Helen Grace De Niro Age, Wiki, Mother, School, Birthday, Relationship, and Net Worth of Robert De Niro’s Daughter

Helen Grace De Niro is the youngest daughter of renowned Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro and his former wife, Grace Hightower. She gained attention as the daughter of her famous father, who is known for his exceptional acting, directing, and producing career.

This article aims to provide comprehensive information about Helen Grace De Niro, covering various aspects of her life, including her age, education, family background, siblings, relationships, career, net worth, physical attributes, and interesting facts.

What is Helen Grace De Niro’s Age?

Helen Grace De Niro was born in 2011 which means as of the current date of this article (May 10, 2023), she would be around 11 years old. It’s important to note that age is subject to change over time. As for her zodiac sign, Helen was born on an unknown date, so her astrological sign is unknown.

Helen Grace De Niro wiki

Helen Grace De Niro Wiki/BIO

Full NameHelen Grace De Niro
Age11 years
BirthplaceUnited States
Zodiac SignNA
Great-grandparentsHenry Martin De Niro
Donald Admiral
Alice Caroline Groman
Helen M. De Niro
GrandparentsVirginia Admiral
Robert De Niro Sr
ParentsRobert De Niro
Grace Hightower
SiblingsDrena De Niro
Raphael De Niro
Julian Henry De Niro
Elliot De Niro
Aaron Kendrick De Niro
EducationMiddle School
Alma MaterPrivate School
Relationship StatusSingle
Weight34 kg
HomepageOpen This

Helen Grace De Niro School/Education

There is limited information available about Helen Grace De Niro’s education. As of 2022, it is mentioned that she was supposed to be in Grade 3-4. Given her young age, it is likely that she is currently attending school and focusing on her studies. However, specific details about her educational journey and the institutions she attends remain private.

Helen Grace De Niro Mother and Father

Helen Niro is part of the well-known De Niro family. Her father, Robert De Niro, is an iconic figure in the entertainment industry, acclaimed for his versatile acting skills, directing prowess, and production achievements. Robert De Niro has starred in numerous notable films, including “Taxi Driver,” “Raging Bull,” “Goodfellas,” and “The Irishman,” among many others.

Helen Grace De Niro with her dad and mom
Helen Grace De Niro with her dad Robert De Niro and mom Grace Hightower

Helen’s mother is Grace Hightower, who was married to Robert De Niro for a total of 20 years before their divorce in 2018. Grace Hightower is involved in philanthropy work and has her own successful career. Together, Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower have two children, Helen Grace De Niro and Elliot, who is Helen’s older brother.


She has an older brother named Elliot, who was born prior to her arrival. Elliot is Robert De Niro’s fifth son. While there is limited information available about Elliot, it is worth mentioning that he is the half-brother of Helen Grace De Niro and shares the same parents.

Elliot De Niro disability
Elliot De Niro

Helen Grace De Niro Step-Siblings

Helen Grace De Niro Also has 5 step-siblings from her father’s past affairs and weddings. The names of his half-siblings are Drena De Niro, Raphael De Niro, Julian Henry De Niro, and Aaron Kendrick De Niro. All her siblings are well-established in their professional fields.

Robert De Niro’s 7th Baby

In May 2023, Robert De Niro announced during an interview that he has just welcomed another child. However, he did not reveal the name, age, birthdate, and gender of his kid through any public domain. Moreover, he also kept the details of his new baby’s momma secret because of personal reasons. Anyways, his fans are thrilled after hearing that he became the father of his 7th kid.

Helen Grace De Niro Relationships Status

As of the currently available information, Grace De Niro is a young child and has not entered into any public relationships. It is important to respect her privacy, and any personal information regarding her romantic relationships, husband, boyfriend, or future children should not be speculated upon, as it is not publicly known.

Helen Grace De Niro family

Helen Grace De Niro Career

Given Helen Grace De Niro’s young age, there is no substantial information available about her career or professional endeavors. It is natural for children of celebrities to lead private lives away from the spotlight, focusing on their education and personal growth.

As she grows older, she may choose to pursue various career paths, but until then, it is essential to respect her privacy and allow her the freedom to make her own choices in due time.

Helen Grace De Niro Lifestyle

Growing up, Helen’s parents made sure that their daughter wanted for nothing, and they spared no expense when it came to providing her with the best of everything. From the finest clothes to the most exclusive vacations, Helen was accustomed to living a life of excess.

Helen Grace De Niro lifestyle

Helen Grace De Niro has lived a life of privilege, thanks to her famous and successful parents. From her father’s storied career in Hollywood to her mother’s philanthropic endeavors, Helen has been exposed to the best of both worlds.

While she has used her wealth and status to make a difference in the world, she has also enjoyed the luxuries that come with being part of one of the entertainment industry’s most prominent families.

Net Worth

As Helen Grace De Niro is a child and has not yet embarked on a professional career, her net worth is not publicly disclosed or available. The net worth of her father, Robert De Niro, however, is estimated to be substantial due to his successful acting and production career spanning several decades. Robert De Niro’s net worth is summed up at around $500 million.

Interesting Facts About Helen Grace De Niro

  • Despite her father’s high profile and fame, Helen has been kept out of the public eye and there are very few photographs of her in circulation.
  • In fact, Robert De Niro has made a conscious effort to keep his children out of the public eye and away from the paparazzi.
  • In addition to being the daughter of a famous actor, Helen Niro comes from a family with a long history in the entertainment industry.
  • Helen’s father, Robert De Niro, is widely regarded as one of the greatest actors of his generation.
  • He has won two Academy Awards and numerous other accolades for his work in films such as “The Godfather Part II,” “Raging Bull,” and “Goodfellas.”
  • Despite her young age, Helen Grace De Niro is already a member of one of the most famous families in Hollywood.

Question and Answer

  1. Who is Helen Grace De Niro?

    She is the daughter of renowned American actor Robert De Niro and his former wife, Grace Hightower. She is a private individual and maintains a relatively low public profile.

  2. When was Helen Grace De Niro born?

    She was born in 2011.

  3. What is Helen Grace De Niro’s occupation?

    Helen Grace’s occupation or professional pursuits have not been widely reported.

  4. Does Helen Grace De Niro have any siblings?

    Yes, she has several siblings like Drena De Niro, Raphael De Niro, Julian Henry De Niro, Elliot De Niro, and Aaron Kendrick De Niro.

  5. What is Helen Grace De Niro’s relationship with her father, Robert De Niro?

    The nature of Helen Grace De Niro’s relationship with her father, Robert De Niro, is not publicly known. However, it is important to respect her privacy and understand that family dynamics can be personal matters.

  6. Is Helen Grace De Niro involved in the entertainment industry like her father?


  7. Does Helen Grace De Niro maintain a public social media presence?

    She has not been known for maintaining a public social media presence.

  8. Is Helen Grace De Niro involved in any charitable or philanthropic activities?

    Her involvement in charitable or philanthropic activities is not publicly available.

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