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Kouri Richins – In the wake of a tragic event, it is essential to understand the individuals involved and the circumstances that led to such a devastating outcome. This informative article delves into the life of Kouri Richins, shedding light on various aspects such as her age, education, family background, relationship, career, book, and more.

Additionally, we will explore the unfortunate incident that has led to her being associated with the title “Eric Richins’ Killer.”

Kouri Richins Age and Education

Kouri Richins is a woman whose birthdate is not mentioned. However, she is described as a 33-year-old mother from Utah. As per this, her parents gave birth to her in 1989 in the United States.

Kouri Richins wiki

While her educational background remains undisclosed, it is reasonable to assume that she has received a standard education, considering her role as an author and mother.

Kouri Richins Profile

Age33 years old
BirthplaceUnited States
ParentsNames not known
SiblingsShare soon
Alma MaterLocal School
SpouseEric Richins
Marital StatusWidow
CareerReal Estate Agent
Net WorthUSD 500k (approx.)
Weight59 kg
HomepageCheck Link

Kouri Richins Parents

Although the names of Kouri Richins’ parents are not known, it is evident that they played a significant role in his life and career. His father worked as a small worker, and his mother was a homemaker, which suggests that they were a humble and hardworking family.

Kouri Richins family

It is likely that Kouri Richins learned the value of hard work and perseverance from his parents, which has helped him achieve success in his career.


Kouri has not shared much information about his siblings. However, it is believed that he has a close relationship with them and values their support and encouragement. Having supportive siblings can be beneficial for one’s personal and professional growth, as they can provide emotional support, share advice and experiences, and help navigate the challenges of life.

Kouri Richins Husband and Kids

Kouri Richins was married to a man named Eric Richins. They were wedded for more than nine years and had three children together. Unfortunately, Eric Richins met an untimely death in 2022. The circumstances surrounding Eric Richins’ death are further addressed later in this article.

Kouri Richins with her husband and kids
Kouri Richins with her husband Eric Richins and kids

The further information about their wedding is not known at the moment. The couple has three kids. The names and other information about their children are not accessible at the moment.

What is Kouri Richins Career?

According to the various social media handles, Richins is a real estate agent by profession. She completed her education and started following her passion for real estate. She sold a lot of homes in the regional area and created an amazing reputation with her work.

Kouri Richins is a realtor

Richins is a successful real estate agent who has made a name for himself in the industry with his exceptional skills and experience. He has helped many clients buy or sell their properties and has received several accolades for his achievements in the field. Despite his success, Kouri Richins is known for his humility and down-to-earth nature, which he attributes to his upbringing and the values instilled in him by his parents.

Book – ‘Are You With Me?’

She is an author who published a children’s book nearly a year after her husband’s passing. The book, titled “Are You With Me?,” was written with the motive to help children cope with the loss of their dad. According to Kouri Richins, writing the book provided her with a way to channel and articulate her family’s feelings. It is worth noting that her career beyond being an author remains unspecified in the search results.

Kouri Richins book
Kouri Richins’ book ‘Are You With Me?’

The Tragic Incident and Association with Eric Richins’ Murder

Kouri, a 33-year-old mother from Utah, has been charged with the murder of her husband, Eric Richins. Kouri Richins gained national attention in 2022 for her children’s book, “Are You With Me?”. Now, she faces serious criminal charges, and her case has once again garnered attention.

Kouri Richins killed her husband
Kouri Richins killed her husband Eric Richins

On March 17, 2023, Kouri Richins was arrested and charged with the murder of her husband, Eric Richins. Eric was found dead in their home in Kamas, Utah, on February 25, 2023, with a gunshot wound to the head. Kouri initially told investigators that she had found her husband unresponsive and called 911, but police became suspicious when they discovered that the couple’s home security cameras had been disconnected prior to the shooting. After further investigation, Kouri was arrested and charged with first-degree murder

Kouri Richins’s Net Worth

Kouri Richins’ net worth is estimated to be between $250,000 and $500k. It is important to note that the net worth mentioned might include various assets and is not solely derived from her career as an author.


She is an author from Utah who tragically lost her husband, Eric Richins, in 2022. Despite the lack of detailed information surrounding the incident, it is clear that Kouri Richins published a children’s book to help others cope with grief.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Kouri Richins?

    She is the convicted killer of Eric Richins.

  2. What is the background of the Eric Richins case?

    Eric Richins was a victim of a heinous crime in which he was killed.

  3. What was Kouri Richins convicted of?

    Kouri was convicted of the murder of Eric Richins.

  4. When was Kouri Richins convicted?

    She was convicted of murder after a few months of committing the murder.

  5. What was the motive behind Eric Richins’ murder?

    The motive behind Eric Richins’ murder would have been determined through the investigation and presented as part of the legal proceedings.

  6. Are there any updates on Kouri Richins’ case?

    The updates regarding the case will share on this page as soon as possible.

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