Susan Andrews Biography, Spouse, Birthday, Children, Parents, Net Worth, Wiki, and Facts About Tucker Carlson’s Wife

Susan Andrews is a well-known American personality who is most famous for being the wife of Tucker Carlson. Tucker Carlson is a political commentator and television host who is known for his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, which airs weeknights at 8 pm on Fox News. Susan has been married to Tucker Carlson for almost three decades, and the couple has been through a lot together.

In this article, we will discuss Susan Andrews’ age, education, family, siblings, relationship, husband, kids, career, net worth, height, weight, facts, trivia, and more.

Susan Andrews Age

She was born on September 4th, 1969, which means she is currently 53 years old. Her birthplace is in the United States, but the specific location has not been disclosed to the public. Susan Andrews has not shared much about her childhood or early life, which makes it difficult to provide more details on her upbringing.

Susan Andrews wiki

Susan Andrews’ birthday falls under the star sign of Virgo. People born under this sign are known to be practical, intelligent, and analytical. This kind of person is always responsible towards their work and is often focused on achieving their goals.

Education and School

Susan attended St. George’s School, which is a prestigious boarding school in Newport, Rhode Island. The school’s mission is to help students develop a love of learning and a sense of responsibility to the community.

Susan Andrews facts

After completing high school, Susan Andrews went on to pursue higher education. However, there is not much information available about her college or university. Some sources suggest that she may have studied at a liberal arts college, but this has not been confirmed.

Birthday4 September 1969
Age53 years
ParentsReverend George E. Andrews II (father)
SiblingsNot known
HusbandTucker Carlson
Marital StatusMarried
BoyfriendTucker Carlson
KidsFour (Lillie, Hopie, Buckley, and Dorothy)

Susan Andrews Family and Siblings

She was born to Reverend George E. Andrews II and her mother, whose name is not publicly known. Reverend George E. Andrews II was a renowned priest and headmaster of a school, and he played a significant role in Susan’s upbringing.

Reverend George E. Andrews II was a man of great honor and respect, and he was widely recognized in his community for his service to the church and the school he served. He was also a loving father to Susan Andrews and her siblings, although information about her siblings is not publicly available.

Susan Andrews friends

While not much is known about Susan Andrews’ mother, it is evident that she played a vital role in raising Susan and her siblings. Andrews has always been known to be a private person, and not much is publicly known about her personal life, including her family.

Susan Andrews Husband and Wedding

Andrews and Carlson first met when they were both 15 years old while attending St. George’s School. After finishing high school, Susan Andrews attended a renowned college for further education. Later that same year, she and Carlson got married. The couple has been together for over 30 years, and their marriage has stood the test of time.

Susan Andrews with her husband and kids
Susan Andrews with her husband Tucker Carlson and kids

Andrews is known for being supportive of her husband’s career, even as he faces controversy and criticism. In an interview with People, Andrews spoke about how she handles the negativity that comes with her husband’s high-profile job.

Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews’ Children

Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews have four children together: Lillie Carlson, Buckley Carlson, Hopie Carlson, and Dorothy Carlson. The couple is known for being very private about their family life and has kept their children out of the public eye as much as possible.

Career of Susan Andrews

Andrews has not pursued a career outside of her family life, focusing instead on raising their children and supporting her husband’s career. Therefore, it is challenging to determine her net worth as she has no known source of income.

Susan Andrews career

On the other hand, Susan Andrews’s husband, Tucker Carlson, is a well-known television personality and political commentator. He has worked for various news outlets throughout his career, including CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, where he currently hosts his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Net Worth Information

As of 2021, Tucker Carlson’s net worth is estimated to be around $30 million, according to various reports. The couple owns several properties, including a home in Maine, which they bought in 2019 for $3.9 million. A few social media handles reveal that Susan Andrews has a net worth of around USD 600k approximately.

Height and Weight

Net WorthUS $600k (approx.)
Weight57 kg
Hair ColorBlonde
Eyes ColorBrown
EducationHigh School Graduate
Alma MaterSt. George’s School
HomepageClick Here

Controversies Faced by Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews

Over the years, Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews have faced their fair share of controversies. One of the most significant controversies came in the early 2000s when a woman named Kimberly Carter falsely accused Carlson of raping her. Andrews stood by her husband during this difficult time, and Carter later apologized and admitted to suffering from a mental health condition.

In recent years, Tucker Carlson has come under fire for some of his comments on his show. He has been accused of promoting white nationalism and making racist remarks. Some of his comments have also been criticized for being misogynistic and transphobic. Despite these controversies, Andrews has remained by her husband’s side, defending him against his critics.

Facts and Trivia

  • Susan Andrews was born on September 4, 1969, in Rhode Island, United States.
  • Her father, Reverend George E. Andrews II, served as headmaster at St. George’s Private School in Rhode Island from 1984 to 1988.
  • Andrews has been married to Tucker Carlson since 1991. The couple has four children together.
  • There is no information available regarding Susan Andrews’ career. She is most well-known for being the wife of Tucker Carlson and has largely remained out of the public eye.
  • Susan and Tucker Carlson met for the first time when they were both 15 years old and attending St. George’s School.
  • Tucker Carlson was falsely accused of rape in the early 2000s. Andrews stood by her husband during this difficult time and the couple remains married to this day


  1. Who is Susan Andrews?

    Susan Andrews is the wife of Tucker Carlson, a prominent American conservative political commentator, and television host.

  2. What is Susan Andrews’ background?

    There is limited information available about Susan Andrews’ background, but it is known that she and Tucker Carlson have known each other since they were teenagers.

  3. What is Susan Andrews’ profession?

    She is a private individual who has not sought public attention or a career in the public eye.

  4. Has Susan Andrews ever appeared on Tucker Carlson’s television show?

    Susan Andrews has made a few appearances on Tucker Carlson’s television show, but she generally keeps a low profile and does not seek attention in the public eye.

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