relationship with Australian cricketer Marcus Stoinis. Despite being in the public eye for several years, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding her personal life.

In this article, we will delve into the details of Stephanie Muller’s life, including her age, education, family, siblings, relationship with Marcus Stoinis, career, net worth, height, weight, and some interesting trivia.

Relationship with Marcus Stoinis

Stephanie Muller entered the public eye through her romantic involvement with Marcus Stoinis. Their love story began a few years back when they first crossed paths. Both of them being prominent figures in their respective fields, their relationship sparked curiosity among fans and media alike.

Stephanie Muller with her ex boyfriend
Stephanie Muller with her ex-boyfriend Marcus Stoinis

Their bond flourished over the years, with shared interests and a deep connection. Stephanie, with her vibrant personality and undeniable charm, perfectly complemented Marcus, the talented Australian cricketer. The couple frequently appeared at events and shared their affection publicly, allowing fans a glimpse into their lives.

However, despite their seemingly perfect union, relationships are not immune to challenges, and Stephanie and Marcus eventually reached a crossroads. While the exact details of Stephanie Muller and Marcus Stoinis’ breakup remain private, it is evident that the couple faced difficulties that ultimately led to their separation.

Were Stephanie Muller and Marcus Stoinis Married?

The couple never married but only dated for a few years. As public figures, they both chose to keep the specifics of their personal lives away from the limelight, respecting their privacy.

The decision to end their relationship was likely a difficult one, as they had spent significant time together and built a strong connection. However, life sometimes takes unexpected turns, and the end of their relationship paved the way for new opportunities for both individuals.

Stephanie Muller Trivia

Full NameStephanie Muller
Birthday1990 – 1993
Age29-32 years
ParentsNames not known
Marital StatusUnmarried
Ex-BoyfriendMarcus Stoinis
CareerModel and Influencer
Net WorthUS $2 Million

Who is Marcus Stoinis?

Marcus Peter Stoinis is a well-known Australian cricketer who has played for the Australian national team as an all-rounder. He is contracted to Western Australia and Melbourne Stars domestically and has previously played for Perth Scorchers and Victoria as an all-rounder.

Stoinis has gained much recognition for his heavy ball and big hits, and he has scored the highest ODI by an Australian batting at No. 7 (146*). In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the life and career of Marcus Stoinis.

Stephanie Muller Birthday/Age

Stephanie Muller was born between the years 1990 and 1993 in Australia. Unfortunately, specific details about her birthdate have not been disclosed publicly, respecting her desire for privacy.

Stephanie Muller bio

Despite her inclination towards a low-key presence, her accomplishments and support for her husband have made her a topic of interest among their fans. While Stephanie’s exact birthdate remains undisclosed, we can speculate about her zodiac sign based on the given age range.


Stephanie is a highly educated individual, having completed her college education. While details about her specific academic qualifications and field of study remain undisclosed, it is known that Stephanie Muller is a graduate of the college. Her commitment to education reflects her determination and desire for personal growth.

Stephanie Muller Modeling Career

She began her journey in the modeling industry with passion and determination. While specific details about her career are limited, it is known that she has worked with various local brands, showcasing her versatility and talent in front of the camera. As a model, Stephanie Muller possesses an inherent grace and charm that has captivated the attention of audiences and clients alike.

Stephanie Muller career

Stephanie Muller’s collaborations with local brands have played a significant role in establishing her presence in the fashion and modeling industry.

While the exact details of her brand partnerships remain undisclosed, it is apparent that Stephanie’s talent and professionalism have made her a sought-after model among Australian brands. Her ability to adapt to different styles and portray diverse characters has undoubtedly contributed to her success.

Net Worth

While Stephanie Muller’s exact net worth remains undisclosed, it can be speculated that her modeling career and brand collaborations have provided her with financial stability. The modeling industry can be lucrative, especially when working with reputable brands and establishing a strong presence. So, her net worth is around US $2 Million (estimated).

Stephanie Muller Father and Mother

Stephanie’s father’s name and profession are not known to the public. However, it is believed that he is a small worker, which suggests that he may be employed in a blue-collar profession or a job that requires manual labor.

Stephanie Muller wiki

Similarly, Stephanie Muller’s mother’s name and occupation are also not known. However, she is referred to as a homemaker, indicating that she may have dedicated her time and efforts to taking care of the household and raising her children.


Regarding Stephanie Muller’s siblings, unfortunately, there is no available information at the time of writing. It is unclear whether Stephanie has any siblings, and if she does, their names and backgrounds remain undisclosed.

It is not uncommon for public figures, such as the spouses of well-known personalities, to prefer keeping certain aspects of their personal lives private. This choice allows them to maintain a sense of normalcy and protect the privacy of their loved ones.

Stephanie Muller friends

While Stephanie Muller’s family background may not be widely known, it is important to respect her and her family’s decision to keep their personal information out of the public domain.

Body Measurements and Height

Weight52 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Alma MaterLocal College
InstagramTap Link
FacebookTap Link
HomepageTap Link

Que / Ans

  1. Is Stephanie Muller married to Marcus Stoinis?

    No, the couple never married but broke up a few years ago.

  2. What is Stephanie Muller’s net worth?

    US $2 Million.

  3. Does Stephanie Muller have any siblings?

    Not known.

  4. What does Stephanie Muller do?

    She worked as a model after completing her education.

Facts and Trivia

  • Stephanie Muller is known for her love of fitness and healthy living. She often posts pictures of herself working out and eating healthy meals on her Instagram account.
  • Stephanie is a big fan of travel and has visited many exotic destinations around the world.
  • Stephanie and Marcus Stoinis reportedly broke up at some point, although the reasons for their split are not known.

In conclusion, Stephanie Muller is a successful Australian model and beauty columnist who has been in a long-term relationship with Australian cricketer Marcus Stoinis. Although there is still much that is unknown about her personal life, her successful career and love of fitness and travel have made her a popular figure on social media.

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