Is Sergio Rico married to Alba Silva? | Check About Their Relationship Details, Wedding, Personal Life, and Much More

Alba Silva has gained prominence as the girlfriend of Spanish goalkeeper Sergio Rico. Plus, she is also a model, Instagram influencer, and social media star. She loves uploading her daily life photographs on her social platforms, where she has thousands of followers.

In this article, we will delve into the details of Alba Silva’s relationship, her boyfriend Sergio Rico, dating history, family background, net worth, age, education, and other intriguing aspects of her life.

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Silva and Sergio Rico share a deep bond, and their relationship has captured the attention of many. Let’s explore the details of their journey together.

The exact circumstances of how Alba Silva and Sergio Rico met remain private. However, it can be assumed that their paths crossed through mutual acquaintances or common interests. The couple’s connection blossomed, leading them to embark on a romantic journey.

Alba Silva with her boyfriend
Alba Silva with her boyfriend Sergio Rico

Duration of Their Relationship

Alba Silva and Sergio Rico have been in a long-term relationship that has stood the test of time. Their love story began in late 2016, as evidenced by the first picture they shared on social media. Over the years, they have continued to nurture their relationship, showcasing their affection for each other through various public appearances and social media posts.


While scrolling through her social media handles, we got to know that the couple got wedded on 11 June 2022 in an amazing ceremony. Their wedding was attended by their family members, extended family, and friends.

Alba Silva’s Boyfriend: Sergio Rico

To truly understand Alba Silva’s life, it’s important to know more about her boyfriend, Sergio Rico.

Brief Introduction

Sergio Rico, a Spanish professional footballer, has made a name for himself as a skilled goalkeeper. Born on September 1, 1993, in Seville, Spain, Rico has showcased his talent on both national and international stages. He has played for renowned football clubs such as Sevilla FC, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), and Fulham FC, earning a strong reputation for his goalkeeping abilities.

Alba Silva dating timeline

Sergio Rico’s Career

Sergio Rico’s career has been marked by remarkable achievements and contributions to the world of football. He began his professional journey with Sevilla FC, where he made his debut in 2014. Rico played a pivotal role in the club’s success, including their triumphs in the UEFA Europa League. His impressive performances caught the attention of top European clubs, leading to his transfer to PSG. Throughout his career, Sergio Rico has earned accolades for his exceptional goalkeeping skills and dedication to the sport.

What happened to Sergio Rico?

Sergio Rico, the goalkeeper of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), is currently in a ‘serious’ condition after a horse riding accident. The Spanish shot-stopper, who is considered a valuable asset to the Ligue 1 champions, was quickly admitted to intensive care to receive medical attention for his injuries. The incident has left fans and the football community deeply concerned about Rico’s well-being and his future in the sport.

While the exact circumstances of the incident have not been fully disclosed, reports confirm that Rico sustained significant harm. The severity of the injuries is such that the PSG goalkeeper had to be immediately transferred to intensive care for specialized medical treatment.

Upon admission to the hospital, Sergio Rico received prompt and professional medical attention. The medical staff is working diligently to stabilize his condition and provide the necessary care for his recovery. The exact nature and extent of his injuries have not been publicly disclosed, respecting the privacy and well-being of the player during this challenging time.

See the complete profile of Alba Silva

Full NameAlba Silva
BirthdayJanuary 15, 1994
Age29 years old
BirthplaceSevilla, Spain
Zodiac SignCapricorn
ParentsNames not known
SiblingsShare soon
SpouseSergio Rico (m. 11 June 2022)
Marital StatusMarried
BoyfriendSergio Rico
CareerModel and Influencer
Net WorthUSD 1 Million (estimated)
EducationBachelor’s degree
School/CollegePrivate College
InstagramTap Link
HomepageTap Link

Alba Silva’s Dating History

Alba Silva’s romantic involvement with Sergio Rico has been a significant aspect of her personal life. However, details about her dating history prior to her relationship with Rico remain undisclosed.

