Adriana Fossa Biography: Wiki, Height, Age, Children, Movies, and Net Worth of Paolo Maldini’s Wife

Adriana Fossa is the wife of the legendary Italian footballer Paolo Maldini. As the spouse of one of the greatest defenders of all time, Adriana has become a prominent figure in the football world. In this article, we will delve into the life of Fossa, uncovering interesting facts about her personal and professional journey. From her relationship with Paolo Maldini to her own achievements, let’s explore the captivating story of Adriana Fossa.

Who is Adriana Fossa?

Adriana Fossa is a prominent figure known for being the wife of Paolo Maldini, the legendary Italian footballer. Born on June 6, 1968, in Caracas, Venezuela, Adriana embarked on a successful career as a model and actress before becoming Paolo Maldini’s life partner. Her charming personality and beauty have captivated many, and she continues to be admired by fans around the world.

Adriana Fossa and Paolo Maldini: A Perfect Match

She and Paolo Maldini’s love story began many years ago. The couple has been together for decades, standing as a testament to their enduring bond and commitment. Adriana’s unwavering support has been a source of strength for Paolo throughout his illustrious football career. Their strong connection and shared love for each other have made them a beloved couple in the world of football.

Adriana Fossa and Paolo Maldini wedding image
Adriana Fossa and Paolo Maldini’s wedding image

The Wedding of Adriana Fossa and Paolo Maldini

Adriana Fossa and Paolo Maldini exchanged vows in a beautiful wedding ceremony. The details of their wedding remain private, but their union has been an inspiring example of love and devotion. Despite being in the public eye, the couple has managed to maintain a sense of privacy regarding their personal life.

Adriana Fossa with her husband
Adriana Fossa with her husband Paolo Maldini

AC Milan Legend Paolo Maldini Out as Technical Director

AC Milan, one of the most storied clubs in Italian football history, has announced the departure of Paolo Maldini as the club’s technical director. This news comes following reports of a rift between Maldini, a beloved figure at the club, and the team’s new American owner, Gerry Cardinale. Maldini’s departure marks the end of his four-year tenure in the role.

Paolo Maldini, a true legend of AC Milan, had a long and successful playing career with the club. He captained the team during its most successful era, winning numerous domestic and international titles. Maldini’s deep connection with AC Milan and his football knowledge made him a natural choice for the role of technical director when he joined the club in 2019.

Adriana Fossa Biography

Full NameAdriana Fossa
Birthday8 June 1968
Age54 years
BirthplaceCaracas, Venezuela
ParentsStefano Fossa
Dianora Blanco
SiblingsNot known
SpousePaolo Maldini (m. 1994)
Marital StatusMarried
PartnerPaolo Maldini
KidsDaniel Maldini
Christian Maldini
CareerActress and Model
Net WorthUSD 1.5 Million (estimated)
School/CollegePrivate College
InstagramCheck Link
HomepageCheck Link

The Couple’s Beautiful Children

Adriana and Paolo Maldini are blessed with a wonderful family. They have raised their children with love and care, providing them with a nurturing environment. The names of their kids are Daniel Maldini and Christian Maldini. Afterward, both their kids are involved in sports and making a name in that field.

Adriana Fossa with her husband and sons
Adriana Fossa with her husband Paolo Maldini and sons Daniel Maldini & Christian Maldini

Adriana Fossa’s Career and Achievements

Before becoming widely known as Paolo Maldini’s wife, Adriana Fossa had a successful career as a model and actress. Her striking features and talent opened doors for her in the entertainment industry. Adriana graced the covers of numerous top brands in Italy and gained recognition both in her home country and internationally

Adriana Fossa was a model

She initially pursued a career in modeling and successfully graced the covers of top brands in Italy and worldwide. She later transitioned into acting and entrepreneurship, showcasing her versatile talents. Although specific details about her professional endeavors are not widely available, she has been recognized as a model, actress, and entrepreneur.

What is Adriana Fossa’s Age?

Adriana was born on June 8, 1968, in Caracas, Venezuela. As of the current year, she is 54 years old. Growing up in Venezuela, Fossa experienced a multicultural environment that played a significant role in shaping her worldview and outlook on life.

Adriana Fossa wiki

However, detailed information about her upbringing and family background remains scarce, as she prefers to maintain a relatively private life. Born on June 8, Adriana Fossa falls under the zodiac sign of Gemini.

Adriana Fossa Parents and Siblings

She was born into a family where love, support, and encouragement were prevalent. Her father, Stefano Fossa, and mother, Dianora Blanco, provided her with a nurturing environment that allowed her to develop into the remarkable woman she is today. Stefano Fossa, Adriana’s father, is a man of great character and accomplishment.

Adriana Fossa old image with her dad
Adriana Fossa’s old image with her dad Stefano Fossa

Although specific details about his professional life remain undisclosed, it is clear that he has been a pillar of support for his daughter throughout her life. Adriana Fossa’s mother, Dianora Blanco, has been an integral part of her life. While information regarding Dianora’s professional endeavors is not widely available, her influence as a mother has been substantial.


Regarding Adriana Fossa’s education, available information suggests that she attended a private school. However, specific details regarding her educational journey, such as the school’s name or any higher education pursuits, are not widely available. Fossa’s decision to keep her personal life relatively private contributes to the limited information available about her educational background.

Net Worth Details

Adriana Fossa’s net worth is around $1.5 million. Her wealth can be attributed to her successful modeling career, entrepreneurial ventures, and her husband’s illustrious football career.

Facts About Adriana Fossa

  • Adriana Fossa comes from a wealthy Venezuelan family.
  • She met Paolo Maldini in the beautiful city of Milan, where her career as a model took her.
  • She and Paolo Maldini have been married since 1994, making their relationship enduring and strong.
  • She stands at a height of 5’8″ (173 cm) and weighs approximately 60 kg.
  • Fossa is known for her blonde hair and brown eyes.
  • She is an active user of Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her personal life and supports her husband’s football endeavors.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is Adriana Fossa’s profession?

    She is a model, actress, and entrepreneur.

  2. When was Adriana Fossa born?

    June 8, 1968.

  3. How long have Adriana Fossa and Paolo Maldini been married?

    Fossa and Paolo Maldini have been married since 1994.

  4. What is Adriana Fossa’s net worth?

    Fossa’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

  5. Does Adriana Fossa have any social media accounts?

    Yes, Adriana is active on Instagram and shares her amazing posts.

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