Everything You Need to Know About Ziva Dhoni Age, School, Wiki, Parents & Biography of MS Dhoni’s Daughter

Ziva Dhoni, the daughter of former Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his wife Sakshi Dhoni, has become one of the most well-known celebrity kids in India. Born on February 6, 2015, Dhoni has grown up in the public eye and garnered a huge fan following at a young age.

In this article, we will delve deeper into Ziva Dhoni’s life and explore details about her age, education, family, siblings, relationship, husband, boyfriend, kids, career, net worth, height, weight, facts, trivia, and more.

Ziva Dhoni’s Birthday

She was born on 6 February 2015 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Ziva Dhoni is currently eight years old and is known for being one of the cutest and most popular celebrity kids in India.

Ziva Dhoni wiki

Despite her young age, Ziva Dhoni has already gained a massive fan following on social media platforms like Instagram. She is often seen accompanying her father to cricket matches and has been spotted cheering for him from the stands on numerous occasions.

Since her birth, Ziva has been in the limelight due to her celebrity parents, and she has gained a significant following on social media.

NameZiva Dhoni
BirthdayFebruary 6, 2015
Age8 years old
BirthplaceMumbai, India
ParentsMS Dhoni (father), Sakshi Dhoni (mother)
Marital StatusUnmarried
Net WorthINR 1 Crore (estimated)

Ziva Dhoni Father, Mother, and Siblings

Ziva Dhoni comes from a family with a strong background in sports. Her father, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, is a former Indian cricket captain and one of the most successful cricketers in Indian history. Her mother, Sakshi Dhoni, is a well-known personality and has been a constant support system for her husband.

Ziva Dhoni with her father and mother
Ziva Dhoni with her father Mahendra Singh Dhoni and mother Sakshi Dhoni

Her father is regarded as one of the most successful cricket captains in Indian cricket history, having led the team to numerous victories. Dhoni has won various accolades throughout his career, including the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011, the ICC Champions Trophy in 2013, and the IPL title three times with the Chennai Super Kings.

He retired from international cricket on August 15, 2020, after playing for over 15 years. Sakshi Singh Dhoni is the wife of MS Dhoni and the mother of Ziva Dhoni. She is a hotel management graduate and worked as an intern at the Taj Bengal in Kolkata.

She is the only child of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sakshi Dhoni. She does not have any siblings.

Is Sakshi Dhoni Pregnant?

The former Indian cricket team captain, MS Dhoni, is known for his private life and keeps his family away from the limelight. However, his wife, Sakshi Dhoni, has been making headlines recently due to rumors about her pregnancy.

The latest news is that Sakshi was spotted wearing a ‘dupatta’ to hide her tummy at an Eid bash, and this has led many netizens to speculate that she is pregnant. However, there has been no official confirmation from the couple or their representatives.

Ziva Dhoni Relationship Status

Despite her young age, Ziva has gained a significant amount of attention and popularity on social media due to her adorable appearances in her father’s posts and interviews. It is important to remember that Ziva Dhoni is just a child and she deserves to grow up without any unnecessary scrutiny or attention on her personal life.

Ziva Dhoni friends

It is crucial for society to respect the privacy of children, especially when it comes to their personal lives. It is not appropriate to speculate about a child’s romantic relationships or any other aspect of their personal life.

Ziva Dhoni School

In terms of education, Ziva Dhoni is currently attending primary school. Her parents have always emphasized the importance of education, and they are determined to provide her with the best possible academic opportunities.

While her parents have not disclosed the name of her school, it is known that Ziva is a bright student who enjoys learning and spending time with her classmates.

Career Details of Ziva Dhoni

Despite being just eight years old, Ziva Dhoni has already made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She has been seen accompanying her parents to various events and functions and has also made appearances on several television shows. Talking about Dhoni’s rise to fame was nothing short of a fairytale.

Ziva Dhoni career

He was selected to play for the Indian cricket team in 2004, and his performance in the domestic circuit made him a household name. However, it was the inaugural T20 World Cup in 2007 that changed the course of his career. Dhoni’s captaincy and calm demeanor in high-pressure situations helped India win the title, and he became an overnight sensation.

Dhoni’s playing style is unique and has been the subject of much debate among cricket pundits. He is known for his lightning-fast reflexes behind the stumps and his ability to finish games with his batting. Dhoni is also a brilliant strategist and is known for his ability to read the game and make quick decisions.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Ziva Dhoni’s net worth is not known. However, considering her family’s background and her own popularity, it is safe to assume that she is financially well-off. She is happily enjoying her childhood. As per the sources, she has a good share of her parent’s wealth. Accordingly, her net worth is expected to be INR 1 Crores (approx.).

Ziva Dhoni facts

Height and Weight

Weight35 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
EducationPrimary schooling
InstagramSee Here
HomepageSee Here

Facts and Trivia

  • Ziva Dhoni’s birth coincided with the Indian cricket team’s preparations for the 2015 World Cup, which is why her father, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, could not be present during her birth.
  • She is often seen accompanying her father to cricket matches and has become a regular feature in the Indian cricket team’s dressing room.
  • Dhoni’s daughter is a huge fan of animals and has several pets, including dogs and horses.
  • Ziva Dhoni has her own Instagram account with over a million followers, which is managed by her mother Sakshi Dhoni.


  1. Who is Ziva Dhoni?

    Ziva Dhoni is the daughter of Indian cricketer and former captain of the Indian national team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and his wife Sakshi Dhoni.

  2. When was Ziva Dhoni born?

    Ziva Dhoni was born on February 6, 2015.

  3. What is the meaning of the name Ziva?

    Ziva is a Hebrew name that means “radiance” or “brilliance”.

  4. What is Ziva Dhoni known for?

    Ziva Dhoni is known for being the daughter of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, one of the most successful and popular cricketers in India.

  5. Does Ziva Dhoni have any siblings?

    No, Ziva Dhoni is the only child of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sakshi Dhoni.

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