Vikram Noor Bukhari Husband, Age, Wiki, Kids, Marriage, Siblings, Career, and Net worth

Vikram Noor Bukhari Husband – In the realm of Pakistani entertainment, the lives of celebrities often captivate the public’s attention. One such figure who garnered significant interest is Vikram, the former husband of renowned actress Noor Bukhari. Although Vikram’s time in the spotlight was largely overshadowed by his ex-wife’s fame, he remains an intriguing character worthy of exploration.

In this article, we delve into Vikram Noor Bukhari Husband‘s age, birthday, zodiac sign, and educational background, shedding light on the lesser-known aspects of his life.

Who is Vikram Noor Bukhari Husband? (Age and Birthplace)

Vikram’s exact date of birth and age has remained relatively elusive, contributing to the air of mystery surrounding him. However, it is widely believed that he was born sometime between 1972 and 1975 in Pakistan. Based on this information, Vikram Noor Bukhari Husband’s current age would range from 47 to 50 years old, assuming our knowledge cutoff of September 2021.

Noor Bukhari wiki

As the precise date of Vikram’s birth remains unknown, it is difficult to determine his zodiac sign with certainty

Vikram’s Parents and Siblings

Unfortunately, specific details regarding Vikram Noor Bukhari Husband’s parents remain undisclosed to the public. It is known, however, that his mother is a homemaker, dedicating her time and efforts to managing the household. Meanwhile, his father is reported to be a businessman, actively involved in the business world.

Although the names and professional ventures of his parents are not widely known, their influence and support likely played a significant role in shaping Vikram’s life. Similar to the lack of information regarding his parents, not much is known about Vikram’s siblings. It is uncertain whether he has any brothers or sisters.

Vikram’s Biodata

Age47-50 years
ParentsNames not known
SiblingsShare soon
Alma MaterPrivate School
CasteNot known
WifeNoor Bukhari (Ex-wife)
Marital StatusDivorced
Net WorthPKR 2 Crore
HomepageTap Link

What is Vikram’s highest qualification?

While Vikram Noor Bukhari Husband may not have attained celebrity status in his own right, he is known to be a graduate. Further details regarding his field of study, alma mater, and academic achievements are not readily available in the public domain. Despite this, Vikram’s educational background suggests a commitment to personal growth and development.

Vikram’s Wife and Marriage

Vikram’s most notable association is his marriage to Noor Bukhari, a prominent Pakistani actress and television host. The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony in 2008, marking the beginning of a chapter that would captivate the media and fans alike. However, their marriage was short-lived, and they eventually divorced in 2010, leading to public speculation and rumors.

Noor Bukhari and her husband

Does Vikram and Noor Bukhari Have Kids?

According to various media reports, the couple doesn’t share any kids together. They parted ways after 2 years of wedding because of some personal reasons. However, they maintained privacy about their personal life after divorce and shared less information on the internet.

What does Noor Bukhari do?

Noor Bukhari started her acting career in the mid-90s with her debut film “Ghungat” in 1996. Since then, she has acted in a large number of films and television dramas. Her notable performances in the film industry include “Billi” (2000), “Jhoomar” (2007), and “Mehndi Waley Hath” (2000). She was also appreciated for her performance in the Pakistani drama serial “Uraan” (2010), which was based on social issues. During her career, she received many nominations and awards for her performances. In 2008, she won the Best Supporting Actress award for the film “Zill-e-Shah.”

Vikram ex wife
Vikram ex-wife Noor Bukhari

In addition to acting, Noor Bukhari has also directed films. She made her directorial debut with the film “Ishq Positive” in 2016, which was a romantic comedy. The film starred Noor Bukhari herself alongside Wali Hamid Ali Khan. The film received positive and negative reviews from the audience and critics.

Noor Bukhari’s Controversial Personal Life

Noor Bukhari’s personal life has been a topic of discussion in the media due to her multiple marriages. She first got married to an engineer named Saqib in Dubai in 2008, but the couple divorced after a short while. She then got married to a businessman named Farooq Mengal in 2010, but the couple separated after a few months.

Noor Bukhari is an actress

In 2012, she got married to Awn Chaudhry, but the couple parted ways after five months. They have a daughter together named Fatima, who currently lives with Noor Bukhari. Her fourth marriage was with singer Wali Hamid Ali Khan in 2015, but they also got divorced later on. Noor Bukhari has been open about her personal struggles and how they led her to embrace Islam.

Noor Bukhari Welcomed a Child

Noor Bukhari, a veteran Pakistani actress, has recently announced the arrival of her baby boy, Muhammad Ali Raza, on her Instagram handle. In the post, she expressed gratitude to Allah and requested her fans to keep her newborn son in their prayers. This news has brought immense happiness to Noor Bukhari’s fans who have been eagerly waiting for this announcement.

The news of Noor Bukhari’s newborn baby boy has taken the Pakistani showbiz industry by storm, and fans have been congratulating the actress on social media. Noor Bukhari shared a beautiful picture of her baby boy on Instagram, which was accompanied by a heartfelt caption thanking Allah for blessing her with a son.

Height and Weight

Weight78 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark brown

Vikram Noor Bukhari Husband’s Career and Profession

Vikram’s career trajectory is marked by his successful foray into various business ventures, showcasing his versatility and ability to adapt to changing market dynamics. He has played a key role in different sectors, including real estate, manufacturing, and hospitality.

As an industrialist, Vikram Noor Bukhari Husband has made significant investments in the real estate sector. He has been involved in the development of numerous commercial and residential projects, which have not only contributed to the economic growth of the region but also earned him substantial profits. Vikram’s vision and strategic planning have been instrumental in the success of his real estate ventures.

What is Vikram’s Net worth

Due to his successful business ventures and investments, Vikram has amassed significant wealth. While an exact figure for his net worth is not publicly available, it is estimated to be substantial, reflecting the success he has achieved throughout his career. A few internet sources claimed that his net worth is around PKR 2 Crores (approx.).

Facts About Vikram

  • Vikram’s marriage to Noor Bukhari, a renowned Pakistani actress and model, attracted significant media attention.
  • Noor Bukhari filed for divorce from Vikram, citing irreconcilable differences and alleged mistreatment.
  • Vikram Noor Bukhari Husband has largely maintained a low profile since his divorce from Noor Bukhari.
  • Vikram did not possess any active public social media accounts, making it challenging to ascertain his current activities or personal updates.


  1. Who is Vikram and how is he related to Noor Bukhari?

    Vikram is Noor Bukhari’s ex-husband. The two got married in 2008 but later got divorced in 2010.

  2. What does Vikram do for a living?

    He is a businessman by profession.

  3. Why did Noor Bukhari and Vikram get divorced?

    They divorced because of some personal reasons.

  4. Did Vikram and Noor Bukhari have any children together?

    No, Vikram and Noor Bukhari did not have any children together during their marriage.

  5. Is Vikram active on social media?

    Vikram Noor Bukhari Husband is not active on social media as he has maintained a relatively low profile since his divorce from Noor Bukhari.

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