Who is Mateo Kovacic’s Wife? Know Details About Izabel Kovacic Age, Wiki, Height, Kid, and More

Izabel Kovacic, also known as Izabel Andrijanic, is the wife of Croatian professional footballer Mateo Kovacic. While Mateo Kovacic has made a name for himself on the football field, Izabel has carved her own path as a successful businesswoman. In this article, we will explore various aspects of Izabel Kovacic’s life, including her family, career, and intriguing facts about her. So let’s dive in!

Does Izabel Kovacic has a child?

Izabel Kovacic is not only a loving wife but also a proud mother. Together with Mateo Kovacic, they welcomed their first child, a baby boy, on October 12, 2020. The couple cherishes their parenthood and Izabel embraces her role as a loving and caring mother. Izabel always shares an abundance of images with her son on her official social media handles.

Izabel Kovacic with her son
Izabel Kovacic with her son

Mateo Kovacic and Izabel Kovacic Love Story

She is married to Mateo Kovacic, a renowned Croatian professional footballer. Mateo Kovacic has made a name for himself in the world of football, showcasing his skills as a midfielder. He has played for prestigious clubs like Real Madrid and Chelsea and has also represented the Croatian national team in international competitions.

Izabel Kovacic with her husband
Izabel Kovacic with her husband Mateo Kovacic

Izabel and Mateo’s Marriage

Izabel and Mateo Kovacic’s love story is one that spans their childhood. They have known each other since they were children and their relationship blossomed over the years. After years of dating, the couple tied the knot in 2017, promising to embark on a lifelong journey together. Their love story is a testament to their strong bond and deep connection.

Mateo Kovacic’s Transfer to Manchester City

The football transfer market is always abuzz with speculation and rumors, and the latest news making waves is Manchester City’s talks with Chelsea over the possible transfer of Mateo Kovacic. With the potential departure of Kovacic from Chelsea, fans and pundits are eagerly following the developments surrounding this transfer.

Manchester City, under the guidance of manager Pep Guardiola, has consistently shown a strong desire to strengthen their squad with top-class players. Their interest in Mateo Kovacic is a testament to their ambition to maintain their dominance in English football. Kovacic’s playing style and attributes align well with the possession-based, attacking brand of football that Guardiola emphasizes.


While Chelsea recognizes Kovacic’s contributions to their success, they are open to negotiating his transfer to Manchester City. This decision can be attributed to various factors, such as Chelsea’s midfield depth, the need to refresh the squad, and potentially generating funds to reinvest in new signings. The willingness of Chelsea to engage in talks shows their openness to the possibility of Kovacic’s departure.

Who is Izabel Kovacic?

Izabel Kovacic, formerly known as Izabel Andrijanic, is a successful businesswoman who has established her own company named Lunilou. Lunilou specializes in providing organic and environmentally friendly baby items, catering to the needs of conscious parents.

Izabel Kovacic wiki

Izabel Kovacic Wiki/BIO

Full NameIzabel Andrijanic
Birthday17 December 1992
Age30 years
ParentsMr. Andrijanic
Mrs. Andrijanic
SiblingsIvana Čirjak
SpouseMateo Kovacic (m. 2017)
Marital StatusMarried
Relationship StatusCommitted
PartnerMateo Kovacic
Children1 son
CareerModel and entrepreneur
Net WorthUS $1 Million (approx.)
School/CollegeFaculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb
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What is Izabel Kovacic’s age?

Izabel was born on 17 December 1992, which means she is currently 30 years old as of the time of writing this article. With her birthday falling on 17 December, Izabel Kovacic’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Sagittarians are known for their adventurous spirit, optimism, and love for travel and exploration.

Izabel Kovacic’s Career: A Successful Entrepreneur

Izabel Kovacic has displayed remarkable entrepreneurial skills, establishing her own company named Lunilou. Lunilou specializes in offering organic and environmentally friendly baby items. As a successful businesswoman, Izabel has devoted considerable time and effort to growing her business. Her dedication and entrepreneurial acumen have allowed her to make a mark in the business world, particularly in the domain of baby products.

Izabel Kovacic career

Lunilou: Izabel’s company, Lunilou, has gained popularity and recognition for its commitment to providing high-quality and eco-friendly baby items. With a focus on organic materials and sustainable production practices, Lunilou caters to the needs of parents who prioritize environmentally conscious choices for their children. Through Lunilou, Izabel has carved a niche for herself in the business world and has contributed positively to the industry.

What is Izabel Kovacic’s height?

Weight56 kg
Hair LengthMedium
Physical Stats34-25-36 inches
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue

Let’s check Izabel Kovacic academic background

Izabel Kovacic’s pursuit of knowledge led her to the esteemed Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. Recognized as one of the leading educational institutions in the country, the university offers a wide range of programs that equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field of economics and business.

Izabel Kovacic bio

During her time at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Izabel diligently worked towards her academic goals, immersing herself in various subjects related to economics, finance, marketing, and management.

Family: Building a Beautiful Life Together

Kovacic and Mateo Kovacic have built a beautiful life together, starting with their marriage in 2017. In addition to their son Ivan, the couple shares a strong bond and supports each other in their respective endeavors. Family plays a central role in their lives, and they prioritize creating a nurturing and loving environment for their child.

Unveiling Intriguing Details

  • Izabel’s maiden name is Izabel Andrijanic, but she is commonly known as Izabel Kovacic.
  • She became popular among the Spanish media during Mateo Kovacic’s time playing for Real Madrid.
  • Izabel is a successful businesswoman and has established her own company, Lunilou, which specializes in organic and environmentally friendly baby items.
  • Izabel Kovacic was born on December 17, 1992, and is currently 30 years old.
  • Izabel and Mateo Kovacic have known each other since childhood and dated for several years before getting married in 2017.


Izabel Kovacic, the wife of Mateo Kovacic, is not just a supportive partner but also a successful businesswoman. Her journey as a loving mother and dedicated entrepreneur showcases her commitment to her family and career. With her charismatic presence and business acumen, Izabel continues to inspire others. The bond between Izabel and Mateo Kovacic is a testament to their enduring love and partnership.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Does Izabel Kovacic have children?

    Yes, Izabel Kovacic and Mateo Kovacic have a son, who was born on October 12, 2020.

  2. What is Izabel Kovacic’s occupation?

    Izabel is a successful businesswoman and the owner of Lunilou, a company specializing in organic and environmentally friendly baby items

  3. How old is Izabel Kovacic?

    As of the current date, Izabel Kovacic is 30 years old, having been born on December 17, 1992.

  4. When did Izabel Kovacic marry Mateo Kovacic?

    Izabel Kovacic and Mateo Kovacic got married in 2017 after dating for several years.

  5. What is the name of Izabel Kovacic’s company?

    Izabel Kovacic’s company is called Lunilou, which specializes in organic and environmentally friendly baby items.

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