Upasana Kamineni Wiki, Age, Father, Net Worth, Height, Mother, Kids, Marriage, and More about Ram Charan’s Wife

Upasana Kamineni Konidela is a prominent personality in the entertainment industry. She is best known as the wife of popular Telugu actor Ram Charan. Upasana has made her mark as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and health advocate.

In this article, we will delve into various aspects of Upasana Kamineni’s life, including her age, education, family background, relationship with Ram Charan, career endeavors, and more.

Upasana Kamineni Husband and Marriage

Ram Charan is a prominent Telugu actor, producer, and entrepreneur. He was born on March 27, 1985, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Ram Charan is the son of renowned Telugu actor Chiranjeevi and Surekha Konidela, making him a part of the illustrious Konidela family, which has a significant presence in the Telugu film industry.

He made his acting debut in 2007 with the film “Chirutha” and went on to deliver several successful movies, establishing himself as one of the leading actors in the Telugu cinema industry.

Upasana Kamineni with her husband
Upasana Kamineni with her husband Ram Charan

Ram Charan married Upasana Kamineni on June 14, 2012, in a grand ceremony attended by family, friends, and numerous celebrities from the film industry. Their union brought together two influential families, with Upasana belonging to the prominent Kamineni family. The couple has been admired for their strong bond and supportive relationship.

Married Life and Relationship with Ram Charan

Upasana Kamineni’s married life with Ram Charan has been an important aspect of her public persona. They have been considered one of the power couples in the Telugu film industry. Their marriage has been characterized by love, mutual respect, and shared ambitions.

Upasana Kamineni and Ram Charan
Upasana Kamineni and Ram Charan

Upasana and Ram Charan have frequently appeared together at various events, film promotions, and social gatherings, displaying their affection and support for each other. Their bond is often admired by fans and the media. Upasana has been a pillar of strength for Ram Charan, especially during his battle with COVID-19.

Brief Biography of Ram Charan

Ram Charan, born as Konidela Ram Charan Tej, comes from a family deeply rooted in the Telugu film industry. His father, Chiranjeevi, is a renowned actor and former politician, while his paternal uncle, Pawan Kalyan, is also a prominent actor and politician. Being born into such a family, Ram Charan had a natural inclination towards acting.

Ram Charan completed his schooling at the prestigious Lawrence School in Ooty, Tamil Nadu. He pursued his higher education at St. Mary’s College in Hyderabad. Apart from acting, Ram Charan has also shown interest in entrepreneurship.

He is the owner of the airline TruJet and serves as the director of the company. His entrepreneurial ventures extend beyond aviation, as he also launched a Hyderabad-based polo team called Ram Charan Hyderabad Polo Riding Club.

Upasana Kamineni Biography

Full NameUpasana Kamineni Konidela
Birthday20 July 1989
Age33 years
BirthplaceHyderabad, Telangana, India
GrandfathersPrathap C. Reddy
Umapathy Kamineni
ParentsShobana Kamineni
Anil Kamineni
Surekha Konidela
SiblingsAnushpala Kamineni
Puansh Kamineni
CousinsHarshad Reddy
Karthik Reddy
CareerEntrepreneur and Influencer
Net WorthINR 3-4 Crores (approx.)
SpouseRam Charan (m. 2012)
Marital StatusMarried
Relationship StatusCommitted
BoyfriendRam Charan
KidsWill update
Harvard 2020 Presidents’ Program
Alma MaterThe Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet
Mayo College Girls’ School
Villa Marie Degree College for Women
Regent’s University London
Harvard Business School

Upasana Kamineni’s Kids

Regarding the topic of children, Upasana Kamineni and Ram Charan have been the subject of speculation and curiosity. There have been numerous discussions about when the couple would start a family. However, Upasana has always maintained that the decision to have children is a personal choice and should not be influenced by external pressures.

In 2023, Upasana and Ram Charan announced that they were expecting their first child. The news was received with great joy and excitement by their fans and well-wishers. This development marked a new phase in their married life and added to their happiness.

Upasana Kamineni Flaunts Her Baby Bump

Mother’s Day is a special occasion celebrated worldwide to honor the immense love, care, and sacrifices of mothers. This year, it holds even more profound meaning for Upasana Kamineni, the wife of popular actor Ram Charan, as she eagerly awaits the arrival of her first child. Upasana, known for her grace and compassion, has taken this opportunity to share her thoughts on embracing “motherhood” and the reasons behind her decision.

Upasana’s decision to embrace motherhood is rooted in her deep love for family and the desire to nurture a new life. She explains that her choice was not driven by societal expectations but rather by a personal journey of love and growth. Upasana’s decision to become a mother highlights the importance of recognizing motherhood as an empowering choice.

Upasana Kamineni’s Age

Upasana has carved a niche for herself in the healthcare industry and is associated with one of the leading hospitals in India. She was born on 20th July 1989 in Hyderabad, Telangana, and is currently 33 years old.

