Sandrine Sardou Wiki (Michel Sardou’s Daughter), Age, Profession, Siblings, Mother, Husband Biography, and More

Sandrine Sardou is a well-known personality who is recognized as the daughter of the renowned French singer and occasional actor, Michel Sardou, and Françoise Pettre. Born in 1970, Sandrine Sardou has carved out her own path in the entertainment industry. This article aims to shed light on the background of her father, mother, and siblings, as well as provide insights into Sandrine Sardou’s career, age, birthday, education, and other interesting facts.

Michel Sardou – The Influential Father

Michel Sardou, Sandrine’s father, is a prominent figure in the French music industry. Born on January 26, 1947, in Paris, France, Michel Charles Sardou is a renowned singer, songwriter, and actor. He gained immense popularity for his love songs, including “La maladie d’amour” and “Je vais t’aimer.” Additionally, he is known for addressing social and political issues through his music, such as women’s rights in Islamic countries, clerical celibacy, colonialism, and the death penalty.

Sandrine Sardou father and mother
Sandrine Sardou’s father Michel Sardou and mother Françoise Pettre

Throughout his career, Sardou has released numerous albums and performed on various stages, captivating audiences with his passionate and emotional performances. He has collaborated with renowned artists such as Jean-Jacques Goldman, Johnny Hallyday, and Manu Chao, further expanding his musical influence and leaving a lasting impact on French music.

Michel Sardou: A Renowned Singer

Sardou’s musical journey began in the mid-1960s when he started recording songs and signed a contract with Tréma Records. By the turn of the decade, he had his first chart success, and since then, he has consistently produced hit singles and albums. With a string of more than 25 consecutive hit singles and tens of millions of albums sold, Sardou’s popularity soared.

Known for his powerful and impact-driven songs, Sardou has used his music to express his political and social views without compromising his artistic integrity. He faced several issues through his songs such as the rights of women in Islamic countries (“Musulmanes”), clerical celibacy (“Le curé”), colonialism (“Le temps des colonies,” “Ils ont le pétrole mais c’est tout”), and the death penalty (“Je suis pour”).

While Sardou’s songwriting may not be compared to the likes of Jacques Brel, he has demonstrated his ability to create impactful songs that resonate with the French audience. His focus has always been on his homeland, and he has prioritized his French audience over international fame. This dedication to his country has allowed him to connect deeply with his fans and solidify his position as a beloved figure in French music.

Sandrine Sardou’s mother’s name

Françoise Pettre, Sandrine’s mother, shares a vital connection with Michel Sardou as his former spouse. Unfortunately, limited information is available regarding Françoise Pettre’s background and personal life. However, it is known that she and Michel Sardou were married and had children together.

Sandrine Sardou Biography

Full NameSandrine Sardou
Age53 years
Great-grandparentsValentin Sardou
Andrée Labbé
GrandparentsJackie Sardou
Fernand Sardou
ParentsMichel Sardou
Francoise Pettre
SiblingsCynthia Sardou
Davy Sardou
Romain Sardou
NieceAliénor Sardou
NephewsVictor-Scott Sardou
Gabriel Sardou
SpouseNot known
Marital StatusShare soon
RelationshipWill update
PartnerNot known
KidsUpdate soon
School/CollegePrivate School
HomepageClick Here

Siblings – Cynthia, Romain, and Davy Sardou

Sandrine Sardou has three siblings who are an integral part of the Sardou family. Her siblings include Cynthia Sardou, Romain Sardou, and Davy Sardou. Cynthia Sardou was born in 1973, and Romain Sardou is recognized as a novelist. Davy Sardou, on the other hand, is an actor. Cynthia was kidnapped while returning home from work and was assaulted by three men. With the help of her dad, she was able to rescue herself. She also wrote a novel based on her experience.

Sandrine Sardou father and brothers
Sandrine Sardou’s father Michel Sardou, sister Cynthia Sardou and brothers Davy Sardou & Romain Sardou

Who is Sandrine Sardou?

Sandrine Sardou, the subject of our article, is the daughter of Michel Sardou and Françoise Pettre. While information about her personal life is limited, she has made her mark in the entertainment industry.

Sandrine Sardou’s Career

Sandrine Sardou has ventured into various areas of the entertainment industry. While specifics about her career are not readily available, it is evident that she has followed her passion and pursued her own creative endeavors. She never revealed the details about her professional achievements through any social media handles.

Sandrine Sardou Age and Birthday

Sandrine Sardou was born in the year 1970, although her exact birth date is not widely available. As of today’s date in 2023, she would be around 53 years old, assuming she has already celebrated her birthday.

Information about Sandrine Sardou’s education is not readily available in the provided sources. Given her family background, it is possible that she has had access to a quality education, but specific details about her academic pursuits remain unknown.

Sandrine Sardou father
Sandrine Sardou’s father Michel Sardou

Family Background

Sandrine Sardou is the first-born child of Michel Sardou and Françoise Pettre. Michel Sardou is a legendary figure in the French music industry, known for his chart-topping recordings and contributions to popular music. He has had a successful career as a singer, songwriter, and actor. Sandrine Sardou’s mother, Françoise Pettre, has a lesser-known public profile.

Facts and Trivia

  • Sandrine Sardou is part of a prominent artistic family, with her father Michel Sardou being a highly acclaimed French singer and occasional actor.
  • Her grandfather, Victorien Sardou, was a renowned French playwright, further highlighting her family’s cultural heritage.
  • Sandrine Sardou’s siblings, Cynthia, Romain, and Davy, have all followed creative paths in their respective careers.
  • As a private individual, Sandrine Sardou keeps a low public profile, and information about her personal life and accomplishments is limited.


Sandrine Sardou, the daughter of Michel Sardou and Françoise Pettre, remains a relatively private individual, with limited public information available about her life. Her familial ties to the renowned Sardou family have undoubtedly shaped her upbringing and contributed to her association with the world of arts and entertainment.


  1. Is Sandrine Sardou a public figure?

    Sandrine Sardou maintains a low public profile and is not actively involved in the entertainment industry like her father and siblings. Therefore, she is not as well-known to the public.

  2. What is Sandrine Sardou’s occupation?

    Information regarding Sandrine Sardou’s occupation is not readily available. It is unclear whether she pursued a professional career or chose a different path.

  3. Can I find more information about Sandrine Sardou online?

    Given her private nature, it may be challenging to grab further information about her.

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