Meet Brazilian Model Arthur O Urso and His 6 Wives | Check Full Details About His Marriage, Kids, and Lifestyle

Arthur O Urso, a renowned Brazilian model, social media influencer, businessman, content creator, OnlyFans star, and entrepreneur, has captivated the public’s attention with his intriguing lifestyle. With a unique perspective on love and relationships, Arthur O Urso has become known for his polygamous lifestyle, being married to six wives. This article delves into the fascinating details of Arthur O Urso’s life, exploring his family, wedding, career, lifestyle choices, age, and birthday, and uncovering intriguing facts and trivia.

Arthur O’Urso is struggling with the decision to conceive his first child

Arthur’s desire to have a child with each of his six wives stems from his belief that every child should have a loving relationship with their biological parents. In his perspective, this decision would ensure that all his children have a strong connection with their respective mothers and fathers. Arthur’s vision for his family involves creating a nurturing environment where each child feels equally loved and valued.

Arthur O Urso bio

Despite his conviction about having a child with each wife, Arthur faced a significant struggle when it came to deciding which wife should conceive his first baby. He openly admitted that the fear of upsetting his other wives played a pivotal role in this dilemma. It is important to consider the emotional dynamics and complexities of such a decision, as it involves multiple relationships and the potential for jealousy or hurt feelings.

Arthur’s struggle to choose the mother of his first child reveals the emotional considerations and fears that come with his unique situation. He expressed concerns about the emotional impact on his other wives if he were to choose one over the others. The fear of causing distress or creating a sense of inequality among his wives added an extra layer of complexity to an already challenging decision.

The Role of Surrogacy in the Plan

Arthur plans to have children with each of his wives through the use of surrogacy. Surrogacy offers a solution to the practical challenges of multiple pregnancies and births. It allows each wife to experience the joys of motherhood without putting undue physical strain on their body. Additionally, surrogacy offers the opportunity for a more balanced distribution of parental responsibilities among the wives.

Who is the man with six wives?

The man at the center of this story is Arthur O Urso, a 37-year-old individual hailing from São Paulo, Brazil. Arthur, described as an influencer, is currently “married” to six different women, each of whom he plans to have a child with through surrogacy. This unique arrangement has sparked curiosity and invited both support and criticism from various quarters.

Arthur O Urso and his first wife
Arthur O Urso and his first wife Luana Kazaki
WivesLuana Kazaki
Emelly Souza
Valquíria Santos
Olinda Maria
Amanda Albuquerque
Ex-WivesAgatha and 2 more
Relationship StatusCommitted
Girlfriend(s)Luana Kazaki
Emelly Souza
Valquíria Santos
Olinda Maria
Amanda Albuquerque
KidsOne daughter

Does Arthur O Urso have any children?

Arthur Urso’s polygamous lifestyle has sparked curiosity about his children. While scrolling through his social media handles, we got to know that he is the father of a kid from his previous wedding. It’s essential to note that while he has expressed the desire to have a child with each of his wives, it’s unclear whether he has realized this intention at the time of writing.

What are the names of Arthur O Urso’s wives?

Arthur O Urso’s fame stems from his relationships with multiple wives. According to various sources, he is married to six wives, although different reports have cited varying numbers. However, it is evident that Arthur O has embraced a polygamous lifestyle, choosing to celebrate and advocate for free love. Initially, he was wedded to model Luana Kazaki in 2016. Also, he shared images with his first wife on his Facebook account.

Arthur O Urso with his 6 wives
Arthur O Urso with his 6 wives

Afterward, he got wedded to 8 ladies on the same day. Afterward, 3 of his wives including Agatha divorce him. The names of his six wives are Luana Kazaki, Damiana, Amanda Albuquerque, Emelly Souza, Valquíria Santos, and Olinda Maria. Arthur always shares amazing photographs with his wives through his social media handles.

Let’s have a look into Arthur O Urso’s wedding

Arthur O Urso made headlines with his highly publicized wedding ceremony, where he married multiple wives on the same day. The wedding took place at a Catholic church in São Paulo, Brazil, and attracted significant media attention. It’s important to note that while the ceremony was a spectacle, it is not legally binding due to the illegality of polygamy in Brazil. He said that he wants to spread love in the country and gives a message to the people.

Arthur O Urso lifestyle

The challenges and benefits of polygamous relationships

Polygamous relationships come with their fair share of challenges. Balancing the emotional, financial, and logistical aspects of maintaining multiple marriages requires strong communication, trust, and mutual understanding among all parties involved. However, proponents argue that polygamy can provide emotional support, companionship, and the opportunity for larger family networks. It is important to recognize that these relationships are consensual and should not be confused with instances of coercion or exploitation.

The amazing lifestyle of Arthur O Urso

Arthur O Urso’s lifestyle reflects his unconventional views on love and relationships. He openly embraces polygamy and believes in the celebration of free love. By engaging in a polygamous relationship, Urso challenges societal norms and opens up discussions about the diverse nature of human relationships.

Arthur O Urso Quick Bio

Full NameArthur O Urso
Age (as of 2022)37 years old
Date of Birth1985
Place of BirthSão Paulo, Brazil
Weight73 kg
FacebookClick Link
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What does Arthur O Urso do?

Apart from his personal life, Arthur O Urso has made a name for himself in the modeling industry. He is widely recognized as a Brazilian model and social media influencer. Leveraging his substantial online presence, he has ventured into various professions, including content creation and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, Arthur O Urso’s involvement with OnlyFans showcases his entrepreneurial mindset and willingness to explore diverse platforms.

Arthur O Urso wiki

Where is Arthur O Urso from?

As of 2023, Arthur O Urso is 37 years old. Born in 1985, his exact birth date is not publicly available, adding an air of mystery to his already intriguing persona. However, it is believed that he celebrates his birthday sometime during the first half of the year, given his current age. Due to the improper details about his birthday, we are unable to find further information regarding his astrological sign.

Getting to know Arthur O Urso

  • Arthur O Urso hails from São Paulo, Brazil.
  • He gained significant attention for marrying multiple wives and embracing a polygamous lifestyle.
  • Urso is known for his social media presence, including Twitter and other platforms.
  • He has explored various professional avenues, such as modeling, entrepreneurship, and content creation.
  • Arthur O Urso intends to have a child with each of his wives, possibly through surrogacy.
  • His wedding ceremony, although not legally binding, attracted media attention due to its unique nature.

In conclusion, Arthur O Urso, a Brazilian model with six wives, has gained prominence for his unorthodox lifestyle and views on relationships. Despite the controversy surrounding his choices, he continues to make an impact in the modeling industry and on social media. His story raises intriguing questions about the nature of love, marriage, and societal norms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How many children does Arthur O Urso have?

    He has one adorable daughter.

  2. How many wives does Arthur O Urso have?

    Arthur O Urso is known to be married to six wives, although different reports have cited varying numbers.

  3. Is Arthur O Urso’s wedding legally recognized?

    No, Arthur O Urso’s wedding is not legally binding due to the illegality of polygamy in Brazil.

  4. What is Arthur O Urso’s profession?

    Arthur O Urso is a Brazilian model, social media influencer, businessman, content creator, OnlyFans star, and entrepreneur.

  5. How old is Arthur O Urso?

    37 years old (as of 2022).

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