Kim Cruz (Jordan Poole’s Girlfriend) Age, Relationship, Wiki, Career, Salary, Biography, and Net worth

Kim Cruz, the girlfriend of basketball player Jordan Poole, has been making headlines for her relationship with the NBA star. While she may be known for her association with Jordan Poole, Kim is a fascinating individual in her own right. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of Kim Cruz’s life, including her career, net worth, relationship with Jordan Poole, age, birthday, education, parents, and siblings, as well as some interesting facts and trivia.

What is Kim Cruz’s profession?

Cruz first gained attention through her engaging and captivating presence on social media platforms. Her innate ability to connect with her audience and her aesthetically pleasing content quickly propelled her into the realm of social media stardom. With her stunning beauty, charismatic personality, and keen eye for fashion and style, Cruz began to attract a substantial following across various platforms.

Kim Cruz career

In addition to her influence on social media, Kim Cruz has also ventured into the world of modeling. Her striking looks and undeniable presence have caught the attention of renowned brands and photographers, leading to various modeling opportunities. Cruz has graced the covers of fashion magazines and has been involved in collaborations with notable fashion brands, further solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the industry.

Artistic Pursuits: A Talented Creative Soul

Beyond her career as a social influencer and model, Kim Cruz is also an artist at heart. She has shared a few of her art pieces on social media, giving her followers a glimpse into her creative world. Her art often reflects her personal experiences, emotions, and inspirations, allowing her audience to connect with her on a deeper level.

Cruz’s artistic talents have not only become a means of personal expression but have also served as a source of inspiration for her followers. Through her art, she encourages others to explore their own creativity and embrace their unique voices. Her willingness to share her artistic journey has fostered a sense of community among her fans, creating a space where individuals can connect and support one another in their creative endeavors.

Kim Cruz Biodata

Full NameKim Cruz
Age25 years old
CareerSocial influencer, Artist, and Media face
Net WorthUSD 700k (approx.)
ParentsMr. Cruz
Mrs. Cruz
SiblingsNot known
Marital StatusUnmarried
RelationshipJordan Poole (Rumored)
School/CollegePrivate School
Weight51 kg
IG AccountClick Here
HomepageClick Here

How rich is Kim Cruz?

Kim Cruz’s career as a social influencer, model, and artist has not only brought her fame but has also contributed significantly to her net worth. As of the latest estimates, Cruz’s net worth stands at an impressive USD 700k. Through brand collaborations, sponsored content, modeling contracts, and her various creative pursuits, she has built a flourishing career that continues to grow.

Kim Cruz bio

Cruz’s ability to monetize her influence and talents has allowed her to establish a stable financial foundation. Her success in the online world has opened up doors to lucrative opportunities and partnerships, enabling her to further expand her reach and increase her earnings. As her career continues to flourish, it is expected that Kim Cruz’s net worth will continue to grow in the coming years.

Is Jordan Poole Dating Kim Cruz?

It is speculated that Kim Cruz is currently in a relationship with Jordan Poole. However, due to the couple’s desire for privacy, there is limited public information available about their relationship. Despite this, their rumored romance has attracted the attention of fans and the media.

The couple’s relationship is said to have begun in recent years, although the exact timeline remains unclear. Kim Cruz has been seen accompanying Jordan Poole to various events and has been spotted together with him on social media platforms. Their shared photos have sparked rumors and speculation about their dating status.

Kim Cruz rumored boyfriend
Kim Cruz’s rumored boyfriend Jordan Poole

While the couple has not made an official statement about their relationship, their public appearances and interactions have fueled the speculation surrounding their romance. Both Cruz and Poole have chosen to keep their personal lives private, and they have refrained from commenting on the dating rumors.

Jordan Poole Trade with Golden State Warriors

In a surprising move that has sent shockwaves through the NBA community, the Golden State Warriors have agreed to trade young guard Jordan Poole to the Washington Wizards in exchange for 12-time All-Star point guard Chris Paul. This blockbuster trade, which was reported by multiple sources, signifies the Warriors’ determination to build a veteran-laden team capable of contending for an NBA championship. Let’s delve into the details of this trade and analyze its potential impact.

The agreement involves the Warriors sending Jordan Poole, along with other assets, to the Wizards in exchange for Chris Paul. Poole, a promising young guard, showcased his scoring ability during the 2022-23 season, averaging 20.4 points per game for Golden State. On the other hand, Chris Paul, a revered veteran of the game, brings his leadership, playmaking skills, and wealth of experience to the Warriors’ backcourt.

Kim Cruz Age and Birthday

Born in the year 1997, Kim Cruz is currently 25 years old. Her youthful energy and vibrant personality have made her a popular figure among fans who follow Jordan Poole’s career. Despite her relatively young age, Cruz has managed to establish herself as an individual with her own unique identity and interests.

Kim Cruz wiki

Kim Cruz Academic Background

When it comes to educational accomplishments, Kim Cruz has had her fair share of success. She completed her graduation from a private school, although the specific details of the institution have not been disclosed. Education is often regarded as a fundamental aspect of personal growth and development, and it is clear that Cruz has recognized the importance of pursuing academic endeavors alongside her partner’s professional career.

Kim Cruz Family Members

The identities of Cruz’s parents have not been disclosed publicly. While she maintains a certain level of privacy about her family life, she often expresses her gratitude and love for her parents on social media platforms. Kim Cruz’s parents have been supportive of her career and have played a significant role in her journey towards success.

Kim Cruz family

Information regarding Kim Cruz’s siblings is not widely known or shared publicly. It is likely that she prefers to keep her family life out of the spotlight and focuses more on her personal and professional endeavors. As a result, there is limited information available about her siblings, if any.

Amazing Trivia About Kim Cruz

  • Kim has a strong social media presence, with a large following on platforms such as Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her lifestyle and updates about her career.
  • She is passionate about fitness and regularly promotes a healthy lifestyle through her social media channels.
  • Cruz enjoys traveling and has visited various exotic locations around the world.
  • She is an animal lover and often shares pictures and videos with her pets on social media.
  • Kim Cruz actively supports charitable causes and uses her platform to raise awareness about important social issues.


In conclusion, Kim Cruz is more than just Jordan Poole’s girlfriend. She has built a successful career as a model and influencer, earning recognition and respect in the entertainment industry. Kim’s relationship with Jordan Poole has further catapulted her into the spotlight, where she continues to captivate audiences with her charm and style. With a promising future ahead, Cruz remains an intriguing personality worth keeping an eye on.


  1. How did Kim Cruz and Jordan Poole meet?

    The exact details of how Kim Cruz and Jordan Poole met have not been publicly disclosed. However, it is believed that they crossed paths through their respective careers in the sports and entertainment industry.

  2. Does Kim Cruz have any children?


  3. What are Kim Cruz’s hobbies?

    Kim Cruz enjoys various hobbies, including fitness, traveling, and spending time with her loved ones.

  4. Is Kim Cruz involved in any philanthropic activities?

    Yes, Kim Cruz actively supports charitable causes and uses her platform to raise awareness about social issues.

  5. Where can I follow Kim Cruz on social media?

    Kim Cruz can be followed on Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms.

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