Paris Brosnan Wiki – Pierce Brosnan’s Son Age, Siblings, Career, Income, Mother, Height, Nationality, and More

Paris Brosnan, the son of the renowned actor Pierce Brosnan, has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Born into a family with a rich acting legacy, Paris has carved his own path and established his identity.

Paris Brosnan is an up-and-coming actor and model who hails from a family deeply rooted in the entertainment world. He was born on February 27, 2001, in Los Angeles, California, making him 22 years old as of the current year. Paris is the son of Pierce Brosnan, the famous actor known for his iconic role as James Bond, and Keely Shaye Smith, a journalist, and former television host.

Paris Brosnan’s Modeling Career

Paris Brosnan‘s journey in the modeling industry began with his striking features and charismatic presence. He caught the attention of industry professionals and quickly gained recognition for his modeling potential. In November 2017, Paris was signed by the Los Angeles office of the prestigious ‘Next Model’ agency, which catapulted his career to new heights.

Paris Brosnan is a model

Paris has graced the pages of numerous fashion magazines, showcasing his versatility and unique style. He has been featured in publications such as ‘GQ Korea,’ ‘Vanity Teen,’ ‘Numero,’ and ‘MMSCENE.’ These appearances have not only showcased his natural modeling talent but have also allowed him to collaborate with some of the most prominent photographers and stylists in the industry.

Notable Collaborations

Paris Brosnan’s rise to prominence as a model has led to several noteworthy collaborations with esteemed brands. He has had the opportunity to work with renowned fashion houses and designers, gaining invaluable experience along the way. One of his notable collaborations includes working with the iconic brand Ralph Lauren. Paris modeled for Ralph Lauren, capturing the essence of the brand’s sophisticated and timeless aesthetic.

Acting Endeavors

While Paris Brosnan has primarily focused on his modeling career, he has also ventured into the world of acting. In 2019, he made his debut in a short film in association with the UN World Food Programme. This project allowed Paris to combine his passion for storytelling with his desire to make a positive impact in the world. His foray into acting showcases his versatility and willingness to explore different creative avenues.

Paris Brosnan Profile

Birthday27 February 2001
Age22 years
BirthplaceCalifornia, United States
Great-grandparentsKathleen Smith
Philip Smith
GrandparentsMary May Smith
Thomas Brosnan
ParentsPierce Brosnan
Keely Shaye Smith
SiblingsDylan Brosnan
Charlotte Brosnan
Sean Brosnan
Christopher Brosnan
NephewLucas Smith
Marital StatusUnmarried
Ex-GirlfrindAlex Lee-Aillón
CareerModel and Actor
Net WorthUSD 1 Million (approx.)
School/CollegeLoyola Marymount University
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Net Worth of Paris Brosnan

As of the latest available information, Paris Brosnan’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. While he is still early in his career, his association with high-profile projects and endorsements has contributed to his financial success. With his talent and determination, Paris has the potential to further increase his net worth in the future.

Paris Brosnan’s net worth is a culmination of his modeling endeavors, lucrative brand collaborations, and acting projects. His association with reputable fashion brands and his appearances in prestigious magazines have not only boosted his career but have also contributed significantly to his financial success.

Paris Brosnan’s Parents – Dad & Mom

Paris Brosnan was born on February 27, 2001, in Los Angeles, California, to his esteemed parents, Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith. His father, Pierce Brosnan, needs no introduction. With a career spanning several decades, Pierce has graced the silver screen with his unforgettable performances in iconic roles such as James Bond in the 007 franchise.

Paris Brosnan with his dad and mom
Paris Brosnan with his dad Pierce Brosnan and mom Keely Shaye Smith

He has also exhibited his talent in a range of other films, showcasing his versatility and charisma. Keely Shaye Smith, Paris’ mother, is an accomplished journalist, author, and television presenter. She has contributed to various media outlets, covering a wide range of topics, including environmental issues and celebrity interviews.

Pierce Brosnan’s Film ‘The Out-Laws’ Review

In the realm of Netflix comedy, there are occasional gems that captivate audiences with their humor and wit. However, not every attempt at comedic gold hits the mark, as is the case with the latest release, “The Out-Laws.” Despite the notable presence of Pierce Brosnan, this Happy Madison production fails to deliver the comedic punch it promises.

