Eleonora Berlusconi Wiki, Education, Husband, Age, Biography, Net Worth, Children, Career, and Facts About Silvio Berlusconi’s Daughter

Eleonora Berlusconi, the daughter of Silvio Berlusconi, the former Prime Minister of Italy and media tycoon, is a prominent figure in her own right. Born into a well-known and influential family, Eleonora has made a name for herself through her career and personal endeavors. This article delves into Eleonora’s background, family connections, career, husband, children, age, birthday, net worth, and education, and provides interesting facts and trivia about her.

Eleonora Berlusconi’s Father

Eleonora Berlusconi is the daughter of Silvio Berlusconi, a prominent Italian politician and media magnate. Silvio, born on September 29, 1936, is an Italian media magnate, politician, and businessman. He is one of the most prominent figures in Italian politics and has served as the Prime Minister of Italy for a total of four terms.

Eleonora Berlusconi father and mother
Eleonora Berlusconi’s father Silvio Berlusconi and mother Veronica Lario

Berlusconi founded the media company Mediaset, which has a significant presence in the Italian television and broadcasting industry. His entrepreneurial success and political career have made him a controversial and divisive figure in Italian politics. Let me tell you that he was earlier wedded to Carla Dall’Oglio and has two kids.

Is Silvio Berlusconi Still Alive?

Silvio Berlusconi, the billionaire media mogul and former Italian Prime Minister, passed away on Monday at the age of 86 on 12 June 2023. Berlusconi, who held office for a record-breaking nine years, played a significant role in shaping Italy’s political landscape but was often mired in controversy and scandal. His death marks the end of an era for Italian politics, leaving behind a legacy that is both celebrated and contentious.

Berlusconi, known for his flamboyant personality and provocative remarks, entered politics in the 1990s and founded the Forza Italia party. Despite facing numerous allegations of corruption, sex scandals, and a tax fraud conviction, he managed to maintain a strong political presence throughout his career. His ability to bounce back from setbacks and retain support from his followers earned him the nickname “Il Cavaliere” (The Knight).

Is Eleonora Berlusconi close to her mom?

Eleonora’s mother is Veronica Lario, an Italian actress who was married to Silvio Berlusconi from 1990 to 2014. Veronica, born on July 19, 1956, is an Italian actress and former wife of Silvio Berlusconi. She met Berlusconi in the 1980s and they married in 1990.

Lario appeared in a few Italian films and theater productions during her acting career. She also played a significant role in Berlusconi’s political career, supporting him during his campaigns. Lario and Berlusconi have three children together, including Eleonora.

Eleonora Berlusconi Wiki and Biography

Full NameEleonora Berlusconi
Birthday7 May 1986
Age37 years
BirthplaceArlesheim, Switzerland
ParentsSilvio Berlusconi
Veronica Lario
SiblingsBarbara Berlusconi
Marina Berlusconi
Luigi Berlusconi
Pier Silvio Berlusconi
AuntMaria Francesca Antonietta Berlusconi
NieceLucrezia Vittoria Berlusconi
Marital StatusUnmarried
PartnerGuy Binns
KidsRiccardo Binns
CareerEntrepreneur and Philanthropist
Net WorthUSD 3 Million (estimated)
EducationBachelor’s degree
School/CollegePrivate College
Weight54 kg
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Eleonora Berlusconi’s Siblings

Eleonora Berlusconi has an older brother named Luigi Berlusconi. Luigi prefers to keep a low public profile and has not been as involved in the media or politics as his father and siblings.

Marina Berlusconi is Eleonora’s older sister and holds various positions within the Berlusconi family’s media empire. Marina is the chairperson of Fininvest, a media company founded by Silvio Berlusconi, and has been involved in the management and expansion of the family business.

Eleonora Berlusconi with her sister and brother
Eleonora Berlusconi with her sister Barbara Berlusconi and brother Luigi Berlusconi

Barbara Berlusconi is another sister of Eleonora. She has been active in the media industry and has held executive positions within the Berlusconi family’s media companies. Barbara has also been involved in philanthropic activities and is known for her contributions to various charitable causes.

Eleonora’s younger brother is Pier Silvio Berlusconi. He is involved in the family business and serves as the deputy chairman of Mediaset, one of Italy’s largest television networks. Pier Silvio has played a significant role in shaping the media landscape in Italy.

