Who is Randi Martin? Age, Husband, Wiki, Net Worth, Parents, Daughter, and Career Details of Patrick Mahomes’ Mother

Randi Martin is the mother of one of the most talented NFL quarterbacks of this generation, Patrick Mahomes II. Her journey, as a mother and homemaker, has been an interesting one. Born on June 25, 1972, in Tyler, Texas, Randi Martin had a comfortable childhood. In this article, we will delve into Martin’s life, career, and relationships.

Randi Martin’s Birthday and Age

She was born on June 25, 1972, in the charming city of Tyler, Texas, United States. As of the current year, 2023, she is 50 years old. Growing up in the neighboring town of Troup, Texas, Randi enjoyed a typical childhood filled with fond memories and experiences that shaped her into the remarkable woman she is today.

Randi Martin old image
Randi Martin’s old image

While information about her zodiac sign is not widely available, astrology enthusiasts might deduce that Randi falls under the Cancer zodiac sign, as her birthday falls on June 25. People born under the sign of Cancer are often described as nurturing, compassionate, and fiercely protective of their loved ones.

Randi Martin’s Family

Randi’s parents are Randy Martin and Debbie Bates Martin. Her father was a school principal in Texas. Her mother, Debbie, attended WestRusk High School and Tyler Junior College and worked at Whitehouse ISD.

Randi Martin parents
Randi Martin’s parents

According to the reports, she has three elder siblings and she enjoys being the youngest one. She has one brother named Joey Martin and two sisters named Jill Herrington and Lori Deal.

Randi Martin Wiki/BIO

Full nameRandi Martin
Birthday25 June 1972
Age50 years
BirthplaceTyler, Texas, United States
Zodiac signCancer
ParentsRandy Martin
Debbie Bates Martin
SiblingsJoey Martin
Lori Deal
Jill Herrington
HusbandPat Mahomes (divorced)
Marital statusDivorced
Relationship statusSingle
ChildrenPatrick Mahomes
Jackson Mahomes
Mia Randall
Net worthUSD 2.5 Million

Who is Randi Martin’s husband?

Martin is a divorced woman. She was previously married to Major League Baseball player Pat Mahomes, but their relationship ended in a divorce. However, she has continued to maintain a cordial relationship with him.


She has two children together, sons named Patrick and Jackson Mahomes. Pat and Randi Martin are also the proud grandparents of two young kids. Patrick and his wife, Brittany Matthews Mahomes, announced the welcomed their daughter, Sterling Skye, on Feb. 20, 2021, and their son, Patrick Mahomes II Jr., on September 1, 2022.

Randi Martin with her daughter and sons
Randi Martin with her daughter Mia Randall and sons Patrick and Jackson Mahomes

In addition to this, Martin also has a daughter named Mia Randall, who is 11 years old at the time of writing this article. Mia is also a sportsperson and likes to play various sports like her brothers.


In terms of education, Randi Martin attended Texas High School, where she likely received a solid academic foundation. Although further details about her educational journey are not widely known, her involvement in Patrick’s life and her supportive role as a mother has been pivotal in shaping his character and fueling his drive for success.

What does Randi Martin do for a living?

Throughout her married life, Randi Martin was a stay-at-home mom who preferred to help her husband with his job while caring for their kids. Martin is known to be fiercely devoted to and involved in the lives of each of her children. She has been known to be quite protective of her children, and in the media interviews, she has expressed her dislike for people making fun of Patrick’s voice.

Randi Martin career

Despite being a homemaker, Randi Martin’s influence in Patrick Mahomes’ athletic career cannot be overlooked. She, alongside her husband, Pat Mahomes Sr, may have influenced Patrick’s athletic career. Patrick Mahomes, who also played professional baseball, has athletic genes in his body, and he played baseball with his father’s support.

In addition to being a homemaker, Randi Martin has also made public appearances alongside her son, Patrick, during interviews and events. In late January, when her 27-year-old son helped punch Kansas City’s ticket to Super Bowl 2023, Martin was at a loss for words and was visibly proud of her son’s achievement.

Randi Martin’s Relationship with Patrick Mahomes II

Randi Martin has been a source of constant support for her son, Patrick Mahomes II. She is fiercely devoted to and involved in the lives of each of her children. She is also very protective of them, especially when it comes to negative media attention. In an interview, she expressed her frustration when people made fun of Patrick’s voice.

Influence on Patrick Mahomes’ Career

Both Randi Mahomes and Pat Sr. may have influenced their son’s athletic career. Patrick Mahomes II inherited his athletic abilities from his parents, especially his father, who was also a professional athlete. Pat Mahomes played in the MLB for 11 years and was a member of the 2000 New York Mets team that made it to the World Series.

Randi Martin has been very supportive of her son’s career and is fiercely devoted to and involved in the lives of each of her kids. She hates it when people make fun of Patrick’s voice and has made that quite evident in the media interviews.

Why was Jackson Mahomes Arrested?

On May 3rd, 2023, Jackson Mahomes, the younger brother of Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes, was arrested in Kansas and charged with battery and three counts of aggravated sexual battery.

A few hours later, he was released on bond. The news has caused a sensation on social media and sports platforms, with fans and commentators speculating on the repercussions of this incident for Jackson and his famous brother.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the Jackson Mahomes arrest case, including the latest developments, reactions from the public and media, and potential consequences for the Mahomes family and the NFL.

Are Randi Martin and Pat Mahomes still married?

Pat Mahomes and Randi Martin got divorced, and they are no longer together. Despite coming from a good family background, Randi refuses to talk about her parents and academic qualifications in public. It is not known if Randi is currently dating anyone or if she is single.

Randi Martin and her ex husband

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Randi Martin’s Relationship with Pat Mahomes

Although Randi Martin is divorced from Pat Mahomes, she has continued to maintain a cordial relationship with him. They have two children together, Patrick and Jackson. Randi is also a proud grandmother to Patrick’s children, Sterling Skye and Patrick Mahomes III.

Randi Martin’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Randi Martin’s net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million. However, it is important to note that Martin’s net worth comes from her ex-husband, Pat Mahomes Sr, who played Major League Baseball (MLB) for eleven seasons. Pat Mahomes Sr’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million. The couple got divorced, and Martin has not remarried.

Randi Martin wiki

As previously mentioned, Randi Martin’s career mostly revolved around being a homemaker, and she was not involved in any public career or business venture that could have added to her net worth. Her net worth can be attributed to her former husband’s career and support.

Body Appearance

She has blonde hair, brown eyes, and a fair complexion. She stands at an ideal height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs approximately 67 kg. Despite being a mother of three, she maintains her figure well.

Weight67 kg
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBrown
EducationHigh School Graduate
Alma materTexas High School

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Randi Martin?

    She is the mother of Patrick Mahomes, a professional football player for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL.

  2. What does Randi Martin do for a living?

    Martin is a homemaker and a supportive mother to her son, Patrick Mahomes.

  3. How did Randi Martin support Patrick Mahomes in his football career?

    Randi has been a supportive mother to Patrick Mahomes throughout his football career.

  4. Does Randi Martin have any other children besides Patrick Mahomes?

    Yes, Randi has two other children besides Patrick Mahomes. She has a daughter named Mia Randall and a son named Jackson Mahomes.

  5. Where is Randi Martin from?

    Randi is from Tyler, Texas.

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