The film attempts to blend elements of a crime comedy with the classic “meet the parents” trope. Unfortunately, the execution falls short, resulting in a lackluster and predictable storyline that fails to ignite genuine laughter. While the title itself presents some potential for humor, “The Out-Laws” struggles to translate that concept into an engaging and memorable experience.

Paris Brosnan’s Brother and Sister

Paris Brosnan is fortunate to have four siblings, with whom he shares a close bond. His older brother, Sean Brosnan, has also pursued a career in the film industry, working as an actor and filmmaker. Dylan Brosnan, Paris’ older brother, is a talented musician, model, and actor.

Paris Brosnan and his brother
Paris Brosnan and his brother Dylan Brosnan

He has gained recognition for his musical endeavors and has showcased his skills as a model in various high-profile campaigns. Paris’ siblings include his brother Christopher and sister Charlotte. They form a tight-knit family unit, supporting and inspiring one another in their respective pursuits.

Paris Brosnan Age and Birthday

At the time of writing this article, Paris Brosnan is 22 years old, having been born on 27th February 2001. Despite his young age, he has already begun to establish himself as a notable figure in the entertainment industry.

Paris Brosnan wiki

Paris possesses a natural charm and charisma that captures the attention of audiences, and his talent and passion have set him apart from his peers. Born under the zodiac sign of Pisces, Paris Brosnan possesses a deep sense of creativity and imagination.

Girlfriend of Paris Brosnan

Paris Brosnan’s personal life has also attracted attention, especially his relationships. One of his notable relationships was with Alex Lee-Aillón, who is known for her work as a model and actress.

Paris Brosnan with his ex girlfriend
Paris Brosnan with his ex-girlfriend Alex Lee-Aillón

Paris and Alex were often seen together at various events and on social media, sharing their love and support for each other. However, as of July 2023, it appears that they have parted ways, as there have been no recent public appearances or social media posts together.

Height and Weight

Height6 ft 1 inch
Weight72 kg
Hair LengthShort
Hair ColorDark Blonde
Eye ColorBrown

Paris Brosnan’s Education

Paris Brosnan recognizes the importance of education and has pursued his academic endeavors alongside his artistic pursuits. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University, a prestigious institution known for its commitment to academic excellence. This educational background has provided him with a strong foundation and a well-rounded perspective that complements his creative endeavors.

Paris Brosnan bio

Favorite Things

  • Directors – Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson, and Kai Neville
  • Films – The Big Lebowski, A Clockwork Orange, and Fight Club
  • Artists – Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Salvador Dali, and his father
  • Hobbies – Surfing, taking photographs, and making music with friends

Facts and Trivia

  • Paris Brosnan is an advocate for environmental causes and actively participates in initiatives promoting sustainability.
  • He has walked the runway for prestigious fashion brands and has been featured in several prominent magazines.
  • Paris is multilingual and is fluent in English and French.
  • He has a passion for photography and often showcases his artistic skills through his work.
  • Paris Brosnan is involved in philanthropic activities, supporting charitable organizations and using his platform to raise awareness about important social issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is Paris Brosnan following in his father’s footsteps as an actor?

    Yes, Paris Brosnan has chosen to pursue a career in acting and modeling, just like his father, Pierce Brosnan.

  2. What is Paris Brosnan’s net worth?

    US $1 million.

  3. Does Paris Brosnan have any siblings?

    Yes, the names of his siblings are Sean Brosnan, Christopher Brosnan, Dylan Brosnan, and Charlotte Brosnan.

  4. What are Paris Brosnan’s hobbies apart from acting?

    Paris Brosnan has a passion for photography and actively supports environmental causes.

  5. Is Paris Brosnan involved in philanthropic activities?

    Yes, Paris Brosnan is actively involved in philanthropic activities and supports various charitable organizations.


In conclusion, Paris Brosnan, the son of Pierce Brosnan, has emerged as a promising talent in the entertainment industry. With his passion, dedication, and the influence of his famous family, he is poised to make a lasting impact. As he continues to pursue his acting and modeling career, we can expect to see more of Paris Brosnan’s talent and charisma in the years to come.

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