Eleonora Berlusconi – What does she do?

As the daughter of Silvio Berlusconi, a prominent political figure and media tycoon, Eleonora Berlusconi has often found herself in the public eye. Her family background and her association with her father’s legacy have naturally attracted attention from the media and the public. However, Eleonora has managed to maintain a relatively private personal life, choosing to focus on her professional endeavors and philanthropic work rather than seeking constant media attention.

Eleonora Berlusconi career

Eleonora Berlusconi’s journey has been marked by a conscious effort to establish her own identity separate from her father’s influence. While being part of a famous family undoubtedly opens doors, Eleonora has taken it upon herself to carve out her own path. By pursuing her entrepreneurial ventures and engaging in philanthropy, she has proven that she is more than just the daughter of a powerful figure.

Is Eleonora Berlusconi dating someone?

Eleonora Berlusconi is dating Guy Binns, a successful businessman and model. Guy Binns has been a supportive partner in Eleonora’s life. Although not as prominent in the public eye as Eleonora, Guy Binns has played a crucial role in their shared ventures and personal life.

Eleonora Berlusconi with her boyfriend
Eleonora Berlusconi with her boyfriend Guy Binns

Eleonora Berlusconi’s Children

Eleonora and Guy Binns have a child together named Riccardo Binns. Riccardo was born in 2015 and has become the center of their world. Eleonora and Guy strive to provide a loving and nurturing environment for their son, while also balancing their professional commitments.

Eleonora Berlusconi’s Age and Birthday

As of now, Eleonora Berlusconi is 37 years old. She was born on May 7, 1986, which makes her a Taurus according to astrology. Her birth date places her in a generation that witnessed significant technological advancements and societal changes. It is worth noting that Eleonora’s age reflects the stage of life where individuals often establish their own identities and make important decisions regarding their careers and personal lives.

Eleonora Berlusconi wiki

Eleonora Berlusconi’s Net Worth

As the daughter of Silvio Berlusconi, one of Italy’s wealthiest individuals, Eleonora Berlusconi undoubtedly enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. While her personal net worth is not widely disclosed, it is safe to assume that Eleonora has inherited a substantial portion of her father’s wealth.

Silvio Berlusconi has made his fortune through his media empire, spanning television, publishing, and other business ventures. It is also worth noting that Eleonora has pursued her own successful career, which may have contributed to her financial standing and contributed to her net worth of USD 3 Million (approx.).

Eleonora Berlusconi bio

Educational Details of Eleonora Berlusconi

Eleonora Berlusconi pursued her education and graduated from a private college. While specific details about her college and field of study are not widely available, it is evident that Eleonora had access to quality education and opportunities to develop her intellectual abilities. Attending a private college indicates a commitment to excellence and the acquisition of knowledge, preparing her for the challenges that lay ahead.

Interesting Facts and Trivia

  • Eleonora Berlusconi is known for her philanthropic efforts, actively contributing to various charitable causes.
  • She has a passion for art and has been involved in supporting and promoting contemporary art in Italy.
  • Eleonora is admired for her elegance and fashion sense, often making headlines for her impeccable style choices.
  • She maintains a private and low-profile lifestyle, valuing her privacy and focusing on her family and career.


Eleonora Berlusconi, the daughter of Silvio Berlusconi, has carved out her own path in the world of fashion and personal endeavors. While her family background has undoubtedly played a role in her success, Eleonora’s individual achievements and contributions have brought her recognition and admiration. As she continues to pursue her passions and make a difference, Eleonora Berlusconi remains an influential figure in her own right.


  1. Is Eleonora Berlusconi involved in politics like her father?

    No, Eleonora Berlusconi has pursued a career in the fashion industry and has not been involved in politics.

  2. How many siblings does Eleonora Berlusconi have?

    Eleonora Berlusconi has 4 siblings: Luigi, Pier, Marina, and Barbara.

  3. What is Eleonora Berlusconi’s net worth?

    US $3 Million (approx.).

  4. Does Eleonora Berlusconi have children?

    Yes, she has one child named Riccardo Binns.

  5. What is Eleonora Berlusconi’s educational background?

    She did her bachelor’s from a renowned private university.

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