Lydia Saint-Nwafor Wiki – Biography, Age, Kids, Family, Net Worth, Job, Siblings & Facts About Saint Obi Wife

Lydia Saint-Nwafor, also known as Lynda Saint-Nwafor, is the wife of the late Nigerian actor Saint Obi. While there is limited information available about Lydia, this article aims to provide insights into her background, family life, career, and more. Let’s delve into the details of Lydia Saint-Nwafor’s life.

What is Lydia Saint-Nwafor’s Age?

Born sometime between 1975 and 1979 in Nigeria, Lydia Saint-Nwafor has managed to keep specific details about her age and birthday private. However, it is estimated that she falls within the age range of 43 to 47 years, based on available information.

While her birth date may remain a mystery, it is evident that she was raised in Nigeria, which has played a significant role in shaping her life and values. Regarding Lydia Saint-Nwafor’s zodiac sign, without precise information about her birth date, it is challenging to determine her astrological sign.

Lydia Saint-Nwafor wiki


Education is an essential aspect of personal growth and development, and Lydia Saint-Nwafor‘s educational background indicates her commitment to knowledge and intellectual pursuits. Although specific details about her educational journey are not publicly known, it is widely accepted that she has graduated from an educational institution.

While her choice of field or area of study remains undisclosed, her education likely contributed to her holistic development and helped her cultivate the skills and knowledge necessary for navigating various aspects of life.

Lydia Saint-Nwafor Fast Facts

Age43-47 years old
ParentsNames not known
SiblingsShare soon
Alma MaterPrivate School
Ex-HusbandSaint Obi
Marital StatusDivorced
CareerEmployee at MTN
Net Worth (Saint Obi)$7 million USD
HomepageTap Link

Lydia Saint-Nwafor Family – Father & Mother

Her parents have managed to maintain a low public profile, with their names largely unknown to the public. However, it is known that her father is a businessman, while her mother is a homemaker.

Despite the lack of specific information regarding their identities, it can be assumed that they have played a significant role in shaping Lydia’s upbringing and supporting her throughout her life. Their influence has likely contributed to Lydia’s character and the values she holds dear.

Lydia Saint-Nwafor family

Growing up with a father involved in the business world may have exposed Lydia to various aspects of entrepreneurship, instilling in her a strong work ethic and an appreciation for ambition.


Unfortunately, specific information about Lydia Saint-Nwafor’s siblings is not readily available to the public. It is unclear whether she has any brothers or sisters. While siblings often play a crucial role in an individual’s life, providing companionship, support, and shared experiences, Lydia’s personal connections with her siblings remain undisclosed.

It is important to note that the absence of information about Lydia’s siblings does not diminish their potential significance in her life.

Relationship with Saint Obi

Lydia Saint-Nwafor was married to Obinna Nwafor, popularly known as Saint Obi. Born on November 16, 1965, in Jos, Plateau State, Saint Obi was a renowned Nigerian actor and filmmaker. He gained fame for his appearances in numerous Nigerian movies and TV shows. Throughout his career, he also worked as a producer and director, contributing to the growth of the Nigerian film industry.

Marriage and Relationship Lydia Saint

Nwafor and Saint Obi shared a long-lasting relationship that eventually led to marriage. They got married in December 2006 at Lydia’s hometown in Anambra. The couple was known to be long-time lovers during their youthful period. While there is limited information about their courtship, it is evident that they shared a deep bond.

Lydia Saint-Nwafor with her husband
Lydia Saint-Nwafor with her husband Saint Obi

Unfortunately, their marriage encountered difficulties, and there were reports of estrangement and divorce proceedings. However, the exact reasons for their separation remain undisclosed. Sadly, Saint Obi passed away on 7 May 2023 at 57 years old. The reason for his death is not known at the moment.

Lydia Saint-Nwafor Children

Lydia and Saint Obi had three children together. While their names are not readily available in the search results, the couple’s union resulted in the blessing of two sons and a daughter. The children are a testament to the bond shared by Lydia and Saint Obi. Although their marriage faced difficulties, they remained parents to their children.

Career of Lydia Saint-Nwafor

Lydia Saint-Nwafor’s professional background is not extensively detailed in the search results. However, it is mentioned that she is affiliated with MTN Nigeria Communications PLC.

Lydia Saint-Nwafor career

According to the available information, she holds the position of Chief Enterprise Business Officer at MTN Nigeria Communications Plc. Unfortunately, additional information about her career, role, and contributions within the company is not readily accessible.

Net Worth data

Details about Lydia Saint-Nwafor’s net worth are not explicitly provided in the search results. However, it is important to note that her husband, Saint Obi, was reported to have a net worth of $7 million. As his wife, it is reasonable to assume that Lydia might have shared some of the financial benefits of his successful career. Nevertheless, without specific information about her individual earnings or assets, it is challenging to ascertain her personal net worth.

Lydia Saint-Nwafor bio

Height and Weight

Height5 ft 7 inches
Weight53 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eyes ColorBlack

Amazing Facts of Lydia Saint-Nwafor

  • Lydia Saint-Nwafor’s full name is Lynda Saint-Nwafor.
  • She shares the surname “Saint-Nwafor” with her late husband, Saint Obi.
  • Lydia and Saint Obi’s marriage lasted for 15 years before their reported divorce in 2021.
  • Her association with MTN Nigeria Communications Plc highlights her professional accomplishments.


Lydia Saint-Nwafor, also known as Lynda Saint-Nwafor, is the wife of the late Nigerian actor Saint Obi. While information about her personal life is limited, she is connected to the business world through her position as Chief Enterprise Business Officer at MTN Nigeria Communications Plc. Lydia has three children with Saint Obi, and their marriage endured for 15 years before their reported divorce in 2021. Although her exact age and other details remain undisclosed, Lydia continues to be a figure of interest among fans and followers.


  1. Is Lydia Saint-Nwafor related to Saint Obi?

    Yes, she was married to Saint Obi until 2021.

  2. How many children does Lydia Saint-Nwafor have?

    Lydia Saint-Nwafor and Saint Obi have three children together.

  3. What is Lydia Saint-Nwafor’s profession?

    Lydia Saint-Nwafor is associated with MTN Nigeria Communications Plc and holds the position of Chief Enterprise Business Officer.

  4. What is the net worth of Lydia Saint-Nwafor?

    There is no available information about Lydia Saint-Nwafor’s personal net worth. However, her late husband, Saint Obi, had a reported net worth of $7 million.

  5. What is the educational background of Lydia Saint-Nwafor?

    Lydia Saint-Nwafor received an undergraduate degree from the renowned University in Nigeria.

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