Who is Apollo Brown? Wiki, Relationship, Bio, Net Worth, Age, School, and Facts of Antonio Brown’s Son

Apollo Brown – Antonio Brown is a well-known NFL player who has garnered a significant amount of attention over the years for his remarkable performances on the field. However, the focus of this article is not on him, but rather on his youngest son, Apollo.

Despite being just 5 years old, Apollo has already amassed a following of over 48.1k on Instagram. In this article, we will take a closer look at Apollo Brown and his life.

Who are Apollo Brown’s Parents?

Apollo Brown is part of a large family. His father, Antonio Brown, is a former NFL wide receiver who has played for several teams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Antonio Brown has four children, including Apollo. His other children are Autonomy Brown, Antanyiah Brown, and Antonio Brown Jr. Apollo’s mother, Chelsie Kyriss, is also the mother of Ali Brown, Apollo’s younger brother.

Apollo Brown with his father mother and siblings
Apollo Brown with his father Antonio Brown, Chelsie Kyriss, and siblings

As the son of a public figure, Apollo Brown undoubtedly receives love, support, and guidance from his parents, Antonio Brown, and his partner. A nurturing and secure environment is crucial for a child’s emotional and cognitive development.

Apollo’s family likely provides him with opportunities to explore different activities, engage in playdates, and enjoy quality time together. Such experiences not only foster his social skills but also contribute to his overall well-being.


As mentioned above, Apollo Brown has three siblings: Autonomy Brown, Antanyiah Brown, and Antonio Brown Jr. Autonomy Brown is the seven-year-old son of Antonio Brown and Chelsie Kyriss. On the other hand, Antanyiah Brown is Antonio’s daughter from a previous relationship with Wiltrice Jackson. Apollo’s elder brother, Antonio Brown Jr., is the eldest of the siblings and has a significant following on Instagram, with 95k followers.

Apollo Brown Age and Early Life

He was born on the 2nd of August, 2017, in the United States. This auspicious day marked the beginning of a life that would be deeply intertwined with the world of sports. As the son of a highly successful professional athlete, Apollo Brown has grown up surrounded by the sights and sounds of the sporting arena, absorbing the passion and dedication it requires to excel in any discipline.

Apollo Brown wiki

Born under the zodiac sign of Leo, Apollo inherits the characteristics associated with this fiery sign. Leos are known for their charisma, leadership qualities, and determination, which could potentially shape Apollo’s personality and drive as he grows older.

Apollo Brown Wiki/BIO

Full NameApollo Brown
Birthday2 August 2017
Age5 years old
BirthplaceUnited States
Zodiac SignLeo
ParentsAntonio Brown and Chelsie Kyriss
SiblingsAutonomy Brown
Apollo Brown
Antanyiah Brown
Marital StatusUnmarried

Who is Apollo Brown?

At the tender age of just five years old, Apollo Brown, the son of renowned NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown, is already making headlines. As a young child, Apollo’s primary focus is on play and exploration, with his adoring parents and a supportive environment nurturing his development.

Apollo Brown facts

While there may not be much information available about Apollo’s romantic relationships at this stage of his life, we can certainly explore his vibrant world and the importance of play in his early years.


Despite his young age, Apollo has already embarked on his educational journey. As a primary school student, he is taking his first steps into the world of learning, discovering new subjects, and nurturing his curiosity. It forms the foundation upon which a child’s academic and personal development is built, equipping them with essential skills and knowledge that will shape their future endeavors.

Apollo Brown Relationship Status

Apollo Brown is a child and does not have a relationship status. As for his parents, Antonio Brown and Chelsie Kyriss, they have had a tumultuous relationship. The couple has had several ups and downs over the years, including breaking up and getting back together. They have four children together.

Apollo Brown relationship

While it is natural for children to form friendships at a young age, it is important to remember that these relationships are primarily based on shared experiences and interests.

At five years old, Brown is likely to have developed close bonds with children from his neighborhood, preschool, or family gatherings. These early friendships play a vital role in developing social skills, empathy, and emotional intelligence.

Net Worth

It is challenging to estimate Apollo Brown’s net worth at such a young age. However, his father, Antonio Brown, has an estimated net worth of $20 million as of 2023, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Antonio Brown made most of his money from his NFL career and endorsements.

Apollo Brown’s Career

As Apollo Brown grows older, his interests and friendships will continue to evolve. He will embark on various educational and extracurricular pursuits, expanding his horizons and forming new connections. While it is too early to predict what lies ahead for Apollo, his early years of play and exploration will undoubtedly shape his character, interests, and future endeavors.

Apollo Brown career

As a five-year-old, Apollo is in the midst of his exploratory phase, where every day brings new experiences and discoveries. Like many children his age, he is likely to engage in various types of play, such as imaginative play, physical play, and interactive play with peers and family members.

Whether he’s building towering block structures, pretending to be a superhero, or engaging in friendly competitions, Apollo’s playfulness reflects his innate curiosity and eagerness to learn about the world.

Height and Weight

Weight17 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
EducationPrimary Education from private school
InstagramFind Here
HomepageFind Here

Interesting Facts of Apollo Brown

  • Apollo Brown’s Instagram account is managed by his parents, and he has a following of over 35.4k followers.
  • Brown’s parents, Antonio Brown and Chelsie Kyriss, have had a tumultuous relationship over the years, including breaking up and getting back together.
  • Apollo has 4 siblings, Autonomy Brown, Antanyiah Brown, Ali Brown and Antonio Brown Jr.


  1. Who is Apollo Brown?

    Apollo is not the son of Antonio Brown.

  2. Who is Apollo Brown’s mother?

    Chelsie Kyriss.

  3. When was Apollo Brown born?

    2 August 2017.

  4. Does Apollo Brown go to School?


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