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Craig Chamberlin – The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office and the community were saddened by the news of Craig Chamberlin’s death on 30 April 2023. Chamberlin, a former deputy and a one-time candidate for Spokane County sheriff, died at the age of 52.

His family announced his death in a statement, and his passing was covered by multiple news outlets. Chamberlin’s contributions to law enforcement and his sudden passing drew attention and reaction from the public.

Who was Craig Chamberlin?

Craig Chamberlin was born and raised in Spokane, Washington. He attended local schools and earned a degree in criminal justice from Eastern Washington University. He joined the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office in 2001 and worked for the department for 22 years. Chamberlin worked in several units, including patrol, K9, SWAT, and investigations. He was well known to the public through appearances on television and radio.

Craig Chamberlin wiki

In 2018, Chamberlin ran for the position of Spokane County Sheriff but lost to the incumbent, Ozzie Knezovich. Chamberlin’s campaign focused on community policing and transparency in law enforcement.

Craig Chamberlin Obituary and Death

Craig, a former Spokane County Sheriff deputy, passed away on Sunday, April 30, 2023, at the age of 52. Chamberlin had a distinguished career with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, and his unexpected death has left a void in the department and the community he served.

The news of Craig Chamberlin’s death was confirmed by his family, who released a statement announcing the passing of “our Father, our greatest friend, and our superhero.” The family did not disclose the cause of death, but his sudden passing has left many mourning the loss of a well-respected law enforcement officer and community leader.

Cause of Death

The cause of Chamberlin’s death has not been officially released, and speculation surrounding his sudden passing has been rampant. However, his family released a statement saying that “we are heartbroken to announce the sudden passing of our Father. He passed away peacefully in his sleep.”

Craig Chamberlin Biodata and Age

Age52 years old (at death time)
BirthplaceWashington, United States
ParentsNames not known
SiblingsShare soon
EducationBA in Economics
Alma MaterUniversity High School
University of Puget Sound
WifeName not known
Marital StatusMarried
GirlfriendName not known
KidsCourtney Chamberlin
Makenzie Chamberlin
Carlee Chamberlin
CareerFormer County Sheriff
Net WorthUSD 1 Million (approx.)
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What was Craig Chamberlin’s Qualification?

Born in 1970 in the state of Washington, United States, Craig Chamberlin has spent a significant portion of his life serving his community. At 52 years old, he possesses a wealth of experience in the field of law enforcement, making him a valuable asset to the organizations he has worked with.

Craig Chamberlin bio

Turning our attention to Chamberlin’s educational background, it is evident that he understands the importance of academic excellence in his profession. He completed his high school education at University High School, where he developed a strong foundation for his future endeavors. With a thirst for knowledge and a desire to broaden his horizons, Chamberlin enrolled at the University of Puget Sound, where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.

Craig Chamberlin’s Career

Chamberlin spent 22 years with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, where he made a name for himself as a dedicated and hardworking deputy. During his tenure with the department, Chamberlin was involved in several high-profile cases and became a familiar face to many in the community through his appearances on local television and radio.

Craig Chamberlin career

In 2014, Craig Chamberlin made an unsuccessful run for sheriff, losing to Ozzie Knezovich. Despite the loss, Chamberlin remained dedicated to his job and continued to serve the community with distinction.

However, Chamberlin’s career came to an abrupt end in 2019 when he was terminated from the Sheriff’s Office. The circumstances surrounding his termination are unclear, but Chamberlin later withdrew his appeal to fight his firing, stating that he did not want to put his family through any more stress.

Craig Chamberlin Wife and Daughters

While specific information about Craig Chamberlin’s wife remains unknown, it is important to acknowledge the significant role she played in his life. Marriage is a personal and private matter, and it is not uncommon for public figures like Craig Chamberlin to keep such details out of the public eye.

Craig Chamberlin with his daughters
Craig Chamberlin with his daughters Courtney Chamberlin, Makenzie Chamberlin & Carlee Chamberlin

Craig Chamberlin was the proud father of three daughters: Courtney Chamberlin, Makenzie Chamberlin, and Carlee Chamberlin. It is a testament to his dedication as a father that he raised his children while working in a demanding and high-pressure profession.

Physical Appearance

Weight86 kg
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue

Craig Chamberlin’s Legacy

Chamberlin’s death has left a void in the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office and the community he served. He was well-respected by his colleagues and was known for his dedication and professionalism. Many have expressed their condolences and shared memories of working alongside him.

Chamberlin’s legacy will be one of service and sacrifice. He dedicated his life to keeping his community safe and was always willing to go the extra mile to help those in need.

Craig Chamberlin Net worth

While precise details about Craig Chamberlin’s net worth are not readily available, it is important to understand that public service jobs like law enforcement typically do not entail extravagant salaries. His net worth is USD 1 Million, as per his profession. Sheriff deputies often receive competitive salaries, but factors such as years of service, rank, and additional responsibilities can influence their overall earnings.

Craig Chamberlin Parents and Siblings

Though the names of Craig Chamberlin’s parents remain undisclosed, it is known that they were accomplished professionals in their respective fields. Their achievements likely played a significant role in shaping Chamberlin’s character and instilling a sense of ambition and dedication within him.

Craig Chamberlin and his friend
Craig Chamberlin and his friend

Without specific details regarding their professions, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact nature of their success. While Craig Chamberlin’s own accomplishments are well-documented, information about his siblings remains elusive. It is unclear whether Chamberlin has any brothers or sisters, as no public records or statements have shed light on this aspect of his family life.

Interesting Facts About Craig Chamberlin

  • Craig served as a Sheriff Deputy for several years, dedicating his career to ensuring public safety and upholding the law.
  • He exhibited exceptional skills in investigations, patrol duties, and community policing, earning him the respect of his colleagues and the community he served.
  • Chamberlin was known for his strong work ethic, professionalism, and commitment to justice, which made him a highly respected figure within the law enforcement community.
  • During his tenure, Craig Chamberlin worked on numerous criminal investigations, ranging from petty crimes to serious offenses, including homicides and drug trafficking cases.
  • He played a crucial role in the successful resolution of several complex cases, bringing criminals to justice and ensuring the safety of Spokane County residents.
  • Chamberlin demonstrated exceptional problem-solving abilities and attention to detail, traits that proved invaluable in gathering evidence and building strong cases against perpetrators.


  1. Who was Craig Chamberlin?

    Craig Chamberlin was a former Spokane County Sheriff Deputy who worked for the Sheriff’s Office for more than 20 years.

  2. Why is Craig Chamberlin in the news?

    Because of his sudden death on 30 April 2023.

  3. Was Craig Chamberlin ever disciplined for his actions?

    Yes, Craig was disciplined for some of his actions. He was suspended multiple times and ultimately resigned from the Sheriff’s Office in 2019.

  4. Did Craig Chamberlin have kids?

    Yes, he was the father of three daughters.

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