LeAnn Mueller Death Cause, Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Biography, Family, Kids, Partner, and Facts About La Barbecue Founder

LeAnn Mueller, the co-owner and founder of La Barbecue, was a prominent figure in the Texas barbecue scene. She hailed from a family with deep roots in the barbecue industry, and her passion and dedication to the craft made her a respected pitmaster and chef.

LeAnn Mueller’s contributions to the culinary world, her career accomplishments, her personal life, and her untimely death have left a lasting impact. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of LeAnn Mueller’s life, including her career, net worth, age, birthday, parents, husband, kids, and education, as well as share some interesting facts and trivia.

LeAnn Mueller Age and Zodiac

LeAnn Mueller was born on February 20, 1972, in Taylor, Texas, United States. From a young age, she was exposed to the rich barbecue traditions of Texas, which deeply influenced her culinary aspirations. Growing up in a family of pitmasters, LeAnn developed a keen interest in the art of smoking meat.

LeAnn Mueller age

LeAnn Mueller’s birth on February 20 places her zodiac sign as Pisces. Known for their imaginative and intuitive nature, Pisceans often display a deep sense of creativity and compassion, which might have influenced LeAnn’s journey in the culinary world.

Career Journey of LeAnn Mueller

Although LeAnn Mueller initially had aspirations of becoming a professional photographer, her deep connection to barbecue eventually led her down a different path. She spent some time in New York, honing her photography skills and working with notable celebrities. However, her passion for barbecue persisted, and she decided to channel her energy into opening her own barbecue business.

LeAnn Mueller business

In 2012, LeAnn Mueller, along with her wife, Ali Chem, founded La Barbecue in South Austin. The restaurant quickly gained recognition for its exceptional smoked meats and became a beloved destination for barbecue enthusiasts. LeAnn’s expertise in pitmaster techniques and her commitment to quality made La Barbecue a must-visit establishment for barbecue lovers in Austin and beyond.

Before immersing herself in the world of barbecue, LeAnn Mueller pursued a successful career as a professional photographer. She worked with renowned celebrities, including Jay Z and Willie Nelson, during her time in New York City. Her passion for capturing moments through the lens eventually merged with her love for barbecue, as she skillfully showcased the artistry of smoked meats at La Barbecue.


Full NameLeAnn Mueller
BirthdayFebruary 20, 1972
Age51 years old (at death time)
BirthplaceTaylor, Texas, United States
CareerEntrepreneur and Photographer
Net WorthUSD 2 Million
GrandfatherLouie Mueller
ParentsBobby Mueller
Patricia Mueller
SiblingsWayne Mueller
WifeAli Clem (m. 2014)
Marital StatusMarried
GirlfriendAli Clem
EducationBachelor’s degree
School/CollegePrivate College
Weight64 kg
InstagramCheck Link
FacebookCheck Link
Official WebsiteCheck Link
HomepageCheck Link

LeAnn Mueller’s Achievements and Awards

LeAnn Mueller’s dedication to her craft and the outstanding barbecue served at La Barbecue earned her well-deserved accolades throughout her career. Her restaurant received critical acclaim and was recognized with numerous awards. In 2006, the family’s original restaurant, Louie Mueller Barbecue, won the prestigious James Beard Award.

LeAnn Mueller wiki

While LeAnn Mueller’s La Barbecue did not specifically win a James Beard Award, its contribution to the barbecue scene in Austin and its influence on the culinary landscape were widely acknowledged. The restaurant became a staple in the vibrant Texas barbecue community and garnered a loyal following of barbecue aficionados.

Was LeAnn Mueller married?

LeAnn Mueller’s personal life revolved around her passion for barbecue and her family. She shared her life and professional journey with her wife, Ali Chem, who was her business partner at La Barbecue. They were married in 2014 after a few months of dating. Their combined efforts and shared vision contributed to the success and popularity of the restaurant.

LeAnn Mueller with her wife
LeAnn Mueller with her wife Ali Chem

Details regarding LeAnn Mueller’s children and other personal aspects of her life are not widely available in the public domain. However, it is evident that she cherished her family’s barbecue heritage and carried it forward with pride.

Education and Learning

LeAnn Mueller received her education from a private school. Although specific details about her schooling are not widely available, her early exposure to the art of barbecue and her family’s culinary heritage laid a solid foundation for her future endeavors.

LeAnn Mueller bio

LeAnn Mueller’s Tragic Passing and Legacy

On June 14, 2023, LeAnn Mueller passed away unexpectedly at the age of 51. However, it is known that she died peacefully and was surrounded by her loved ones. Her passing came as a shock to the culinary community and her devoted patrons.

LeAnn Mueller leaves behind a lasting legacy in the Texas barbecue world. She was highly regarded for her expertise in smoking meats to perfection, carrying on the tradition of her renowned barbecue family. La Barbecue gained widespread recognition for its exceptional food and became a beloved destination for barbecue enthusiasts. LeAnn’s dedication to her craft and commitment to quality set her apart as a trailblazer in the industry.

LeAnn Mueller’s Parents and Siblings

Born into a family with a rich barbecue legacy, LeAnn has made a name for herself by carrying on the tradition of exceptional barbecue started by her grandfather, Louie Mueller.

LeAnn’s father, Bobby Mueller, and her mother, Patricia Mueller, played an instrumental role in shaping her passion for barbecue. Growing up in the Mueller family, she was exposed to the art of slow-cooked meats and the importance of using quality ingredients from a young age. Her parents instilled in her a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for the craft of barbecue.

LeAnn Mueller mother
LeAnn Mueller’s mother Patricia Mueller

LeAnn also shares her love for a barbecue with her brother, Wayne Mueller. Together, they have worked tirelessly to preserve their family’s barbecue heritage and elevate it to new heights. Wayne Mueller is a well-respected pitmaster in his own right and currently operates his own barbecue joint, Louie Mueller Barbecue, in Taylor, Texas.

The net worth of LeAnn Mueller

Her success as the founder of La Barbecue and her involvement in the barbecue industry has undoubtedly contributed to her financial prosperity, which is around USD 2 Million (approx.). Her accomplishments in the world of barbecue have made her a respected figure in the culinary community and have solidified her place among the great pitmasters of Texas.


  • Inspired by her family’s barbecue heritage, LeAnn Mueller opened her own award-winning restaurant, La Barbecue, in South Austin in 2012.
  • The restaurant quickly gained recognition for its exceptional smoked meats and mouthwatering flavors.
  • Her brother, John Mueller, also ventured into the barbecue business but had a much-publicized falling out with LeAnn in 2012
  • Despite the family’s complicated dynamics, their individual barbecue ventures added richness to the diverse Texas barbecue landscape.

Conclusion – LeAnn Mueller, the founder of La Barbecue, left an indelible mark on the world of barbecue. Through her passion, dedication, and exceptional cooking skills, she created a culinary institution that has become a symbol of excellence in smoked meats. Her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring pitmasters and showcases the power of following one’s passion.

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