Upasana Kamineni wiki

Upasana Kamineni Konidela was born on 20th July, which makes her a Cancerian, according to the astrological calendar. People born under this zodiac sign are known to be emotional, caring, and nurturing. They are also known to be protective of their loved ones and have a strong sense of intuition.

What did Upasana Kamineni study?

Upasana Kamineni Konidela completed her schooling at The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet, and Mayo College Girls’ School. She pursued her higher education at Villa Marie Degree College for Women in Hyderabad, where she graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

She then went on to pursue an MBA from Regent’s University London, a prestigious institution in the United Kingdom. Additionally, she completed the YPO/Harvard 2020 Presidents’ Program at the Harvard Business School.

Family Background

Upasana Kamineni comes from a prominent family in India. She is the granddaughter of Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, the founder of Apollo Hospitals, one of the largest healthcare chains in India.

Upasana Kamineni with her dad and mom
Upasana Kamineni with her dad Anil Kamineni and mom Shobana Kamineni

Her father, Anil Kamineni, is a businessman, and her mother, Shobana Kamineni, serves as the Executive Vice Chairperson of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited. Upasana has a close bond with her family and often shares pictures and updates about them on her social media accounts.

Upasana Kamineni parents in law


Upasana Kamineni has a sister named Anushpala Kamineni. Anushpala leads a relatively private life and is not involved in the entertainment industry like her sister. Upasana shares a close bond with her sister and often shares pictures and moments spent together on her social media platforms.

Social Profiles

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Relationship with Ram Charan

Upasana Kamineni and Ram Charan, one of the most celebrated actors in the Telugu film industry, are happily married. The couple tied the knot in 2012 and have been inseparable since then. Their strong bond and mutual support have made them one of the power couples in the industry.

How is Upasana Kamineni related to Apollo?

Apart from being the wife of a popular actor, Upasana Kamineni has built an impressive career of her own. She is an entrepreneur and has been actively involved in the healthcare sector. Upasana serves as the Vice Chairman of Apollo Life, a division of the Apollo Hospitals Group. She has been instrumental in promoting preventive healthcare and wellness initiatives.

Upasana Kamineni achievements

Philanthropy and Health Advocacy

Upasana Kamineni is passionate about making a positive impact on society. She is actively engaged in philanthropic activities and has been associated with various charitable organizations. Upasana strives to create awareness about health and wellness, encouraging people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Stats

Weight57 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown

What is Upasana Kamineni net worth?

Considering her successful career, involvement in various business ventures, and family background, it can be inferred that she enjoys a comfortable financial status. Being married to Ram Charan, one of the highest-paid actors in the Telugu film industry, further contributes to her financial well-being.

Upasana Kamineni bio

Amazing Trivia of Upasana Kamineni

  • Upasana Kamineni is actively involved in various philanthropic initiatives. She is associated with the Apollo Foundation, which focuses on healthcare, education, and rural development.
  • She has played a key role in organizing medical camps and health awareness programs in rural areas.
  • Upasana is passionate about fitness and leads a healthy lifestyle.
  • She frequently shares tips, recipes, and workout routines on her social media accounts to inspire others to prioritize their well-being.
  • Upasana Kamineni has a unique fashion sense and is often admired for her style choices.
  • She has been spotted wearing traditional Indian attire, promoting sustainable fashion, and representing India at prestigious events like the Oscars, where she chose to wear a beautiful silk saree made from recycled scraps.
  • Kamineni is the Vice Chairperson of Apollo Life, a healthcare and wellness company associated with Apollo Hospitals.
  • She is also the Editor-in-Chief of B Positive magazine, a health and lifestyle magazine that aims to promote positive thinking and healthy living.
  • Upasana Kamineni has a significant presence on social media platforms like Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her personal life, fitness journey, and philanthropic work.
  • She has a large following and is considered a social media influencer.

Some Questions/Answers

  1. When and where was Upasana Kamineni born?

    She was born on July 20, 1989, in Hyderabad, India.

  2. What is Upasana Kamineni’s educational background?

    Upasana Kamineni holds a degree in International Business Marketing & Management from Regent’s University, London.

  3. Did Upasana Kamineni attend the Oscars in 2023?

    Yes, Upasana attended the Oscars 2023 ceremony and represented India by wearing a beautiful silk saree made from recycled scraps.

  4. Is Upasana Kamineni expecting a child?

    Yes, Upasana Kamineni and Ram Charan are expecting their first child.

  5. What is Upasana Kamineni’s role in the Apollo Foundation?

    Kamineni is associated with the Apollo Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Apollo Hospitals. Her involvement includes initiatives focused on healthcare, education, and rural development.

  6. What business ventures is Upasana Kamineni associated with?

    Upasana Kamineni is the Vice Chairperson of Apollo Life, a healthcare and wellness company.

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