Alba Silva’s Relationship with Her Family

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Alba Silva’s background, it is essential to explore her family and heritage.

Alba Silva bio

Alba Silva hails from Spain, making her nationality Spanish, similar to that of her boyfriend, Sergio Rico. While specific details about her background are limited, it is evident that she has captured the heart of many through her vibrant personality and connection with Rico.

Know More About Alba Silva‘s Parents

Information about Alba Silva’s parents and siblings is not widely available. Given the private nature of her personal life, she prefers to keep her family affairs away from the public eye. However, her family has played an integral role in shaping the person she is today.

How rich is Alba Silva?

While Alba Silva’s individual net worth is not readily accessible, it is important to note that she has gained recognition primarily due to her relationship with Sergio Rico. Rico, being a successful professional footballer, has accumulated substantial wealth throughout his career. As a result, Alba enjoys a comfortable lifestyle alongside her partner. Based on her amazing professional field,

When does Alba Silva celebrate her birthday?

Alba Silva likes to cut a cake on her birthday on January 15, 1994. Her birthplace is Sevilla, Spain, and lives in her hometown only. However, based on available information, she is assumed to be of a similar age to Sergio Rico, who was born on September 1, 1993.

Alba Silva wiki

Silva’s zodiac sign is Capricorn, which signifies ambition and determination. Capricorns are often known for their curiosity, adventurous nature, and drive for success. These traits might contribute to Alba Silva’s unique character and the path she chooses in life.

Physical Stats

Weight56 kg
Hair LengthMedium
Physical Stats34-26-35 inches
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown

Hobbies and Interests

While specific details about Alba Silva’s hobbies and interests are not readily available, it can be speculated that she shares common interests with her partner, Sergio Rico. Given their mutual love for football, it is plausible that they enjoy attending matches, engaging in fitness activities, and exploring new experiences together.

Alba Silva is a model

Let’s check Alba Silva’s education

While specific details about Alba Silva’s educational journey remain limited, it is known that she obtained her graduation from a private university. Completing her education from a prestigious institution suggests that Silva possesses the drive and determination required to excel academically. Though the specific field of study she pursued remains undisclosed, her educational background likely contributes to her well-rounded personality and intellectual pursuits.

Alba Silva’s Trivia

  • Alba Silva and Sergio Rico have a strong presence on social media, often sharing glimpses of their personal lives with their followers.
  • Despite her humble background, Alba Silva has embraced the spotlight gracefully, becoming a well-recognized figure in the public eye.
  • Alba Silva’s supportive nature is evident through her unwavering dedication to her relationship with Sergio Rico.
  • As a couple, Alba and Sergio Rico have demonstrated their commitment to philanthropy, engaging in charitable endeavors that reflect their desire to make a positive impact on society.

Conclusion – She has garnered attention and recognition as the girlfriend of Sergio Rico. Her journey alongside Rico reflects a tale of love and companionship. While specific aspects of her life remain private, Alba Silva’s vibrant personality and connection with Rico continue to captivate the hearts of many. Her presence in the public eye showcases her ability to navigate the world of fame and relationships with grace.


  1. How did Alba Silva and Sergio Rico meet?

    The exact circumstances of Alba and Sergio Rico’s meeting have not been publicly disclosed. However, it is believed that they crossed paths sometime in late 2016, as evidenced by their first picture together on Rico’s Instagram account in September 2016.

  2. Is Alba Silva involved in any professional endeavors?

    While Silva’s professional pursuits are not widely known, she has gained recognition primarily through her relationship with Sergio Rico. Her presence on social media platforms, where she shares glimpses of her life, contributes to her popularity.

  3. Does Alba Silva have any siblings?

    Not known.

  4. What are some of Alba Silva’s hobbies?

    Given their relationship, they likely enjoy activities such as attending football matches, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and exploring new adventures together.

  5. Is Alba Silva active on social media?

    Yes, she and Sergio Rico have a significant presence on social media. They often share updates, personal moments, and glimpses into their lives with their followers.

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