Oneal Brian Biography, Age, Wife, Kids, Profession, Wiki, and Net Worth of Awra Briguela’s Father

Oneal Brian – In the realm of show business, there are not only the stars who shine brightly but also those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to support and guide them. One such person is Oneal Brian, the father of the talented Filipino child actor, Awra Briguela.

In this article, we delve into the life of Oneal Brian, exploring his role as a father, his wedding, children, career, net worth, age, birthday, and uncovering interesting facts and trivia about this remarkable individual.

Oneal Brian’s Wife: The Pillar of Support

Behind every successful man stands a strong and supportive woman, and in the case of Oneal Brian, it is no different. Brian’s wife, whose name is Marivic Briguela, has been a constant source of love and encouragement throughout their journey. Together, they have built a solid foundation for their family, providing a nurturing environment for their children.

Oneal Brian with his wife and kid
Oneal Brian with his wife Marivic Briguela and kid Awra Briguela

The Joyous Wedding of Oneal Brian

The wedding of Oneal Brian and Marivic Briguela was a joyous occasion filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories. The couple’s commitment to one another was sealed in a heartfelt ceremony, witnessed by their families and loved ones. Their wedding day marked the beginning of a lifelong partnership, as they embarked on the adventure of raising a beautiful family.

Oneal Brian Profile

Age32-36 years old
EducationBachelor’s degree
School/CollegePrivate College
SpouseMarivic Briguela
Marital StatusMarried
GirlfriendMarivic Briguela
KidsAwra Briguela
Mikay Briguela
Brione Briguela
Nicole Briguela
ParentsMr. Brian
Mrs. Brian
SiblingsNot known
CareerCorporate Job
Net WorthUSD 500k (estimated)
HomepageTap On

A Loving Father: Oneal Brian and His Children

Oneal Brian and Marivic Briguela are blessed with four wonderful children who bring immense joy to their lives. Born as McNeal Briguela on March 26, 2004, Awra Briguela is a highly talented actor and comedian. He gained popularity through his appearances on the hit television show “Ang Probinsyano” and his performances in various comedy skits. Awra’s infectious energy and natural comedic timing have endeared him to audiences nationwide, making him a household name.

Oneal Brian kid
Oneal Brian’s kid Awra Briguela

Mikay Briguela, the other child of Oneal Brian and Marivic Briguela. Although still young, Mikay has already exhibited a flair for performing arts, showcasing her talents in singing and dancing. Like her older brother, Mikay is sure to captivate audiences in the future with her inherent talent. The third child in the Briguela family is Brione Briguela. While growing up, Brione has shown an interest in the arts, displaying creativity and imagination through various artistic endeavors.

With a supportive environment and a nurturing family, Brione’s potential is boundless. The youngest member of the family, Nicole Briguela, brings immense joy to her parents and siblings with her playful and endearing nature. As she grows, her family will undoubtedly encourage and nurture her talents, just as they have done for her older siblings.

Awra Briguela Got Arrested

Actress and comedian Awra Briguela found herself in trouble with the law after a physical altercation broke out in a bar located in Poblacion, Makati. The incident, which occurred in the early hours of Thursday morning, resulted in Briguela’s arrest and subsequent charges being filed against her.

According to one of the complainants, Mark Christian Ravana, the altercation took place during a farewell party. Ravana stated that Awra Briguela and several others approached their group and allegedly instigated a confrontation. The situation gets worse when Awra’s friends supported her. Awra followed Ravana, when she followed Ravana out of bar where she “violently” tore his shirt. Police intervention became necessary as the situation escalated further, with Awra reportedly becoming verbally abusive toward the officers and disregarding their authority.

Oneal Brian’s Education

Oneal Brian, like many individuals, pursued education to equip himself with knowledge and skills for personal and professional growth. He completed his graduation in 2019, marking a significant milestone in his academic journey.

On a memorable day, Awra Briguela took to Instagram to share the exciting news of his father’s graduation from college. Accompanied by a heartfelt caption, Awra expressed his pride and admiration for his father’s perseverance throughout his educational journey. The post garnered attention from fans and fellow celebrities, who joined in congratulating Oneal Brian on his achievement.

Oneal Brian’s Career: Nurturing Awra Briguela’s Talents

As a dedicated father, Oneal plays a crucial role in nurturing Awra Briguela’s talents. He has been instrumental in shaping Awra’s career as a child actor, providing guidance and mentorship. Oneal Brian understands the importance of balancing education and entertainment, ensuring that Awra receives the necessary support to excel in both areas. Through his guidance, Awra has been able to captivate audiences with his performances and establish himself as a promising young talent.

Oneal Brian wiki

Unveiling Oneal Brian’s Net Worth

Brian’s net worth is summed up at USD 500k (estimated), it is evident that his contributions to Awra Briguela’s career have brought substantial success. The combined achievements of father and child have undoubtedly contributed to their overall financial well-being. Oneal Brian’s dedication and commitment to his daughter’s career have not only nurtured Awra’s talent but also paved the way for potential financial prosperity.

The Age and Birthday of Oneal Brian

Oneal Brian was born sometime between 1986 and 1990 in the Philippines, which makes him currently between 32 and 36 years old. While the exact date of his birth remains undisclosed, it is evident that he is a relatively young man.

Oneal Brian career

Fascinating Facts and Trivia about Oneal Brian

  • Oneal Brian is known for his humility and down-to-earth nature, even amidst the glitz and glamour of show business.
  • He has a deep passion for music and often plays the guitar to unwind.
  • Brian is an advocate for education and emphasizes its importance in shaping a well-rounded individual.
  • He has a close-knit relationship with his extended family and cherishes their bond.
  • Oneal Brian has been a source of inspiration for many aspiring parents, showcasing the importance of love and support in a child’s life.


Oneal Brian, the father of Awra Briguela, exemplifies the qualities of a devoted and supportive parent. His unwavering commitment to his family, coupled with his nurturing nature, has played a pivotal role in Awra’s success. While he may remain relatively unknown in the limelight, his influence behind the scenes cannot be overlooked. His love, guidance, and unwavering support continue to shape Awra’s journey as a child actor and serve as an inspiration to aspiring parents everywhere.


  1. Does Oneal Brian have any other children besides Awra Briguela?

    Yes, the names of his other kids are Mikay Briguela, Brione Briguela, and Nicole Briguela.

  2. How did Oneal Brian support Awra Briguela’s career as a child actor?

    Oneal played a vital role in nurturing Awra’s talents by providing guidance, mentorship, and balancing education with entertainment opportunities.

  3. What is Oneal Brian’s profession?

    He does a small job in the locality.

  4. How does Oneal Brian maintain a balance between Awra Briguela’s education and acting career?

    He understands the importance of education and ensures that Awra receives the necessary support to excel in both areas, emphasizing a balanced approach.

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