Jessyka Janshel Net worth, Wiki, Age, Parents, Job, Height, and Facts About James Harden’s Girlfriend

Jessyka Janshel – In the world of professional sports, athletes often capture attention not only for their skills on the field but also for their personal lives. One such athlete is James Harden, a renowned basketball player, who has gained immense popularity both on and off the court.

In this article, we will delve into the life of Jessyka Janshel, James Harden’s girlfriend, and shed light on her background, relationship with Harden, career, and other intriguing aspects.

Jessyka Janshel’s Boyfriend: James Harden

Before diving into the details of their relationship, it’s crucial to understand who James Harden is. Born on August 26, 1989, James Edward Harden Jr. is an American professional basketball player. He was raised in Houston, Texas, in the United States.

Jessyka Janshel boyfriend
Jessyka Janshel’s boyfriend James Harden

He gained prominence during his time with the Houston Rockets, where he established himself as one of the league’s top scorers and playmakers. Harden’s exceptional skills and unique playing style, which includes his signature step-back three-pointer, have earned him numerous accolades, including an NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) award in 2018.

Relationship with James Harden

James Harden and Jessyka Janshel’s relationship first came to light in 2017 when they were spotted together at various events. Their romance quickly captured the media’s attention, leading to widespread speculation and curiosity among fans. While both Harden and Janshel have been relatively private about their relationship, they have occasionally shared glimpses of their affection on social media platforms, offering fans a sneak peek into their lives.

Jessyka Janshel Wiki and Biography

BirthdayJuly 5, 1991
Age32 years old (as of 2023)
School/CollegeJames Madison Senior High School
Prairie View A&M University
BirthplaceHouston, Texas, United States
Marital StatusUnmarried
BoyfriendJames Harden
ParentsMr. Janshel
Mrs. Janshel
SiblingsNot known
CareerModel and Media Face
Net WorthUSD 500k (estimated)
Height (approx.)5’6”
Weight (approx.)53 kg
InstagramTap Link
HomepageTap Link

Supportive Partners

One of the hallmarks of James Harden and Jessyka Janshel’s relationship is their mutual support for each other’s endeavors. Janshel has been seen attending numerous basketball games, cheering on Harden from the stands and celebrating his achievements. Likewise, Harden has shown his support for Janshel’s modeling career, often praising her accomplishments and sharing her work with his massive fan base.

Jessyka Janshel facts

Furthermore, both Harden and Janshel have leveraged their popularity to collaborate on various endorsement deals. They have been seen together in commercials and campaigns, further solidifying their status as a power couple.

James Harden’s Trade

As per the official sources, James Harden who is the Philadelphia 76ers guard has decided to exercise his $35.6 million player option for the 2023-24 season, paving the way for the organization and the 10-time All-Star to collaborate on finding a suitable trade. While the Sixers had the option to offer Harden a lucrative four-year, $213 million contract in free agency, it seems unlikely they were prepared to make such a significant commitment to the 33-year-old star.

The 76ers wasted no time and started reaching out to other teams on Thursday to explore potential trade scenarios involving Harden. The Los Angeles Clippers and New York Knicks are among the teams expected to express interest in acquiring the services of the prolific scorer.

Jessyka Janshel Age and Birthday

As of 2023, Jessyka Janshel is 32 years old. Born on July 5, 1991, she shares the same birthdate as the United States’ Independence Day celebrations. Her age places her within the millennial generation, known for their digital fluency and adaptability in the modern world.

Jessyka Janshel wiki

Jessyka Janshel’s birthdate of July 5 makes her zodiac sign Cancer. Cancer individuals are known for their nurturing nature, sensitivity, and strong emotional intuition.

Educational Details

Jessyka attended James Madison Senior High School, a public high school located in Houston, Texas. Completing her high school education provided her with a strong foundation for further academic pursuits.

After graduating from high school, Jessyka Janshel continued her educational journey at Prairie View A&M University, a historically Black university located in Prairie View, Texas. Prairie View A&M University is known for its academic excellence, particularly in the fields of agriculture, nursing, engineering, and criminal justice.

Parents and Siblings

Details regarding Jessyka Janshel’s parents and siblings remain relatively unknown in the public domain. She has maintained a level of privacy when it comes to her family background, choosing to focus on her own endeavors and relationship with James Harden.

Jessyka Janshel bio

Jessyka Janshel’s Net Worth

As an accomplished model, Jessyka Janshel has not only gained recognition but also amassed a considerable net worth. While exact figures are often difficult to ascertain, it is estimated that her net worth is around USD 500,000. This impressive sum is the result of her successful modeling career, brand collaborations, endorsements, and social media presence.

Janshel’s popularity on social media platforms like Instagram has significantly contributed to her net worth. With a substantial following, she has the ability to engage with her audience, promote brands, and monetize her social media presence. Janshel’s appeal as a model and her association with James Harden has undoubtedly increased her visibility and opportunities for brand partnerships, further contributing to her overall net worth.

What does Jessyka Janshel do?

Janshel’s journey in the modeling world began with her first-ever shoot with FacetStudios, a photography company known for capturing stunning images of aspiring models. This initial exposure paved the way for numerous opportunities and collaborations with renowned photographers and magazines. She has worked with esteemed names such as Straight Stuntin, Doss Tidwell, Alcolestudios, SHOWmag, iAdoreMag, and Mr. Jose Guerra.

Jessyka Janshel is a model

Janshel’s collaborations with these photographers and publications allowed her to showcase her versatility and range as a model. Her ability to embody different styles and portray diverse characters in front of the camera has earned her praise and admiration within the industry. From sultry and seductive to playful and elegant, Janshel effortlessly captures the essence of each photoshoot, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Facts and Trivia About Jessyka Janshel

  • Jessyka Janshel is known for her philanthropic efforts, actively supporting charitable organizations and causes close to her heart.
  • She maintains an active presence on social media platforms, providing glimpses into her personal life and sharing her interests with her followers.
  • Janshel is an avid traveler, often sharing her adventures and experiences from around the world.
  • She has a passion for fashion and has been seen attending high-profile fashion events.


In conclusion, Jessyka Janshel is a prominent figure in the life of James Harden, one of the most recognizable basketball players in the NBA. While she maintains a level of privacy, her relationship with Harden has garnered attention and curiosity from fans and followers. Janshel’s own career pursuits and personal interests contribute to her individuality and distinct presence in the public eye. As she continues to navigate her journey, her experiences and achievements are likely to inspire others who aspire to carve their own path in life.


  1. Is Jessyka Janshel a professional basketball player?

    No, Jessyka Janshel is not a professional basketball player. She is known for her association with James Harden, a prominent NBA player.

  2. How did Jessyka Janshel and James Harden meet?

    They began dating several years ago and have since maintained a strong and private relationship.

  3. Does Jessyka Janshel have siblings?

    Not known.

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